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Monday, 11 December 1978

Grasshoppers v Britannia - Sat 6th Apr 1878

Falkirk Herald - Thu 11th Apr 1878


A friendly match at football came off here on Saturday between our local club and the Britannia, Glasgow. The game commenced at 5 o'clock PM. The Britannia, having won the toss, very wisely chose the end from which a pretty stiff breeze was blowing, thus giving them a very great advantage over the Bonnybridge team, who also had a bright sun full in their faces. Notwithstanding these disadvantages, coupled with the fact that one or two of their best players were unable to be present, Bonnybridge scored a goal in about twenty minutes. By the time sides were changed the sun did not shine on the ground, and there was scarcely any wind, so that the Britannia never had the disadvantages which were so much against Bonnybridge during the first half of the game. After sides were changed no more goals were won on either side, but Bonnybridge had by far the best of the play, the 'fighting' being in front of the Britannia's goal two-thirds of the time. As 'time' drew near Britannia seemed to lose hope, as their efforts were concentrated in the defence of their goal, and the kicks which they got, when fortune favoured them were devoted to kicking the ball not toward their enemies' goal, but beyond the boundaries with the evident desire of 'killing time'. altogether the Britannia showed poorly.