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Tuesday, 25 January 2000

Falkirk v Petershill - Sat 7th Dec 1878

Falkirk Herald - Thu 12th Dec 1878


This match was played on the ground of the latter at Randyford on Saturday afternoon last and resulted in a draw, no goals having been secured. There was nothing conspicuous in the playing of either team except that of John Adam, who was in splendid form as a forward, and likewise W.Carmichael, who guarded the goal with great vigilence. During the first half the home team kept the ball entirely within their own territory, while the same remark in the latter half also applies to the strangers. The game, as contrasted with that of the Saturday previous, was exceedingly tame, but this was due to the very hard state of the ground caused by a frost - a drawbackwhich the strangers seemingly were not slow to take advantage of for the introduction of some rough playing into the contest. On the whole, in comparing the rival teams, Falkirk, considering its youth, held its opponents in check in a highly creditable manner. Agood number of spectators turned out to witness the game. The following are the names of the players:- Petershill Team - James Blair, goal; A.Stark, J.Kein, backs; R.Stoddart (captain), A.Lauder, half-backs; J.Dick, E.Kein, D.Johnston, J.Scobbie, J.M'Allan, H.Webster, forwards. Falkirk Team - Wm.Carmichael, goal; George Richardson, W.Gentleman, backs; John Adam, R.Service, half-backs; Jas.Niel, T.Taylor, J.Taylor, W.Binnie, W.Peddie, R.Peddie (captain), forwards.