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Friday, 16 August 2013

To Falkirk FC's Eternal Shame

On the 9th of March 1935 Falkirk played a League Match against Ayr United. You will not find this match in the records.

The simple fact is that the Falkirk Manager, William Orr, gave money to one of his underlings [he worked at Alexander's Bus factory in Camelon] to play below par. The player just happened to play for Ayr United at weekends.

*Hangs head in Shame*

This is the reason I always have "other matches" in my lists of matches players played and not 'friendlies', this match cannot count in the League record, but was clearly not a friendly. But I am sure the players tried their best [hoping they did not know what Mr Orr was up to].

The Falkirk Team on the day was

James Milton
Robert Nisbet
Hugh Hamill
Thomas Batchelor
Alex Lowe
Robert Shankly
Frank Wilson
John Ballantyne
Robert Keyes
David Cowan
William Walker

Subsequently William Orr was suspended 'sine die' from all involvement with football [rescinded in 1937]