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Sunday, 10 December 1978

2nd Queen's Park v Lenzie - Sat 17th Jan 1878

Falkirk Herald - Sat 24th January 1878


Played on Saturday at Hampden Park, and resulted in the defeat of the Lenzie team by 10 goals to none. The Queen's Park lost the toss, and played against a strong wind. On the ball being kicked off, the Queen's Park immediately commenced an offensive movement, and twenty-six minutes after the start scored No. 1 goal. Shortly before half-time, Smith closed a brilliant run by taking a goal. The Lenzie tried hard to score, and made several runs, led by Macgregor and Beveridge, but the backs and half-backs of the Queen's Park were too watchful to allow the ball to get under the tape. During the second half scoring was the order of the day. In quick succession the goal fell. The Lenzie tried hard to raise the siege, but in vain. More goals would have been got, but the Lenzie goal-keeper played well. The last goal was got two minutes before time from a free-kick by Mackintosh, which, being well put in, was neatly put through by Chrichton. For the Lenzie, Macgregor and Beveridge played in fine form, while S.Broadfoot and Paterson (backs) did yoeman service. The Queen's Park forwards all played well, especially Smith, McGill and Fraser, while Small and Browne (half-backs) kicked and tackled well. The goals were taken by Fraser (3), Smith (1), Chrichton (2), Niven (2), McGill (1), Fulton (1). Teams - Lenzie - Goal, Cumming; backs, M.Broadfoot and Archer; half-backs, Paterson (Captain) and S.Broadfoot; forwards, McGregor, Cree, Agur, Logan, Farquhar and Beveridge. Queen's Park - Goal, Wylie, backs, W.G.Davidson and J.W.Mackintosh; half-backs, Browne and N.M.R.Small; forwards, Smith, McGill, Fraser, Chrichton, Niven and Fulton.