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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Falkirk FC v English Opposition

For many reasons some I can't explain, others I can, Falkirk Football Club never a non-Scottish team for a relatively long time. Throughout the 1880s football between Scottish, English & Irish clubs was very regular, although little of it was "competitive" [I use the quotation marks advisedly, because although there were challenge matches between the winners of the Scottish & English Cup, how much these were ad hoc, and how organised is unknown]. Mostly the matches were between Glasgow & Edinburgh clubs and the successful Northern English clubs at the time [even though both local rivals East Stirlingshire & King's Park had played English much earlier].

Falkirk FC's first game was against a team by the name of London Casuals, clearly an amateur side. Falkirk had been scheduled to play them the previous season but the game was called off because of the weather. It was about time such a match took place.

Fakirk 7 London Casuals 3, Friendly at Brockville Pk, Falkirk Saturday 30th December 1891

Patrick; Sommerville & Drummond; Burt, Smith & 'Anderson'; J.McDonald & T.McDonald, Tennant, Brown & Barr.
London Casuals
Blaker; Pelly & Harrison; Barker, Tepham & Cox; Furber & Woodbridge, Nixen, Lebat & Timpkin.
Half-Time - 4-1
Scorers - ???? (2), Tennent (2) J.McDonald (2), OG : Furber, ???? (2)
Referee - Mitchell [ESFC]

London Casuals objected to Alex Stark playing as he had signed professional forms with Bolton Wanderers at the start of the season, being replaced with James 'Sodger' McDonald.
John Pray had to withdraw at a very late hour and was replaced by 'Anderson', who was John Gillespie of Queen's Park and formerly of Falkirk [and Comely Park].

This late entry into international contest didn't seem to prompt Falkirk into venturing much further as the club never played a club from outside the UK [and Ireland] until the 1950s tour of Israel & Malta [having turned down the chance to play AC Milan & West Ham in Milan in the 1920s!].

Over the next 50+ years Falkirk regularly played in friendlies, benefits & testimonials from all over the UK & Ireland, but it saddens that the club never ventured overseas like so many others, but it is too late now....