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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Best Falkirk FC XI - pre WWII

I have selected this 'best' Falkirk FC XI because of all the nonsense about modern players. Don't get me wrong, not slagging the current folk, I just prefer to research Falkirk FC pre-WWII.

Obviously I never saw any of these players play, so I am going somewhat on [lies, damned lies &] statistics, but it is much more than that. Match reports & commentary tell you more than just numbers. So partly this will be my perceived knowledge of the warmth felt for players.

This was difficult, I may have got some bits wrong, but since the picture of Falkirk is still incomplete, I too make errors.

Chosen in the 2-3-5 formation which was ever present until the early sixties, I give you.

Goalkeeper – Thomas Ferguson – From Dennyloanhead – still the club's most played player, there is a reason for this

Right-Back – Thomas Scott – From Denny – Second most games for the club; he was solid.

Left-Back – William Leishman – From Camelon – He played 197 games yet never scored, stuck to his job.

Right-Half – Jock Drummond – From Alva – Capped when we were still non-league, sadly spent most of his career with the orange Glaswegian bigots.

Left-Half – William Dougal – From Bonnybridge – Solid, did everything you need from a Left-Half until the money lured him South.

Centre-Half - Thomas Townsley – From California – This was my first problem [John Anderson or Thomas Townsley] but Tom Townsley was more attacking [he played more Central Midfield when Anderson was more a defender].

Inside-Right – Alex Stark – From Falkirk – I chose Alex because he made the club: from 1885 to 1895 he was there, he scored our goals, he is forgotten because professionals were more important.

Inside-Left – Robert Keyes – From Bellshill – 188 goals for the club, nothing extra is needed.

Outside-Right – John Simpson – Born in Pendleton, Lancs, but brought up in Laurieston from the age of two - From 1908 till 1912 he was the best Outside-Right in the World, for half of that he played for God's only club.

Outside-Left – Kenny Dawson – From Forres – He is GOD

Centre-Forward – Evelyn Morrison – From Wishaw – Holds the record for scoring in the most matches consecutively in the Scottish League [14], still holds the FFC record for most goals in a season [47].

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Robert Keyes

In the history of Falkirk Football Club only ten times has a player scored more than thirty goals in a season, three of those players were the same, and what is more it was in consecutive seasons.

When it came to scoring Bobby Keyes was the bomb, playing normally at Inside-Left (with his partner in crime Kenny Dawson) he scored lots and lots of goals, in his first three seasons he somehow managed to score 112 goals. No, I will say that again, 112. Good players play fewer games than 112.

We are not talking about an average player, I am talking about a man who scored 188 goals for the club, yet is barely mentioned in the books. For three seasons though he was godlike.

Div 1
Div 2
Scot Cup
Min Cup
Robert Keyes
Robert Keyes
Robert Keyes

Again a picture of him from 1936 [that is 36/37] has him with the ball between his legs, normally this should mean he was captain, but I have never read about him being captain anywhere else.

Scored on his League Debut
Hat-Tricks – 10 [Division 1 [3] Division 2 [3] Scottish Cup [1] Stirlingshire Cup [1] Infirmary Shield [1] Other [1]]
100th First Class Goal v St Mirren (A) Saturday April 30th 1938, Scottish League Division 1 [118 Matches]
100th League Goal v Motherwell (A) Friday April 14th 1939, Scottish League Division 1 [139 Matches]
Scored five goals in the Scottish League Division 2 v King's Park (H) January 18th 1936
Scored five goals in the Scottish League Division 2 v St Bernards (H) February 29th 1936
Scored five goals in the Falkirk Infirmary Shield Semi-Final v East Stirlingshire (H) May 7th 1938
Known Career – Morton [1932/33-1934/35], Falkirk [1934/35-1941/42], Motherwell [1941/42-1943/44]
Height - 5 ft 8½ in: Weight 11 st 0 lbs [1935]
Height - 5 ft 8½ in: Weight 11 st 5 lbs [1939]