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Friday, 6 June 2014

Falkirk FC 1919?

I have this picture in my possession, it purports to be Falkirk FC in 1919 [and I have no reason to doubt it, but cannot substantiate it either]. I can tell some of the players, Tom Scott [Back row second left], Tom Ferguson [goalie, back row third from left], James Miller [Back Row fourth from left]; Robert McDougall [Front Row, Centre [and with the ball, so Captain, which surprised me]]. But I do not know most of these people.

I suspect it was taken before the match v Raith Rovers on the 16th August 1919, and the players I know fit into that, but I cannot be sure. If you can shed any light, or help me in any way, please get in touch.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Hibernian v Falkirk - Easter Road - Oct 1913

No real reason for posting this, just another picture of a Falkirk match, this goes out to Jason Urquhart & Bobby Sinnet.

Oh and we cuffed you 3-0 on your own patch ;)

Falkirk v Aberdeen, Brockville Pk 1914

Another pic from the past, [there are lots of them out there if you are willing to dig] this one [according to the caption] is from the Falkirk v Aberdeen Division 1 Match at Brockville Pk on the 14th of March 1914: 2-0 to Falkirk, and the houses in the background certainly appear to be those in Watson Street.

I am somewhat perturbed by this picture. The two players named as Falkirk players seem to be wearing a lighter coloured top than the Aberdeen player; I do not know what the Aberdeen change strip was this season, but at this point Aberdeen wore Black & Gold stripes so it is definitely not that; to my knowledge there has never been a Falkirk player by the name of Templeton; to the right the player may or may not be Robert Orrock [I'm not sure though]; the player named as Wylie looks awfy like Thomas Glancy of Falkirk to me. That and the fact there is no way to be 100% sure that the goalie is Alex Stewart, makes me think something has gone wrong up Dundee Courier way.

I'm also interested in what that advert might be "NE..." could be anything.

Note - I was contacted recently [Apr 2014] by Alex Blackwood from "right" 'darn sarf' as in South Australia south, who married into the Neilson Family from Falkirk, and it was their advert shown - well in this picture from c1907

I ought to have looked at the Falkirk Council site too, but I always look for the obscure. On reading more Neilson's had the privilege of creating that horrid drink "Coca-Cola" for you people in Falkirk, until the massive giant that was Barr's swallowed them up. Based in the Pleasance, I have today also noted a junior team by the name Rosehall Swifts, who may, or may not, have been their works team ..... so much to explore .... every answer brings me more questions!!!!!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Aftermath of a Penalty

Just a quick little post because I found this picture of the Dundee players picking the ball out of the net after a John Simpson penalty from September 1908, the game was a 1-1 draw at Dundee.

I know there are no Falkirk players in the photo but I still like it because I am very biased.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Action Photo - Falkirk v Queen's Park 1914

You how it is with digging out old pictures of football matches from the archives, they are quite impressive in their poor quality retro-coolness. I wish there were so many more of them available [and of course there might be and I have not been looking in the right place yet] but for the moment I will be thankful for what I find.

This picture is from the Falkirk v Queen's Park Scottish Cup match in January 1914, Falkirk's first Cup game since winning the season before. It has a strange caption as it states that the players are [William] Lennie of Falkirk then Todd, Garvie, Young & Kerr [QP] from left to right, whilst it is clearly a Falkirk player at the right [Blue Shirt], so it probably means right to left....

I suppose that since cameras were much more basic than today it must have been very difficult to get a good action photo, therefore many of the other ones taken at the time were blurry and unuseable, so presumeably destroyed.

But what I like most about this picture is that in the background you can clearly see the houses in Watson Street so it was taken before the Shed was built [those very houses are still there a hundred years later]. Well I always like to come across pictures which have new [to me anyway] images of Brockville Park.

The match itself is quite annoying as Falkirk were beaten; the holders knocked out in the First Round. That sort of thing just doesn't happen anymore, and it is a shame it happened to Falkirk on this occasion, as [due to the war] the club would not have the chance to avenge it until 1920 [when Falkirk were beaten again in the First Round].

Will get back to looking through lots and lots of newspapers now, will be back when I find something of interest.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Falkirk FC 1906/07

Another old picture of Falkirk FC, this time from 1906/07 I believe [if not then from 1905/06]. This is a strange one as the team are not in proper formation, and there is no John Simpson. I will take time out tomorrow and go through the matches one by one to see which match this is [usual method excluding matches where the players I know were not playing, and excluding the matches where the players I know [but not here] were playing].

I will get it down to a reasonable number then see from then.

They are not in the right formation because it should be five in front and six at back, with the Captain [John Anderson] front and centre.

William Raisbeck, ????, William Allan, ????[not stripped], ????, Dan Gordon, Harry Collins [not stripped]

John McTavish, John Anderson, Alex Logan, ????, William Davidson, ????

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Falkirk FC in 1930

Found yet another old picture of Falkirk FC from the archives, this time a rather poor quality picture of the team in pre season training before the 1930/31 season, among the players is a nearly 40 year old Patsy Gallacher still commanding at either Inside-Right or Inside-Left.

Also in this picture is Jimmy Dyet who on 2nd January that year, while a King's Park player, had scored eight goals on his senior debut [still a record by a mile].

Monday, 3 June 2013

Falkirk FC Team picture 1910

According to modern eyes, this is very a weird looking photograph. I cannot explain it. But it looks like a Falkirk team photo when they are wearing a very  pale strip [probably blue]. It is definitely Falkirk FC, I could recognise several of these players in my sleep. No, from 'Slasher' Morrison [left of the goalie] through the legendary 'Jock' Simpson [lying on the ground, left] through 'Willy' Davidson [front row, right] through William Lieshman & Henry Collins just behind 'Skipper' Anderson [front, centre, ball between his feet] this is easily the Falkirk FC squad at the start of 1910/11.

But I just can not explain the strips they are wearing, especially for a staged club pic, it is obviously before a game as you can see the crowd behind. It is Brockville, every Falkirk fan close to my age and older would recognise that bit of the stand [even though I was only in the stand once in my life: I could see it the rest of the time] so it is clearly taken facing the Cooperage Lane End.