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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Falkirk FC Graves - Livingstone Rae

Livingstone 'Livvy' Rae is another of those stalwarts of football in the town. He played for the three clubs in Falkirk immediate area [Falkirk, Falkirk Amateurs & East Stirlingshire]

From a well known family in Larbert [to this day you will find several Livingstone Raes in Larbert Parish Church Graveyard].

This Livingstone is buried in Falkirk Cemetery [many people call the cemetery that I call Falkirk Cemetery, Camelon Cemetery. Though Falkirk Cemetery is completely within Camelon, and there is no municipal cemetery in Falkirk, the official name of the municipal cemetery in Camelon is Falkirk Cemetery].

An amateur throughout his career, Livvy did not play as often as others as it seems he was a pupil-teacher in training. It was after qualifying from Edinburgh University that he gave up the game as he had moved into the more administrative side of education in various schools throughout the district.

His playing career is less clear than others with such a distinctive name because he had two direct contemporaries [at Camelon and St Mirren] with the same name, and often could only be distinguished when he used all three initials.

His time at Falkirk Ams [having played in their first ever match it is probable he was among the founders] is blighted by the fact the Falkirk Herald tended to only report their results except when they were playing one of the 'big teams' in the district.

He played in the period coming up to joining the League, and should be appreciated as one of the [many] people who caused it to happen.

Livingstone Alexander Baird Rae

b 28th April 1877, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d 14th December 1953, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Debut – Saturday March 9th 1895 Falkirk v Paisley Academicals (H) Friendly
Competitive Debut - Saturday April 13th 1895 Falkirk v East Stirlingshire (H) Midland League

Positions – Left-Half, Left-Back, Right-Back

Club Honours – Central Combination W 1899/00


Scottish Cup Matches /Goals [1/-]
Scottish Qualifying Cup Matches /Goals [5/-]
Minor League Matches/Goals [43/3]
Minor Cup Matches/Goals [5/1]
Other Matches/Goals [19/-]
Total Matches/Goals [73/4]

Falkirk Amateurs

Scottish Qualifying Cup Matches/Goals [1/-]
Stitlingshire Cup Matches/Goals [1/-]
Stirlingshire Consolation Cup Matches/Goals [3/1]
Falkirk Cottage Hospitals Shield [1/-]
Other Matches/Goals [3/-]
Total Matches/Goals [9/1]

Known Career – Falkirk [1894/95-1895/96], Falkirk Amateurs [1895/96-1897/98], East Stirlingshire [1896/97-1897/98], Falkirk [1897/98-1900/01], East Stirlingshire [1900/01]