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Monday, 10 June 2013

Forgotten Heroes - James Bartram

Jimmy Bartram was a classic 1930s Centre-Forward [big, burly, great sholders] who earned the apt soubriquet "Battering Ram" in his short time at the club. Top scorer in each season he spent at the club, I am clueless as to why he never went on to bigger and better things [either up here or down south], but I suspect it may have something to do with our wingers. He was well served by the Falkirk wingers. No reason was ever given as to why he left the club, perhaps he just wanted to go home, I do not know.

I do know that he had a scoring record not matched since Clyde Skene, Evelyn Morrison or Jimmy Dyet [in my opininion high praise indeed]. [I need to write about the sad case of Jimmy Dyet who was reserve Centre-Forward to Evelyn Morrison [only sad because such a good Centre-Forward was playing at the same time as Evelyn], I will do soon].

I was speaking to an older gentleman in the Library a year or two ago, and he said his Dad was in awe of Jimmy Bartram. It would not be allowed now, but he just took out the goalie. He was not given his nickname just because it is close to his surname. It is a travesty that there was no footage [that I know of] taken of him in play for Falkirk, as I would love to see someone score six goals in a match for Falkirk.

Both the Falkirk Herald and Falkirk Mail showered him with praise. Given a season or two more he would easily be amongst the players who scored 100+ goals for the club, but he did not. However I think a player who scored 76 goals in 81 matches [strangely he never played in a friendly or a benefit] is worth a lot of respect.

James “Battering Ram” Bartram

b 8th March 1911, South Shields, Durham
d c1987

Debut – Saturday December 31st 1932 v St Mirren (A) Scottish League Division 1

Position – Centre-Forward

Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup W 1934/35, RU 1932/33, Falkirk Infirmary Shield W 1932/33, 1933/34

Falkirk FC Leading League Goalscorer 1932/33 [17], 1933/34 [25], 1934/35 [20]

Scottish League Division 1 Matches/Goals [68/62]
Scottish Cup Matches /Goals [5/6]
Minor Cup Matches/Goals [8/8]
Total Matches/Goals [81/76]

Scored [2] on his Debut

Hat-Tricks – 7 [Division 1 [6] Falkirk Infirmary Shield [1]]

Known Career – Portsmouth [1932/33], North Shields [1932/33], Falkirk [1932/33-1934/35], Northampton Town [1935/36], Queen of the South [1935/36], Morton [1941/42]

Scored six goals in the Scottish League Division 1 v Ayr United (H) October 20th 1934