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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Revisionism: the First mention of East Stirlingshire

In History revisionism has a bad name, as if the crusty Victorians were right and anyone with new ideas were wrong. However, luckily football history never really started until the 1920s so we do not have to put up with the same stigma as the new wave of 19th Century social historians did.

I was recently reading a thirty year odd old book about East Stirlingshire, which claimed that the first mention of the club in the press was of a friendly against Dunipace on the 19th of November 1881 [and I will gloss over the fact that the author had missed a report of Armadale v East Stirlingshire in the midweek Falkirk Herald dated 3rd November], but this entire mistruth comes from the fact that the author had clearly only used the Falkirk Herald as a source.

Every football match takes two teams, and so it was that there was an earlier report of an East Stirlingshire match which exists not reported in the Falkirk Herald. Nearly a month before any mention of East Stirlingshire in the Falkirk Herald the West Lothian Courier of the 15th October 1881 carried this:

Armadale v East Stirlingshire

Played at Falkirk, and after a very pleasant and well contested game, resulted in favour of Armadale by two goals to nothing.

I am not saying this is the earliest mention of ESFC in the press, I am simply saying that this is the earliest I have found, and I welcome anybody who revises it to an even earlier date.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Warriors - Established 1884?

Well, I have read the books, articles, match reports of Stenhousemuir in ye olde days of yore. Young kids playing on the Tryst; several successful junior sides merging to form the senior club, first at Goschen Park, then later at their spiritual home of Ochilview Pk. Well it says so on their badge!

Well, it would seem those who mill about Govan were not the first to think that a club going out of business because they were so in debt that they could no longer function, who decided that the best route would be to ignore their past debts but keep their 'football history'.

Because guess what I came across whilst trying to find out about a Falkirk FC player guesting with another club on a free Saturday? That Stenhousemuir had already pulled this trick in 1919.

From the Falkirk Herald - Saturday 3rd May 1919

You can read for yourself, the profligate use of 'old club' & 'new club' but when it cuts to the chase it comes down to the last sentence "After a long and animated discussion, the meeting decided to start on an entirely new footing."

So there we have it, Stenhousemuir FC formed 1919 [at the very earliest], still a community club, just do not believe the history pages of their website, their books, or any article post 1919.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Falkirk District Works Cup 1898

There have been many football competitions in Scotland from the international to the ultra-local, the best overall coverage of these competitions is on the Scottish Football Historical Archive. Research into these cups is ongoing, and in many places patchy is about the best compliment that can be paid. This is not to cast aspersions upon the many researchers and local historians beavering away at the coalface of Scottish Football History, the fact is that most of the games were simply not reported, and even when they were they were not reported adequately.

Which brings me to the latest obscure competition that I have been looking into, the rather clumsily titled Falkirk & District Junior Works Cup [I think]. Like I said coverage was patchy, it was reported that a Falkirk Works Junior Association had been formed in order to have a competition between the major companies in the district. The Falkirk Herald reported that the new FA was to be affiliated to the Falkirk & District Junior FA and the Competition would be played to their rules.

This brings up many unanswerable questions: since the Falkirk Junior FA was affiliated to the Stirlingshire Junior FA and therefore in turn also affliated to the Scottish Junior FA, were the players not cup tied by the tail-end of the season, or were they given an exemption, or did the teams only use players not already with the Junior Clubs of the District?

Like I said, this is completely unaswerable from this remove, since there were no reports as such, most of the games were only mentioned in passing in the Junior part of the 'Football Intelligence' columns [read 'Gossip columns'] of the local papers. I am not even completely sure that I have been able to find the complete competition since none of the draws were reported, however the matches that I have found do not bring up any glaring problems to what I believe the basic structure of the Cup was, though there is the possibility that some of the games here may have been replays of previous unreported matches.

First Round

Apr 12    Falkirk Foundry             3      Larbert Foundry             3
Apr 19    Abbots Foundry              5      Springfield Foundry         0
     Played at Merchiston Park, Bainsford [ESFC]

There is clearly something missing from this round, most probably a replay for the Falkirk Foundry v Larbert Foundry match, however it is also possible that Larbert Foundry withdrew or were thrown out for an infringement, either way only Falkirk Foundry made it through to the next round.
I presume that Carron Foundry & Castlelaurie Foundry were given byes, however there is the possibility that they played [and won] matches against two [as yet] unknown opponents.


May 11    Carron Foundry              5      Abbots Foundry              6
     Played at Merchiston Park, Bainsford [ESFC]
May 16    Falkirk Foundry             0      Castlelaurie Foundry        0

May 23    Falkirk Foundry             3      Castlelaurie Foundry        4
     Replay, Played at Merchiston Park, Bainsford [ESFC]

Slight clarification needed here, the first two of these matches were referred to as Second Round matches, it was only in the replay that the papers stated Semi-Final, but it seems most likely that was just poor word choice.


Jun 6     Abbots Foundry              3      Castlelaurie Foundry        2
     Played at Merchiston Park, Bainsford [ESFC]

One last thing to touch upon, of the six matches I can trace, four were reported to have taken place at Merchiston Park, for the other two there was no mention of the ground, I think it was quite likely that all the matches were played at Merchiston Park, the fact that none of the known matches took place on the same date gives this some traction, but I doubt if that will ever become clear, or will ever be relevant.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Football Player History

The bizzare thing about the History of Football is that often it is better to read history backwards than forwards, for example after a club, such as Falkirk, sign a Junior player, you can only find out certain things about that player by going back and checking the reports of his junior games than going forward and checking his later career.

For example: often that player played with a brother at the junior level, the other player not making it to senior, which gives you a clue to finding him in the census, so you need to look up stuff of his exploits in the Falkirk & District Junior League.

Another problem is, of course: Births, Deaths and Marriages, I often find players in this section from when they became benedicks before they became Falkirk FC players, deaths is not so usefull for later players, but if they were from well enough to do families the births can help. Of course, the previous junior club can help in where to look, a player with Falkirk Excelsior [d'oh], but with players from outwith Falkirk District, and there are loads, well the Junior Club tells us where to look.

Sometimes it takes us a long time to research stuff. But I tell it here.

Friday, 28 November 2014


I am sorry, I have not posted in quite a while, I am sad to say I took my eye off the ball, I am glad to say that I took my eye off the ball because the GF gave me the book of all the English League players from 1888/89 to 1938/39, and I have been busy cross-referencing it with the other info that I have.

Mostly it has been about adding dates of birth/death that I did not know, but it has also revealed the identities of several trialists, who although only playing in one friendly, or minor cup match, still played for Falkirk FC [which is one more match than I will ever get]. It is a big book and it will take me some time [since after I go through the book looking for players who played for Falkirk, I will then go through it looking for the names of known Falkirk players].

But bear with me, I will be back writing about the more pointless [yet interesting to me] points of fact in the history of football in Falkirk District.

Then I will do it all again looking for 'shire players [I love it really].

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Not the First Ever Falkirk FC Match

Yes, that is what I meant, this is not about the first ever match played by Falkirk Football Club. Sadly, it would seem that match has been completely lost to the ravages of history. This is, however about the first match by the club when there was a report published in the Falkirk Herald.

The date of publication was Saturday March 30th 1878, and it leaves a lot to be desired, but then again football was nowhere near the established game it is these days.

First of all it was clearly written by a 'reporter' and not submitted by one the club secretaries as was usually the case before the Herald got a permanent football writer.

What is more the reporter was not, yet, a devotee of football in Falkirk District. This is evidenced by the fact that Falkirk were playing 'Bonnybridge' and not Grasshoppers who were the only club from the village. It is clearly not Falkirk's first match, since it is described as a 'return match' [I have looked everywhere I can think for evidence of the first match, Stirling papers, Kilsyth papers, Airdrie papers, but no joy].

The match was played at 'Campfield'. There are only two possibilities for a 'Campfield' in Falkirk, one is in the middle of Grahamston [as seen by the modern Campfield Street. But Grahamston was then seen as distinct from Falkirk [certainly by the Falkirk Herald]. The other Campfield was the traditional location of the Government Army encampment prior to the second Battle of Falkirk in 1746, which was land West of Today's Hope street [as seen by the modern Campfield House on Wellside Place]. The second of these is most likely as not only is it in Falkirk, but also the Falkirk Summer Sports events had often been held on the field at the foot of Hope Street [NB - this does not make it the same as Brockville, but it is very close, and most of that area was built up by then, except where Brockville was to be].

"As this is the first football match that has been played in Falkirk". This statement is just wrong. The Falkirk Herald itself on Saturday December 15th 1877 had published a report of the 'first football match in Falkirk', this match, played on the grounds of Mayfield House [near the modern Bantaskine Housing Estate] was between Kelvinbank and a "team composed of Falkirk 'Bairns' presently located in Glasgow ... were drafted from various clubs in Glasgow, they had never previously played together".

The report of the actual game is perfunctory at best, "Grasshoppers had the best of the first half, scoring twice: Falkirk rallied in the second half also scoring twice" is a good way to boil it down

For some reason the line-ups were listed backward, it was already the norm in the mid 1870s to list teams as - GK: RB & LB: RH & LH: OR & IR, CR & CL, IL & OL [note the 2-2-6 formation so strange looking to modern eyes]. In the team line-up also it has the Falkirk goalkeeper as 'A.McQueen', this is obviously the error of a scribe writing down the details by ear from a club source and mishearing, as for the rest of the season the Falkirk goalkeeper was Angus McEwan. There are also two J.Taylors which helps no-one.

This is just an interesting bit of history, but it shows how many daft little complexities can be introduced by one little match report, filed by a journalist covering something he probably thought was of little, but passing local interest. As I said at the start, this was before football had become so ingrained in Scottish culture. No one knew if Falkirk FC [or even Football] would still be going nearly 150 years later on, in fact Grasshoppers were the more established club [formed in 1875] they had already played several Scottish Cup matches.

But if it was simple there would little space on the internet for obsessive compulsive little historians like me.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mistakes get Expanded

I was reminded by my fellow historian/researcher Drummond Calder the other day what we are often up against. We take books written by other people as sources for our research, but from knowledge, even those who get published make huge mistakes, and these get spread.

Now I am not asking for a system of references [by s**t, I hardly ever reference where I 'borrow' information from, but Drummond is better at that than me.] I have, on my own file [which I shared with Drummond] that Hugh McKinnon played for ESFC. For this assertation I was reliant upon George Park's "St Bernard's Football Club: or when the well ran dry".

Drummond disputes there was such a player for ESFC in this era, and thinks it might be getting mixed up with a back called McKinnie. All I can say is I have already spread the myth that Hugh McKinnon played for ESFC, and now I have to check things more, because I don't know. These mistakes grow, and are repeated by people who do something similar for other clubs. Douglas Lamming's book is a great source of information, but it wasn't until I came across Jock McTavish's Obituaries in the Falkirk Herald and Falkirk Mail that anyone pointed out that the date he supplied was ridiculous. I was not the first to find an error, and I am sure I will not be the last. This does not decry the importance of Douglas Lamming's book. It is hugely important. If I were to claim never to have made a mistake, then I would properly be ridiculed. I have made many [I once mixed up the brothers Gibson [1880s] with a whole different family], it happens. What I am saying is that, we who trawl archives, are in a trusted position, and we trust each other, but we are simply human, we make mistakes. But these mistakes have repercussions which are hard to fix [especially when they get on wikipedia].

It seems when we do this stuff without proper research we are only spreading misinformation. Myself, I like to be corrected, but that is because it allows me to change my spreadsheets [there is always a first name of a reserve player to be altered, always a newly discovered middle name [I hate to use the word discover as it was obviously known before, yet do not feel "find" is good enough]].

In the way that neither Amerigo di Vespucci, not Cristoforro di Colombo 'discovered' South America [the fact being given away by the fact that there were people living there [who had presumably 'discovered' it earlier]] I do not discover biographical details of Falkirk players: it is just new to me. I suppose in thinking "find" is about the best the English language can offer. In Spanish there is a word more like 'uncover' = to make clear something which has been obscured. But I do not wish to write this blog in Spanish quite yet ¡ojala!.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Falkirk FC's Leading Pre League Scorers

Before Falkirk joined the Scottish League for the 1902/03 season, the club played about in many Local Leagues around Central Scotland with lots of similar sounding names [Midlands this, Central that [and they all seemed to include King's Park and East Stirlingshire too]]. However these were real matches, with real players, and the players, I have no doubt, tried as hard as any other Falkirk player in a midweek First Division match at Recreation Park or wherever.

Along with this came an even larger number of cup competitions as the clubs looked for competitive fixtures, these ranged from the mighty Stirlingshire Cup to the parochial 'Falkirk Cottage Hospitals Shield'.

So I think they ought to be included in the list of Falkirk goalscorers equally alongside anybody who scored in a, now meaningless, Supplementary Cup or Scottish League challenge Cup defeat.

I decided to leave out goals scored in friendly matches even though this is slightly unfair as far more friendlies [or ordinary matches as they were known at the time] played throughout the season, and they were taken far more seriously then.

Anyway in an attempt to keep the number of columns to a minimum I have collapsed these Minor Leagues and Cups into one column each.

Sco Cup
Qua Cup
Min Lea
Min Cup
Andrew Burt
James Tennant
Alex Stark
Andrew Hamilton
David Ross
Thomas McDonald
J??? McLaren
George Barr
Richard Greig
Thomas Glegg

Sadly there are many, many gaps in both my records and the reportage of this era, so this is by its very nature flawed, but until I find a better source of info I have done what I can.

Of these players five [Andrew Burt, James 'Midgy' Tennant, Andrew 'Buttons' Stark, Tommy McDonald & Thomas Glegg] came from Stirlingshire, three [Tennant, Stark, McDonald] from Falkirk [Burt - Slamannan, Glegg - Carronshore], David Ross was born in Coldingham,
Berwickshire but brought up in Falkirk, three were from Glasgow and suburbs [Andrew Hamilton, George Barr & Ricky Greig].
The player missing - McLaren [James?] I strongly suspect was from Dunipace, but I have not found any solid proof to assert this as yet.

Only Andrew Burt continued with Falkirk into the Scottish League era [Scoring one Scottish League and three minor cup goals in 1902/03].

Andrew Burt's brother Adam [1891-92] and Thomas Glegg's brother Charles [1902/03] also played for Falkirk FC.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Falkirk FC 1877/78 - The First Season ?

Falkirk FC 1877/78

Most people just accept 1876 as the founding date of Falkirk FC [after all it says it on the badge], however, I have looked through the old papers and there is nothing listed about Falkirk FC before December 1877 so ..... These are all the matches I have found played by the club in this season, but football was still in its infancy so it is very possible more games were played but not reported. Here are the details that I know.

Falkirk FC Matches

Date Unknown
Grasshoppers ? Falkirk FC ? at ????
Falkirk FC: Team Unknown

-This match was referred to in the report of the following game so did take place.
-Probably played on the land upon which Bonnybridge Library now stands.
-Traditionally the score was 7-0 to Grasshoppers, however I have also come across reports of 8-0 and 8-1, all we know is Falkirk FC got thrashed.
-I have found two differing line-ups for this match, both as viable as the other. The first from the memoirs of Robert Bishop [Falkirk FC Secretary 1883-1896] the second from the memoirs of George Richardson [Falkirk FC Secretary 1878-1883] via Thomas Mackie [Falkirk FC Committee 1890s and Editor of the Falkirk Mail].
-Bishop – A.McEwan; J.Richardson & R.Walker; G.Richardson & R.Service; Cowan & Fleming, Thomson & Walker, Malcolm & Leishman.
-Richardson – A.McEwan; J.Walker & G.Richardson; W.Carmichael & W.Gentleman; J.Leishman & R.Service, J.Fleming & M.Cowan, T.Taylor & W.Johnston.

23rd Mar 1878
Falkirk FC 2 Grasshoppers 2 at Campfield, Falkirk.
Falkirk FC: Angus McEwan; J? Taylor & Robert Service; John Taylor & George Richardson; James Leishman & Richard Peddie, William Gentleman & ? Bennet, William Peddie & James Neil.
Scorers - Unknown.

-Reported as 'Falkirk v Bonnybridge'
-'Campfield' is noted in Geoff Bailey's history of the Second Battle of Falkirk : "Falkirk or Paradise" as the land to the West of Hope Street, so this is probably the same piece of ground as Brockville Park [though there was also a Campfield near where the Central Retail Park now stands].
-Angus McEwan was listed as 'McQueen'.
-Richard & William Peddie were brothers, from Sunderland they were most likely Falkirk's first non-Scots [though if Robert Bishop's line-up for the previous match was correct, James Richardson was born in Peru].

6th Apr 1878
Falkirk FC 0 Govanhill 1 at the Randyford Ground, Falkirk
Falkirk FC: Angus McEwan; F? Buchanan & Robert Service; William Johnston & George Richardson; James Leishman & Richard Peddie, William Gentleman & John Taylor, William Peddie & James Neil.

-The exact location of the Randyford Ground is now lost to history, however in the 1880s/1890s there was a ground used by local junior sides which ran parallel with the Woodburn in the modern day Boag [Woodburn Street now covers the burn] which would have crossed the modern Randyford Street.
-Some Glasgow papers list Govanhill 2nd XI v Falkirk played in Glasgow, but that was probably the reserves playing on the same day.

13th Apr 1878
King's Park 0 Falkirk FC 0 at King's Park, Stirling
Falkirk FC: Lewis Watson; Robert Service & Angus McEwan; ? Bennet & George Richardson; James Leishman & Richard Peddie, William Gentleman & John Taylor, William Peddie & James Neil.

Other Match

8th Dec 1877
Falkirk XI 0 Kelvinbank 5 at Mayfield, Falkirk
Falkirk XI: P.C.Masterton; J.Richardson & J.McNee; J.Thomson & J.Finlayson; J.Dunn & D.R.Watson, J.Taylor & R.McNee, J.Pringle & W.Parkinson.

-The first recorded game of Association Football in Falkirk.
-This was not a Falkirk FC match, but an exhibition match, the Falkirk side was made up of Falkirk Bairns resident in Glasgow, and playing with Glasgow clubs.
-Mayfield was in the vicinity of the current Bantaskine housing estate, and was possibly the same as Falkirk FC's later Blinkbonny Ground.
-James Richardson & John Taylor both went on to play for Falkirk FC.
-This must have been the match referred to at the club's Semi-Jubilee [held in 1902....] that inspired the founding of Falkirk FC.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Falkirk FC - Forgotten Players - John Morrison

Just thought I'd do a random post, this time about another forgotten player, again I would say an exceptional player. Jock 'Slasher' Morrison [what a nickname!] is as far as I know the only player who played for Falkirk in every one of the positions in the old 2-3-5 formation [okay he only played in goal once, in a friendly]. Apart from juvenile football he was notionally a one club player [except for his spell at St Mirren during WWI], he never stood out particularly, but was available to fill in any position available.

Starting as a centre-forward, he drifted into a winger, inside-forward, centre-half and finally full-back, versatility is one of the great hallmarks of the utility player, and Jock was certainly versatile. After his playing career he later managed East Stirlingshire, Third Lanark and St Mirren.

John 'Slasher' Morrison

b 26th January 1889, Stenhousemuir, Stirlingshire
d 26th January 1972, Paisley, Renfrewshire

Debut – Monday April 22nd 1907 v Broxburn United (A) Friendly
League Debut – Saturday August 17th 1907 v Dundee (H) Scottish League Division 1

Club Honours – North-Eastern Cup RU 1910/11, Dunedin Cup W 1913/14, RU 1910/11, Stirlingshire Cup W 1909/10, RU 1914/15, Stirlingshire Consolation Cup W 1906/07, 1907/08, Falkirk Infirmary Shield W 1906/07, 1908/09, 1912/13

Scottish League Division 1 Matches/Goals [124/17]
Scottish Cup Matches/Goals [6/2]
Minor League Matches/Goals [5/1]
Minor Cup Matches/Goals [42/11]
Other Matches/Goals [27/6]
Total Matches/Goals [204/37]

Known Career – Stenhousemuir Hearts, Falkirk [1906/07-1915/16], St Mirren [1913/14]

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Football Greats & Television

I'm back from the break, this isn't a real post only the best quote from my readings over the hols: not about Falkirk but it does sum up the feelings of those of us who rake through the past.

From 'The ball is Round' by David Goldblatt about how seemingly all the great players just happened to play during the televisual era.

"... consequently our collective memory of football before this is essentially blind, dependent on the vagaries of radio, still photography and reportage - which for all their strengths simply cannot capture the game like motion pictures. It is no coincidence that the standard canon of great players barely extends before this era. Pichichi, Friedenreich, Sindelar, Bloomer, Andrade, Scarone, Mazzola and Piola - th greatest players of their cultures and eras are barely known beyond the smallest circles of bookish devotees. By contrast, the period between 1954 and 1974 offers a whole slew of candidates for every list of greats."

For somebody who reads a bit much about the history of the game this speaks volumes: where Pele's 1200+ goals were mainly scored for Santos in their innumerable globetrotting [and money-spinning] friendlies, Friedenreich's were scored in Brazilian domestic competition, his light mestizo complexion eventually allowed him into the national team as long as he straightened his hair before every match, such were the times. Central Europe has no comparison to the beating heart of Austria's Wunderteam, Mattias Sindelar, the ugly parts being his inclusion into the post-anschluss german team and his 'mysterious' early death. Even England will look more towards the 'exploits' of David Beckham, but where does he stand next to Stephen 'Pale Face' Bloomer [who?].

I implore everybody who reads this to look into the careers of the players mentioned above [and beyond], all they did was stand out above the crowd in their time, there was a good reason that they stood out.

Polemic over

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Falkirk FC & the Local Press

Oh how things change, ask any East Stirlingshire or Stenhousemuir fan over the treatment that their respective clubs are given in the modern Falkirk Herald and they will no doubt [rightly in my opinion] grumble about the paucity of coverage given in comparison to the greatest team in Stirlingshire [if not the World], ah well.

But I am here to say that the lovey-dovey relationship between Falkirk FC and the Falkirk Herald has not always been so, in fact in my opinion the Falkirk Herald always had a more East Stirlingshire bent in the 1890s in comparison to the Falkirk Mail which had more of the Falkirk leanings.

Below I reproduce letters between the Club Secretary of Falkirk FC & 'Scrutator' [the sports editor of the Falkirk Herald], both published in the Falkirk Herald in November 1889, at possibly the lowest point in the relationship, in my opinion Falkirk Football Club were being far too puerile in their complaints, but you can decide for yourselves.

Falkirk Herald - Edition Saturday 2nd November 1889

Gentlemen, I am authorised by my committee to draw your attention to the following clippings taken from your 'football nonsense' column Saturday last:-

"Overheard in the crowd on Saturday- "Fa'kirk would hae been better wi' Starkey half-dead than Sandy Gillespie livin'. Rough a bit, but a decided compliment to 'Buttons'"

And to inform you that such bye-names and jeering remarks anent our players and officials cannot be longer tolerated, and that unless these unseemly writings are stopped at once, other measures than simply writing you a letter will be adopted to attain that end.

This paragraph- "A Bainsford correspondent wants to know how many umpires Falkirk had on Saturday? He thinks Gillespie appeared to be one, as Bishop's hand went upthe moment Gillespie held his handkerchief aloft, and that was whenever he took the notion."

Allows for only one meaning being taken out of it, and that is that the Falkirk umpire was dishonest.

The paragraph objected to, and all others of a like nature, have nothing to do with a criticism on football matters, and are liable, and have been known to do injury to our players and officials in the pursuit of their daily occupation.

I have to state that unless your reporter sees fit to deal with our matches in a fairer spirit than he has done for the past three years, we will be under the painful necessity of debarring him from entering our grounds. We do not care what you say about our players regarding their play, and always using proper play, our players have feelings just like ordinary human beings, and our committee have decided that these shall not be tampered with by a newspaper correspondent or reporter whenever they think it.

Yours Truly for the Committee, Falkirk FC

Robert Bishop, Secy.

Some notes before the reply
Football back then had two Umpires [linesmen] and [only in big games] a referee [to seperate disagreements between the umpires], the umpires were provided by the two competing teams, thus Bishop, the Umpire mentioned above was also the the Falkirk FC club secretary, and author of the above letter. He went on to be a renowned referee in Scottish circles.
The match in question was a 5-2 away victory over East Stirlinshire in the Stirlingshire Cup coming hard on the heels of 6-1 home defeat against the same opposition in the Scottish Cup the week before.
For the uninitiated the Bainsford reference comes from the fact that originally East Stirlingshire hailed from that part of Falkirk, for us it is an easily decoded message in early publications about which team is being referenced.
Sandy, or Buttons refers to Alex Stark [I still really want to know how he got that nickname], Gillepie was John Gillespie, one of five Gillespie brothers to play for Falkirk [oh and he played for Scotland too, but since he was at QP at the time it doesn't count]

The reply

Falkirk Herald - Edition Saturday 9th November 1889

Sir, ... I would feel obliged if you would allow me publicly to ask to specify any inaccuracies he may find, either inaccuracies of omision or commision, in reports made by me in regard to anything relating to Falkirk Football Club. Mr Bishop throws plenty of mud in a general way. However he singles out two paragraphs in particular. Now, what do these paragraphs selected amount to? Simply this, that one contained the essence of a remark heard on the Falkirk football field, and the other a question asked by a correspondent. The objection to the first paragraph seems to be that I referred to Stark by the name of 'Buttons'. Now, if there had been anything objectionable in the nickname, or if I had been the first to use it in reference to Stark there would have been considerable force in an objection being taken to it: but, as a matter of fact, it is a term of endearment, so as to speak, used by the Falkirk members to their justly popular right winger. Not only so, but Stark's partner in the team, has addressed him on the field by that bye-name whwn asking him to pass the ball. I know, without Mr Bishop or any other person requiring to inform me, that football players have feelings, and it would be far from my purpose to hurt Stark's feelings, who has received a greater meed of praise in the column under my charge than any other player in the district.

As to the second paragraph spoken about, I surely do not require to inform "an old hand" in football news like Mr Bishop that it was his place to reply to the question of the correspondent. I am sure the paragraph was commenced in a way of which there was no chance of doubt.

As to his remarks about unfair reports, I would ask him to point out anything he may have seen that is untruthful, I don't believe in generalities; I believe in pointing to a fault. If there is one, I would thank Mr Bishop to point it out. When that is done, then I can answer the remainder of his letter. But, sir, I may be permitted to state, without being egotistical, that frequently I have observed the reports of Falkirk football matches copied into other prints, and that, too, with slight alterations in the phraseology,- I am, &c.,


No other correspondences between the parties were published again, they may have continued in private ... I still think Falkirk Football Club came out the worst, sounding churlish at best. But this doesn't placate those of ESFC & SFC leanings nowadays, all I am saying is that it was not always so nice.

Allow me for a bit of conspiracy, I always believed that 'scru' was a Shire fan, but i never thought he was particularly anti-Falkirk.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Falkirk FC Players - Stirlingshire

By christ on a pole it has been cold over the last week or so, this has severly limited my intent when it comes to looking up stuff to write for this here blog. When I have managed to make it out of my pit I did though look up Falkirk FC's place in the Stirlingshire FA's representative matches.

Back in the early days of football as an intermediary level between club and international football there also existed in Scotland representative county matches. Sadly it was never fully organised, and matches were organised on an ad hoc basis depending on free dates in the calander and other factors. On some occasions they were used by the selectors as part of the national selection process, but generally they were glorified friendlies, albeit with a bit more prestige for the players themselves. Through time these games died out, professional leagues etc, filled the fixture lists, and counties agreed to less and less matches as clubs refused to release their, then profesional players, they were finished by the end of the 1890s.

The matches were organised by the respective County Football Associations, which in turn were formed out of their senior clubs. Falkirk, of course, were [and still are] part of the Stirlingshire FA, in fact were founder members, and were represented in every Inter-County match Stirlingshire played. During the 1890s the Stirlingshire XIs were mainly turned out against clubs or combined Junior XIs in benefit & testimonial matches, and quite often had to be fleshed out with reserve players, these matches have been excluded.
Here follows the full list of Falkirk players involved in Stirlingshirs Matches against other Counties & FAs.

George Barr (1) v Fife (1889-90)
Robert Bishop (1) v Fife (1885-86)
Andrew Burt (1) v Forfarshire (1896-97)
John Drummond (4) v Linlithgowshire (1888-89) v Fife (1890-91) v Forfashire (1890-91) v Forfarshire (1891-92)
Robert Fearns (1) v Fife (1894-95)
Alex Ferguson (1) v Lanarkshire (1883-84)
David Fleming (1) v Fife (1886-87)
Walter Gibson (1) v Lanarkshire (1883-84)
Alex Gillespie (1) v Fife (1885-86)
Thomas Glegg (2) v Fife (1894-95) v Forfarshire (1895-96)
William Hamilton (1) v Forfarshire (1886-87)
Michael Harley (2) v Forfarshire (1886-87) v Fife (1887-88)
W??? Johnstone (1) v Linlithgowshire (1888-89)
James Liddell (3) v Linlithgowshire (1887-88) v Forfarshire (1888-89) v Fife (1889-90)
James Love (1) v Renfrewshire (1885-86)
John Mitchell (2) v Fife (1886-87) v Fife (1887-88)
James McDonald (3) v Fife (1885-86) v Forfarshire (1886-87) v Renfrewshire (1886-87)
Thomas McDonald (5) + v Fife (1887-88) v Linlithgowshire (1887-88) v Fife (1889-90) v Forfarshire (1889-90) v Fife (1890-91)
Thomas McFarlane (4) v Forfarshire (1892-93) v Fife (1892-93) v Fife (1893-94) v Forfarshire (1897-98)
Alex McGregor (3) v Forfarshire (1889-90) v Fife (1890-91) v Fife (1891-92)
???? McHugh (1) v Forfarshire (1893-94)
Hugh McKinnon (2) v Forfarshire (1893-94) v Forfarshire (1894-95)
Alex McLaughlan (1) v Forfarshire (1895-96)
John Pray (1) v Fife (1893-94)
David Ross (1) v Forfarshire (1893-94)
William Sinclair (1) v Fife (1887-88)
Thomas Sommerville (1) v Forfarshire (1891-92)
Alex Stark (13) @ v Forfarshire (1886-87) v Renfrewshire (1886-87) v Forfarshire (1887-88) v Linlithgowshire (1887-88) v Forfarshire (1888-89) v Linlithgowshire (1888-89) v Forfarshire (1889-90) v Fife (1890-91) v Forfarshire (1890-91) v Fife (1891-92) v Forfarshire (1891-92) v Forfarshire (1892-93) v Fife (1893-94)
James Tennant (1) v Forfarshire (1894-95)
Alex Turnbull (1) v Lanarkshire (1883-84)
David Walker (1) * v Forfarshire (1897-98)
William Watson (1) % v East of Scotland (1897-98)

@ In editions of the Falkirk Herald & Mail it was often said, contradictally, both Alex Stark and Alex Inches [East Stirlingshire] were the most represented players for Stirlingshire. I believe that the figures may be of total medals, including Stirlingshire Cup Medals, the point is moot. Both Alex Stark, Alex Inches & Lawrence McLachlan [also ESFC] were those constantly there & there abouts at the time.
+ Thomas McDonald often played under his mother's maiden name as Tommy Donnelly confusing matters.
* David was only playing with Falkirk FC 2nd XI at the time and was travelling with the Stirlingshire FA in a capacity as official when a player did not show up, meaning David had to play.
% This was the same player who later went on to play for Scotland, and is constantly referred to as W.Watson in other places, he was from Shotts and had previously played for Dykehead & East Stirlingshire.

I don't know what to make of this, obviously the players ought be proud of being chosen, however Stirlingshire never played the Glasgow FA, and only once played the EoS FA. The honours were spread around to keep both the 'big teams' & 'wee teams' in Stirlingshire happy. I say, though, take it as is, a reflection of local football which is no longer available.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Obscure Falkirk Matches - 8th Jul 1891

I have come across many cricket matches in Falkirk between footballers and cricketers, but this is the earliest match that I have found listed as between Falkirk FC & Falkirk CC, earlier matches were always listed as between cricketers & footballers, but never ascribed to a club [on either side].

There were other reciprocal games, eg East Stirlingshire played East stirlingshire FC occasionally at football, but Falkirk FC, as far as I know, never played a cricket team at football. Sadly I do not have the complete scorecard for this match but at least it shows that many of our best players of the time were willing to turn out for such a match, it probably more shows the broader sporting viewpoint of the time [compared to now and the disparagement of cricket in Scotland for no good reason], and that footballers, although not fantastic at other sports, did practice them during the off season.

Wednesday 8th July 1891, Crichton Park, Falkirk
Friendly Cricket Match
Falkirk CCFalkirk FC
?.Grantb Smith0A.Starkb G.Brown4
?.McVicarb Smith1H.Smithc Higgins b J.Brown7
J.Brownb Gillespie3?.Hamiltonb G.Brown0
G.Brownb Smith2J.Drummondb Todd24
W.Toddc & b Smith3J.Gillespieb J.Brown0
?.Barrb Smith0W.Murphylbw b G.Brown0
?.Callanderc McDonald b Smith2W.Robertsrun out0
?.Higginshit wicket b W.Murphy0P.Rankineb Todd8
?.Rankineb Smith4?.McIntoshb G.Brown13
?.Mathiesonb Smith1J.Murphynot out0
?.Liddellnot out2T.McDonaldb G.Brown0
Known Bowling Figures
Falkirk FC BowlingFalkirk CC Bowling
Falkirk FC won by 40 runs.

Crichton Park was on the modern Bell's Meadow, more toward the BMX Track than the centre, but the exact location is still unknown.
(NB - I have had a message from Alan McCabe questioning the location I have given for Crichton Park, given the information he has sent me, I shall be looking into the situation, later)

William Todd may have bowled for both sides, as the printed scorecard gives Todd as the bowler of Mathieson, but the report claims Harry Smith took 8 for 8, Todd was also a member of Falkirk FC, though made few appearances, so it is a possibility.

Harry Smith, Falkirk FC's goalkeeper was also a regular cricketer for Stenhousemuir CC [I believe he was a leg spinner].

Falkirk FC had two McIntoshes playing at the time, the brothers John & Gilbert, John was the better footballer, Gilbert the better cricketer, so this was probably Gilbert, but the scorecard only stated 'McIntosh'.

Falkirk FC had two Hamiltons playing at the time, the brothers Thomas & William, William played more cricket, so I presume it was he, but have no real data.

This was the first ever match played by this, reformed, Falkirk Cricket Club. They never lasted long, not surprising as [apart from Castings CC] the town has never had a regular club.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Stirlingshire Cup Medal 1895/96

I discovered recently these pictures of a Stirlingshire Cup Runners Up Medal from 1895/96, although I have no way of knowing if this is how they looked every season, it gives us an idea of what they were like.



This medal was awarded to Alex Ferguson the goalkeeper of Kilsyth Wanderers.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Falkirk Reserves - Scottish League Division C 1949/50

For a long time part of Falkirk FC's history has been consigned to a mere footnote in the many works on Scottish Football. From 1949 until 1955 Falkirk 'A', along with several other reserve sides, played in the Scottish League Division C. These were officially sanctioned league matches and therefore ought count in a player's record. The problem is that Division C was so close to being a reserve league that both local and national media treated it as such. In later years the Scottish League Division C Cup was also added. These matches are an anomaly, however no matter our opinion of them they are senior matches and ought be treated so.

[this has had some additions made to it thanks to one of my partners on the Scottish Football Forum.]

Falkirk 3 Falkirk 'A' 2, Falkirk FC Trial Match at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, August 7th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; G.Sievewright & C.Laird; T.Kinloch, J.Gallacher & W.Telfer; J.Tyrrell & A.Logan, J.Silcock, T.Hall & A.McCue
Scorer – J.Silcock 2

Falkirk 'A' 5 Queen's Park Strollers 0, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, August 13th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; G.Sievewright & C.Laird; T.Kinloch, J.Gallacher & T.Redddie; J.Tyrrell & A.Logan, T.Mack, T.Hall & A.McCue
Scorers – A.Logan, A.McCue 2, T.Mack, J.Tyrrell (Pen)
Notes – Thomas Mack was a trialist who played under the name of “McDougall”

Motherwell 'A' 6 Falkirk 'A' 3, Division C [South-West] at Fir Pk, Motherwell, August 20th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; G.Sievewright & C.Laird; T.Kinloch, J.Tyrrell & T.Reddie; J.Brown & A.Logan, J.Silcock, T.Hall & A.McCue
Scorers – J.Silcock 2, A.McCue

Queen of the South 'A' 2 Falkirk 'A' 3, Division C [South-West] at Palmerston Pk, Dumfries, August 27th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – ????; ???? & ????; T.Kinloch, J.Tyrrell & T.Reddie; ???? & J.Friel, J.Silcock,???? & ????.
Scorers – J.Silcock 2, T.Kinloch (Pen)
Note – John Friel played as a Trialist

[Alternate line up from "sureitza" Nicol; Sievewright & Laird; Kinloch, Towner & Reddie; Tyrell & Gardiner, Silcock, Hall & McCue]

Dundee United 'A' 2 Falkirk 'A' 3, Scottish 2nd XI Cup 1st Rd at Tannadice Pk, Dundee, August 29th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; G.Sievewright & C.Laird; T.Kinloch, J.Gallacher & A.Logan; J.Brown & W.Anderson, J.Silcock, T.Hall & A.McCue
Scorers – J.Brown, W.Anderson, J.Silcock

Falkirk 'A' 4 Morton 'A' 2, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, September 3rd 1949
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; G.Sievewright & C.Laird; T.Kinloch, J.Gallacher & T.Reddie; J.Tyrrell & T.Hall, J.Silcock, J.Allison & A.McCue
Scorers – J.Silcock 2, J.Tyrrell, T.Kinloch (Pen)

Falkirk 'A' 1 Rangers 'A' 2, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, 10th September 1949
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; J.Gallacher & C.Laird; W.Rodgers, H.Towner & T.Reddie; J.Tyrrell & W.Connelly, J.Silcock, T.Hall & A.McCue
Scorers – A.McCue

Falkirk 'A' 3 Stirling Albion 'A' 2, Scottish 2nd XI Cup 2nd XI 2nd Rd at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, 13th September 1949
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; J.Whyte & J.Gallacher; W.Rodgers, T.Reddie & T.Kinlich; J.McLaughlan & W.Connelly, T.Mack, W.Gallagher & A.McCue
Scorers – A.McCue, T.Mack, W.Connelly

Clyde 'A' 5 Falkirk 'A' 1,Division C [South-West] at Shawfield Pk, Glasgow, September 17th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – Unknown
Scorer – Unknown

Falkirk 'A' 3 Albion Rovers 'A' 1, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, September 24th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; J.Gallacher & C.Laird; W.Rodgers, H.Murphy & J.Whitelaw; A.McCue & W.Connelly, J.Silcock, T.Hall & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – W.Connelly, J.Silcock 2

Ayr United 'A' 5 Falkirk 'A' 4, Division C [South-West] at Somerset Pk, Ayr, October 1st 1949
Falkirk 'A' – Unknown
Scorers – Unknown

Falkirk 'A' 0 Hibernian 'A' 2, Friendly at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, October 8th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; G.Sievewright & C.Laird; T.Reddie, H.Murphy & T.Kinloch; J.Tyrrell & W.Anderson, T.Mack, J.Allison & J.McLaughlan

Queen's Park Strollers 1 Falkirk 'A' 0, Division C [South-West] at Hampden Pk, Glasgow, October 15th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Gallacher & C.Laird; W.Rodgers, H.Murphy & T.Reddie; W.Connelly & A.Logan, J.Silcock, T.Hall & J.McLaughlan

Falkirk 'A' 2 Third Lanark 'A' 0, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, October 22nd 1949
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Gallacher & C.Laird; W.Rodgers, H.Murphy & T.Reddie; T.Mack & W.Anderson, J.Silcock, T.Hall & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – W.Anderson, T.Hall

Kilmarnock 'A' 3 Falkirk 'A' 3,Division C [South-West] at Rugby Pk, Kilmarnock, October 29th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Gallacher & C.Laird; J.Tyrrell, H.Murphy & T.Reddie; W.Anderson & W.Connelly, J.Silcock, A.Logan, J.Gardiner
Scorers – W.Anderson, A.Logan, J.Silcock

Albion Rovers 'A' 3 Falkirk 'A' 2, Division C [South-West] at Cliftonville Pk, Coatbridge, November 5th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – Unknown
Scorers – Unknown

Falkirk 'A' 1 Queen of the South 'A' 1,Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, November 12th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Gallacher & C.Laird; W.Rodgers, H.Towner & J.Whitelaw; W.Anderson & W.Gallagher, J.Silcock, A.Logan & J.McLaughlan
Scorer – J.Silcock

Falkirk 'A' 4 Motherwell 'A' 1, Division C [South-West]at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, November 19th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Tyrrell & C.Laird; W.Rodgers, H.Towner & T.Reddie; R.Horn & W.Anderson, J.Inglis, A.Logan & J.Allison
Scorers – J.Allison 2, W.Allison, A.Logan
Richard Horn was a trialist playing as 'Hunter'.

Celtic 'A' 0 Falkirk 'A' 0, Division C [South-West] at Celtic Pk, Glasgow, November 26th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Tyrrell & Weir; W.Rodgers, Turner & Rennie; R.Horn & W.Anderson, J.Inglis, T.Hall & A.McCue
Richard Horn was a trialist playing as 'Hunter'.

St Mirren 'A' 2 Falkirk 'A' 1, Division C [South-West] at St Mirren Pk, Paisley, December 3rd 1949
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Tyrrell & C.Laird; W.Rodgers, H.Towner & T.Reddie; A.McCue & W.Anderson, J.Inglis, A.Logan & J.McLaughlan
Scorer – A.Logan

Falkirk 'A' 4 Partick Thistle 'A' 3, Division C [South-West]at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, December 10th 1949
Falkirk 'A'- R.Carrie; J.Tyrrell & G.Sievewright; W.Rodgers, H.Towner & T.Reddie; J.Brown & W.Anderson, W.Connelly, W.Gallagher & A.McCue
Scorers – W.Connelly, W.Gallagher 2 (1 Pen), A.McCue

Morton 'A' 1 Falkirk 'A' 0, Division C [South-West] at Cappielow Pk, Greenock, December 17th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Tyrrell & C.Laird; W.Rodgers, H.Towner & T.Reddie; J.Brown & T.Somerville, J.Inglis, W.Connelly & A.McCue

Stranraer 1 Falkirk 'A' 0, Division C [South-West] at Stair Pk, Stranraer, December 24th 1949
Falkirk 'A' – G.Harris; G.Sievewright & C.Laird; W.Rodgers, H.Towner & T.Reddie; J.Reid & T.Somerville, W.Connelly, W.Anderson & T.Hall
George Harris was a trialist, playing as 'Robertson'

Falkirk 'A' 1 Clyde 'A' 1, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, December 31st 1949
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; G.Sievewright & C.Laird; W.Rodgers, H.Towner & T.Reddie; J.Brown & T.Somerville, J.Silcock, W.Anderson & J.McLaughlan
Scorer – J.Brown

Rangers 'A' 1 Falkirk 'A' 2, Division C [South-West] at Ibrox Pk, Glasgow, January 7th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Tyrrell & J.Whitelaw; T.Reddie, H.Towner & A.Logan; W.Anderson & T.Somerville, J.Silcock, W.Gallagher & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – J.Silcock, J.Tyrrell

Hamilton Academical 'A' 1 Falkirk 'A' 1, Division C [South-West] at Douglas Pk, Hamilton, January 14th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – G.Harris; A.Logan & T.Reddie; ????, ???? & W.Telfer; ???? & ????, ????, ???? & ????
Scorer – Unknown
George Harris was a trialist, playing as 'Robertson'

Third Lanark 'A' 2 Falkirk 'A' 4, Division C [South-West] at Cathkin Pk, Glasgow, January 21st 1950
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; W.Rodgers & C.Laird; T.Reddie, H.Towner & W.Telfer; J.Brown & T.Somerville, T.Mack, W.Connelly & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – J.Brown, T. Mack 3

Falkirk 'A' 3 Celtic 'A' 0, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, January 28th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; J.Whyte & A.Logan; T.Kinloch, T.Reddie & W.Connelly; J.Brown & T.Somerville, T.Mack, W.Anderson & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – W.Anderson, T.Mack, T.Somerville

Falkirk 'A' 6 Dumbarton 'A' 0, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, February 4th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; J.Tyrrell & J.Whyte; W.Rodgers, H.Towner & T.Reddie; J.Brown & T.Somerville, T.Mack, W.Anderson & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – T.Somerville, T.Mack 2, W.Anderson 2, J.McLaughlan

Queen of the South 'A' 0 Falkirk 'A' 3, Scottish 2nd XI Cup 3rd Rd at Palmerston Pk, Dumfries, February 18th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; ???? & ????; ????, H.Towner & ????; J.Brown & ????, T.Mack, ???? & A.McCue
Scorers – T.Mack, J.Brown, A.McCue

[Alternate line up from "sureitza" Carrie; White & Whitelaw; Rodgers, Towner & Reddie; Brown & Somerville, Mack, Connelly & McCue ]

Falkirk 'A' 4 Kilmarnock 'A' 0, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, March 4th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Tyrrell & J.Whyte; W.Rodgers, Towner & T.Reddie; J.Brown & T.Somerville, T.Mack, W.Connelly & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – J.Brown, T.Mack 2, J.McLaughlan

Falkirk 'A' 2 St Mirren 'A' 4, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, March 11th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – J.Robertson; J.Tyrrell & J.Whyte; W.Rodgers, Towner & T.Reddie; J.Brown & T.Somerville, T.Mack, W.Connelly & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – T.Mack 2

Falkirk 'A' 5 Morton 'A' 0, Scottish 2nd XI Cup Semi-Final at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, March 25th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Whyte & J.McPhie; T.Reddie, H.Towner & W.Telfer; A.McCue & T.Somerville, T.Mack, W.Connelly & K.Dawson
Scorers – A.McCue, T.Mack 2, W.Connelly 2

Falkirk 'A' 2 Dundee 'A' 2, Scottish 2nd XI Cup Final 1st Leg at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, April 1st 1950
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Whyte & W.Telfer; W.Rodgers, H.Towner & T.Reddie; A.McCue & T.Somerville, T.Mack, W.Connelly & W.Gallagher
Scorers – T.Mack, W.Gallagher

Dundee 'A' 3 Falkirk 'A' 4, Scotish 2nd XI Cup Final 2nd Leg at Dens Pk, Dundee, April 8th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Whyte & J.Fiddes; T.Reddie, H.Towner & W.Telfer; A.McCue & T.Somerville, T.Mack, W.Anderson & W.Gallacher
Scorers – A.McCue 2, T.Mack 2
Note – The score was 3-3 after ninety minutes, a further thirty were played

Airdrionians 'A' 1 Falkirk 'A' 2, Division C [South-West] at Broomfield Pk, Airdrie, April 12th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; ???? & ????; ????, ???? & ????; ???? & ????, T.Mack, W.Anderson, ????
Scorers – T.Mack, W.Anderson

Falkirk 'A' 3 Airdrionians 'A' 2, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, April 15th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Whyte & W.Telfer; T.Reddie, H.Towner & T.Kinloch; A.McCue & W.Connelly, T.Mack, J.Fallon & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – A.McCue, T.Mack, J.Fallon

Dumbarton 'A' 2 Falkirk 'A' 2, Division C [South-West] at Boghead Pk, Dumbarton, April 16th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – ????; J.Dewar & ????; ????, ???? & ????; ???? & ????, T.Mack, ???? & ????
Scorer – T.Mack 2

Falkirk 'A' 3 Stranraer 1, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, April 19th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – R.Carrie; J.Whyte & C.Laird; W.Telfer, H.Towner & W.Connelly; A.McCue & T.Somerville, T.Mack, Newman & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – T.Somerville, T.Mack 2

Falkirk 'A' 2 Hamilton Academical 'A' 1, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Apr 24th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – R.Beveridge; J.Gallacher & C.Laird; J.Fallon, Wilson & W.Telfer; J.Brown & T.Somerville, W.Connelly, W.Anderson & J.McLaughlan
Scorers – W.Telfer (Pen), J.McLaughlan
Robert Beveridge was a trialist playing as 'Robertson'

Partick Thistle 'A' 4 Falkirk 'A' 0, Division C [South-West] at Firhill Pk, Glasgow, April 26th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – Unknown

Falkirk 'A' 2 Ayr United 'A' 0, Division C [South-West] at Brockville Pk, Falkirk, April 29th 1950
Falkirk 'A' – G.Nicol; J.Gallacher & W.Telfer; T.Reddie, Wilson & J.Fallon; T.Mack & T.Somerville, J.McLaughlan, W.Connelly & A.McCue
Scorers – T.Mack, W.Connelly