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Saturday, 4 March 2000

Sydney Broadfoot

Sydney Broadfoot

b 24th January 1857, Leith, Midlothian
d 26th September 1931, Toxteth, Liverpool, Lancashire

Debut – Saturday September 6th 1879 v Kirkintilloch Athletic (A) Friendly
Positions – Goalkeeper
Other Matches/Goals 1/-
Known Career – Lenzie [1877/78-1885/86], Falkirk [1879/80]

Notes- Later Vice-President of the SFA: Refereed the England v Wales International match in 1884.

Monday, 31 January 2000

Lenzie v Falkirk - Sat 29th Mar 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 5th Apr 1879


The return match between these clubs was played at Lenzie on Saturday, and after a very enjoyable game, resulted in favour of the home team by two goals to none. Falkirk, losing the toss, kicked off against a slight wind, but the ball was immediately returned, a raid was made on the Falkirk goal, and a corner kick was gained; but although splendidly placed by Borland, the strangers managed to keep their fortress safe, and in return had a run into home territory. Good runs were made by both sides during the first half - the backs playing in good form, and keeping the goals safe till shortly before half-time was called. A scrimmage took place in front of the stranger's goal, and Farquhar put the ball through. During the second half Lenzie played much better, and had many corner-kicks, from one of which by Borland, S.Broadfoot headed a goal, and although Falkirk wrought hard, and got the ball up two or three times, they were unable to score. Borland, Baird and M'Gregor, forwards; and S.Broadfoot, W.Paterson, half-backs played a splendid game for Lenzie, and Neil, Leishman and Peddie, forwards; Walker, back;  and Carmichael, goal; did good service for Falkirk. A match for the benefit of Falkirk Certified Industrial School is to be played on the ground of the Falkirk club on Saturday, 12th curt., between the same clubs, when a good contest is expected. Teams:- Lenzie - J.Paterson, goal; M.Broadfoot and Archers, backs; S.Broadfoot and W.Paterson, half-backs; Baird, Borland, Farquhar, Agar, Cree and M'Gregor, forwards. Falkirk - W.Carmichael, goal; A.Walker and Richardson, backs; J.Law and R.Service, half-backs; J.Neil, J.Leishman, J.Ferguson, R.Johnston, W.Peddie and J.Taylor, forwards.

Monday, 24 January 2000

Falkirk v Lenzie - Sat 30th Nov 1878

Falkirk Herald - Thu 5th Dec 1878


In the football match which was played between the Falkirk and Lenzie clubs at Randyford on Saturday last, the lovers of this invigorating and popular game witnessed a contest which, while animated with that friendly rivalry common to such occasions, was conducted with a degree of skill and precision, creditable in a high degree to those who comprised the various teams. The deservedly high reputation enjoyed by the Lenzie men will have undergone no deterioration from Saturday's performance, whilst the representatives of Falkirk - though this club has been but newly set afoot - manifested a spirit which augurs well for the future. The match, notwithstanding the somewhat inclement nature of the weather and the unfavourable condition of the turf, was watched throughout with unmistakeable interest by the various onlookers. The ball was set off by the home team. The kick was well replied to, but before a minute had elapsed, by splendid passing from centre to back on the part of the Falkirk men, the ball was safely lodged within the strangers' goal. Having again kicked off, Lenzie kept the ball entirely within their own territory till at last after a spirited contest they cleverly secured a goal. With the teams again equal play was resumed, both sides putting forth their best efforts in the endeavour to steal a march on each other; but after a few minutes spent on neutral ground, the strangers, ere half-time was called, became, by a mere accident, once more successful. Having reversed position, both sides scored a goal, the playing of the home team being the while particularly good. The brothers Peddie, who were pitted against M'Gregor and Fisher, the renowned back players for Lenzie, proved themselves to be, by their masterly management of the post committed to their charges, very superior players, a remark which may also apply to Neil, Leishman, and Richardson, and the back play of Walker was exceptionally fine. The match concluded in a win for the strangers by one goal, which, however, was not secured without a severe struggle, as the home team during the latter part of the game were evidently retrieving whatever had been lost, and might have been successful in bringing about a draw had not time been called when success seemed inevitable. The following comprises the names of the local team:- W.Carmichael (goal), R.Service, A.Walker (backs), G.Richardson, W.Gentleman (half-backs), W.Peddie, R.Peddie, J.Taylor, J.Walker, J.Leishman, and J.Neil (forwards).

Sunday, 4 March 1979

Belfast v Lenzie - Thu Apr 3rd 1879

Belfast Morning News - Fri Apr 4th 1879


A match between the representatives of the Lenzie (Glasgow) Club and a local team came off yesterday on the grounds of the Ulster Cricket Club, and was the first under the Scottish Association rules in which an Irish team has taken part. The weather was most favourable, and the game was witnessed by a vast number of spectators. The strangers having won the toss, elected to play with the wind, and almost immediately after the kick off, the Belfast team carried the first goal. This seemed to put the Scotchmen on their mettle, for they went to work in right earnest, and rapidly scored four goals in succession. Towards the end of the first half the strangers scored again, and the Belfast men took two goals in the second half. The match, which throughout proved most agreeable, thus closed  in favour of the Scotchmen by five goals to three. In the course of the game W.T.Herron took the first goal for Belfast and played very well, being ably supported by Jackson, M'Donald, and M'Aleavy. Altogether the play of our local team was very good, and showed that they require only a little practice to enable them to compete with all comers. Before leaving the ground Mr. Sydney Broadfoot, captain of the Scotch team, took the opportunity of presenting two association balls to the Belfast Club in remembrance of their pleasant match and in the hope that they would be used to further in Ireland. The teams were as follows:- Lenzie - Goal - C.Cree; backs - O.Buck and J.Archer; half-backs - S.Broadfoot and W.Patterson: forwards - F.Archer, J.Macgregor, J.Macpherson, J.Cree, D.Dewar, and M.Broadfoot. Belfast - Goal - J.Watson; backs, H.Davis and J.M.Mack; half-backs, R.M.Sloan and W.A.Glass; forwards, W.T.Herron, W.Jackson, J.Henderson, R.Hughes, J.A.MacDonald, and A.Murray; reserve, R.M.Potts.

Notes -

This match does not really belong on this blog, but I came across it researching Sydney Broadfoot who played one game for Falkirk this season, and since I had found the report I thought I might as well put it up in case anybody found it useful.

There is a McAleavy referred to in the text, but no one of that name in the Belfast team listed. There however is a J.M.Mack in the Belfast team, which would point toward that player being John McAlery.

Incidentally Sydney's brother who also played here was Melbourne Broadfoot, and Sydney's twin sister was Adelaide Broadfoot.

Saturday, 3 March 1979

Lenzie v Falkirk - Sat 20th Sep 1879

Falkirk Herald - Thu 2nd Oct 1879


These two teams met for the first time this season at Lenzie on Saturday, 20th ult., and after a very pleasant game victory was declared in favour of the home club by 3 goals to 1. Lenzie lost the toss, and had to kick off against the wind; but the Falkirk men returned the ball, and pressed the home team but were unable to score, the shots going over the bar. During the whole of the first half the play was nearly equal, and half-time was called without advantage to either side. After change of ends the Lenzie team played much better together than the strangers, and were successful in taking three goals - their opponents only being able to take one. For the home team M'Gregor, Borland, and F.Archer, forwards, played well, while Barretto and J.Archer, backs, were in grand form. For the Falkirk team Neill, Leishman, and Johnston, forwards, Service, half-back, and Richardson, back, were most conspicuous. Teams - Lenzie - Goal, M'Kenzie; back, Barretto and J.Archer; half-backs, J.Paterson and Dewar; forwards, M'Gregor, Borland, Farquhar, F.Archer, J.Cree, and Fraser. Falkirk - Goal, G.Richardson; backs, H.Smith and J.Richardson; half-backs, W.Ferguson and R.Service; forwards, Neill, Leishman, A.Ferguson, A.Smith, T.Hamilton, and R.Johnston.

Friday, 2 March 1979

Lenzie v Falkirk - Sat 12th Mar 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 19th Apr 1879


There was a large turn-out of spectators on Saturday to witness this match, which was played on the ground of the latter club at Randyford Park for the benefit of the industrial schools of Falkirk. This match makes the third which has taken place between these clubs this season, all of which have resulted in favour of Lenzie, this final conflict ending, after a pleasant game  in a victory for them by two goals to none. The Falkirk won the toss and chose to play with a strong breeze in their favour. This advantage, however, did not profit them much, as the Lenzie succeeded, about twenty minutes after the kick-off, in scoring a goal, thanks to a fine shot by J.M'Gregor. After change of ends, although Lenzie certainly thing pretty much their own way, owing principally to want of judgement in shooting at goal, they only once successfully stormed their opponents' fortress. For the Falkirk - who, by the way, did not play up to their usual form - Richardson (back), Service (half-back), and the Peddies (forwards), played best; while for the Lenzie J.Agar and J.Cameron deserve a word of praise. Falkirk - Goal, W.Carmichael; backs, W.Gentleman and J.Richardson; half-backs, R.Service and J.Law; forwards, W.Peddie, J.Taylor, R.Peddie, J.Ferguson, J.Leishman, and J.Neill. Lenzie - Goal, J.Paterson; backs, M.Broadfoot and J.Archer; half-back, S.Broadfoot and J.Fairlie; forwards, W.Paterson, J.Agar, J.S.Cree, J.Cameron, F.Archer, and J.M'Gregor. After the match, the Lenzie team were hospitably entertained by the Falkirk Club in the new Crown Hotel. Baillie Mitchell presided, and a very enjoyable evening was spent.

"The treasurer of the Falkirk Certified Industrial School thankfully acknowledges reciept of the sum of £11 from Falkirk FC".

Sunday, 10 December 1978

2nd Queen's Park v Lenzie - Sat 17th Jan 1878

Falkirk Herald - Sat 24th January 1878


Played on Saturday at Hampden Park, and resulted in the defeat of the Lenzie team by 10 goals to none. The Queen's Park lost the toss, and played against a strong wind. On the ball being kicked off, the Queen's Park immediately commenced an offensive movement, and twenty-six minutes after the start scored No. 1 goal. Shortly before half-time, Smith closed a brilliant run by taking a goal. The Lenzie tried hard to score, and made several runs, led by Macgregor and Beveridge, but the backs and half-backs of the Queen's Park were too watchful to allow the ball to get under the tape. During the second half scoring was the order of the day. In quick succession the goal fell. The Lenzie tried hard to raise the siege, but in vain. More goals would have been got, but the Lenzie goal-keeper played well. The last goal was got two minutes before time from a free-kick by Mackintosh, which, being well put in, was neatly put through by Chrichton. For the Lenzie, Macgregor and Beveridge played in fine form, while S.Broadfoot and Paterson (backs) did yoeman service. The Queen's Park forwards all played well, especially Smith, McGill and Fraser, while Small and Browne (half-backs) kicked and tackled well. The goals were taken by Fraser (3), Smith (1), Chrichton (2), Niven (2), McGill (1), Fulton (1). Teams - Lenzie - Goal, Cumming; backs, M.Broadfoot and Archer; half-backs, Paterson (Captain) and S.Broadfoot; forwards, McGregor, Cree, Agur, Logan, Farquhar and Beveridge. Queen's Park - Goal, Wylie, backs, W.G.Davidson and J.W.Mackintosh; half-backs, Browne and N.M.R.Small; forwards, Smith, McGill, Fraser, Chrichton, Niven and Fulton.