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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Five-a-Side Tournaments

Back in the day, back when leagues were small and top class fixtures were thin on the ground, the notion of the pre-season friendly did not exist. It was not until the turn of the Century that football clubs began their season with a match against a Junior Club followed with some inter club practice matches: Falkirk for example would play Falkirk Juniors then a match of Attackers v Defenders, then a 1st XI v 2nd XI match.

Before this the clubs relied upon 5-a-side tournaments to get their players into shape. Normally these would be held in the 2-3 weeks coming up to August [the official start of the season]. In Stirlingshire [where I know most], these would be held all over the place and by many different organisations: in Kilsyth & Slamannan; Stirling & Grangemouth; Falkirk & Dunipace; by East Stirlingshire Bicycle Club & Falkirk Football Club; by Airth Brass Band & Redding Colliers; by Lennoxtown Alum Works & Grangemouth Docks.

They all attracted fives from all levels of football [the senior clubs generally entered two teams], from serious teams to a smattering of made up teams who just wanted 'a go'.

So I picked up a folder of football results [in this case 1894/95] and the first 5-a-side I came across was the Stenhousemuir FC of 1894, the Falkirk Herald had only the barest of details, but the Falkirk Mail carried this report -

Only two ties were drawn for the first round, but none were played, as Clackmannan & Dunblane failed to turn up, and the second round was then proceeded with.

Heather Rangers v Albion Rovers - This turned out to be one of the best ties of the day. The Rangers made a pluck stand, but in the second half the Rovers secured a point, and the "Heather" lost, after hard lines, by 1 point to 0.
Dunipace v Gairdoch came next. Gairdoch put out a strong team, Wilson (Stenhousemuir) and Rae (Falkirk) being in the team. Gairdoch opened well, and scored off Smith. Although the "Gairs" had many other chances the score remained unaltered. Gairdoch 1 Dunipace 0.
Stenhousemuir No.1 v Roamers - The Roamers were a scratch lot, and included Stoddart (ES) and Clarkson (Stenhousemuir). The "Warriors" had no difficulty in disposing of this lot, winning by 2 goals 1 point to 0.
East Stirlingshire No.1 v Abercorn - Abercorn had some splendid opportunities in the first half, but they failed to take advantage of them. On the restart Alexander made away up the field and finished with a lovely goal, followed by a point before time from the same player.
Windsor v Stenhousemuir No.2 - The Muir's second lot were Gillespie (Denny), Duff (Alloa), Thomson, McInnes, and Marshall (King's Park). After a drawn game Stenhousemuir got into the third round by 1 goal 1 point to 0.
Carron Rangers, St Mirren and ES No.2 walked over, Clackmannan No.2, Grangemouth and Corithians failing to turn up.

Third Round

East Stirlingshire No.2 v Gairdoch - E.S. opened well, and Brock put in some splendid work, but failed to score, and the game ended in a draw. Other two drawn games were played, but in the fourth game Smith secured a point, but Brock, with a long shot scored a goal, E.S. winning by 1 goal to 1 point.
Stenhousemuir No.1 v Carron Thistle - Stenhousemuir took matters easily, and won by three goals to 0. Cochrane and Duncan (Gairdoch) played well for the Thistle.
East Stirlingshire No.1 v Albion Rovers - Kennedy was called upon to save from the very start, and the Rovers managed to score 2 goals to their opponents 1.
Stenhousemuir No.2 v St Mirren - St Mirren had this tie easily, winning by 2 goals to 1 point.


St Mirren v Albion Rovers - Albion Rovers opened well. They played better every tie, and made strenouos  efforts to get into the final, but after a drawn game of one each the Rovers appeared fagged, St Mirren running out winners in the re-play by 3 goals to 1.
East Stirlingshire No2 v Stenhousemuir No.1 - This tie was very shortly begun when Scott put E.S. on the lead by scoring a goal. Stenhousemuir returned and scored. The referee awarded a goal, but E.S. maintained that it was only a point. After a long dispute it was ultimately decided to re-start the game. Not long after the re-start Brown shot. The referee awarded a point, but E.S. again claimed that it went past the side. The referee stuck to his decision, and E.S. left the field.


St Mirren v Stenhousemuir No.1 - The Saints pressed at the outset, but Reid relieved, and ran the ball well up the field, but his parting shot went over the goal. Another run by Reid resulted in Brown scoring. Scott saved splendidly, and half-time resulted with the "Muir" leading by 1-0. Keeping up the pressure in the second half the home lot had numerous chances, but nothing was gained. The Saints pressed towards the finish but the score remained unaltered. Result - Stenhousemuir No.1 1 goal ; St Mirren 0."

Interestingly both The Falkirk Herald & The Falkirk Mail printed Carron Rangers then Carron Thistle in their articles, I can not be sure which is the correct name.

For all those out there who claim that things are not like they used to be I would just like to quote the following from the Falkirk Mail's Athletic Gossip -

"There have been some complaints regarding the foul language that was heard around the ropes. I heard it on all sides, and as did also some of the committee, who, if they had done the right thing, would have shown the offenders to the outside of the field."

Well what can I say, people swore at the  football then, as they do now, people complained then as they do now, get over it!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

East Stirlingshire 1890/91

Sterling work [or luck] by the folk over there at 'Shire Towers in coming across a long lost picture of one of the mighty Zebra teams from the 19th Century, especially for me as it includes two former Falkirk players [Michael Harley & John Mercer] of whom I had no pictures, my only surprise was there were only two players that played for both teams in the picture [Michael's wee brother Tom was with the ES for example]. During this era, I doubt if I have ever come across a team pic from either club that did not have at least one player who had played for both teams.

NB - After posting this, I noticed the picture also included Harry Reid [who played in 4 friendlies for Falkirk FC, so I am slightly happier].

However the best [and often most annoying] thing about images of football players is their strips. Until you look at it closely few things are obvious. Then look at Johnnie Mercer ..... The only thing that gives him away as a goalkeeper is a slight variance in the collar of his shirt. Then look at their shorts, never mind that they are knee-length, that is just fashion, the first thing that struck me is that they all have pockets!! Of course, there would be no major dealers in football strips, so apart from the shirts, the players would doubtless be wearing converted workwear. The third part of the strip which to me was conspicuous, is striking by its absence. Apart from a couple of players, and then only just, I cannot see a pair of socks: stockings made up part of the club colours which were listed in the SFA Annuals of the time! Never mind the fact that it is now against the laws to wear shin-pads over the socks.

Finally, a couple of little things for the purists, the fad for wearing caps was ebbing away, apart from Archie Ritchie rightly showing off his newly earned Scotland Cap, only Kadie is wearing a cap, yet several could have worn their Stirlingshire caps. There is no club insignia anywhere, in fact apart from things that only a fan or a historian could have known, there is no way of knowing which club it is and when it was taken! Finally, who is the Captain? I am guessing David Alexander, not because he is front and centre [he was a Centre-Forward after all] but because of his proximity to the ball, but that is still just a guess.

Read more over at the official East Stirlingshire Website.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Stirlingshire Coronation Tournament 1902

In 1902 the Stirlingshire FA organised a seperate Competition on the same lines as the Stirlingshire Cup, It seems to have been in part to celebrate the Coronation, however the proceeds were given to the Ibrox Disaster Fund. I have never found an official name for this competition, so I made up the name above.

The ccup was rather hastily arranged, so the first round was a bit of a disaster, only two games taking place, both between Alloa Athletic & Falkirk, both draws leading Falkirk to withdraw [we had just joined the League and had more important fixtures to fulfill], in the other ties King's Park scratched to East Stirlingshire and Falkirk Amateurs scratched to Stenhousemuir.

At least the Semi-Finals were competed, with East Stirlingshire beating Camelon by a single goal and Stenhousemuir beating Alloa by 3-1 in Alloa.

So for the the big [semi] local final, naw, it was a drab affair by all accounts, ESFC again winning by the only goal of the match, but then again that it is all it takes.

So, in the summing up of all mankind at the end of times, at least ESFC will be able to meet their maker in the eye and say "We were the one and only winner of the Stirlingshire Coronation Tournament" [or whatever it was officially called].

I have put the results on Brian McColl's brilliant Scottish Football Historical Archive site.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Falkirk at Merchiston Park, 1904

I remember going to an East Stirlingshire v Clydebank match at Brockville Park in the early 1980s due to there being a problem with Shire central, it is interesting to watch League matches at neutral venues, there is an unnatural feel about them, none of the vie wing public being completely at home; and the odd neutral [like I was] being unfamiliar with both teams.

Of course games like this used pop up every so often, but they were mainly to do with the ground being used for another match, and nowadays would be more likely to cause a postponement than moving to another ground.

But the match brought to mind reading about an Abercorn v Falkirk match which was played at the home of East Stirlingshire, Merchiston Park on the 3rd May 1904.

Completely different circumstances of course and in this case it was technically an Abercorn home match, but it is close enough to bring a wry smile to my face.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

East Stirlingshire Ancients 1893

Not even fifteen years after their birth East Stirlingshire were old enough to be fielding an ancients side, and a bloody good one at that. In 1893 they put out a side which thumped their contemporaries from Stirling. Most of the team, it has to be said, were not long retired from the first eleven. But who am I to argue with History.

On Friday May 5th 1893 East Stirlingshire Ancients beat King's Park Ancients by 5 goals to 2 at Merchiston Pk, Bainsford

ES - James Dougall; Allan Rae & Peter Mitchell; Andrew Inch, Henry Brand & Robert Johnston; Robert Wilson & Peter McGregor, Lawrence McLachlan, John Taylor & Alexander Cockburn.

KP - W.Armstrong; T.W.R.Johnston & Robert Wilson; Wm Muir, Wm Morrison & Wm Miller; B.Taylor & John Gray, Wm McLay, John McLaren & McQueen.

Strangely in all my time I have never come across an East Stirlinjgshire Ancients v Falkirk Ancients match, except for the 10th Anniversary match of the first Stirlingshire Cup, but that was meant to be between the same players, so is not quite the same thing.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Arsenal v East Stirlingshire 22nd Feb 1896

Among my many faults, not only do I follow Falkirk Football Club, but am also a bit of a Gooner! So I can say without doubt that I am sooo jealous of this match! The world has so chnged in the last 100+ plus years that it makes it seem bizarre, or even ridiculous, but in February 1896 the Zebras went south to take on the soon to be mighty Arsenal.

Like I said: Jealous!!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Great Unspoken

If you listen really carefully, I mean very hard: block out all that white noise nonsense coming from Glasgow and the media in general, you can sometimes hear a slight murmuring. Only occasionally and usually from people who do not have a clue and who should quite frankly keep quiet and keep their own nonsense to themselves.

I am talking about the preposterous notion that Falkirk Fc are the protestant club of the area and that East Stirlingshire FC are the catholic club. I can never understand how this idea arose and can never see anything upon which it could be based. Such fripperies as church were not included on the census, so it is meaningless to look there, as name, age, address & profession are no way in which to judge a person's faith.

From what we know of the early days of the two clubs we can assume little: but we can tell that the originators and early leading lights of Falkirk FC seemed to come from a largely middle-class background [office clerks, retailers, service professionals] mixed a lesser number of working class members, whereas with East Stirlingshire it was the reverse, the club being mainly made up of working men [for the most part foundry workers] with an element of middle class enthusiasts.

This slight difference in social strata looks on first sight as if it might have something, but it again is profoundly misleading. To take Falkirk FC as being more middle class and East Stirlingshire as more working class is to infer patterns into raw data and take it as significant. It is not, it merely shows a far more important underlying factor - Location, Location, Location.

Every good 'shire fan knows his/her club belongs to Bainsford, and for their club to play in Falkirk [or even worse in Stenhousemuir] is as bad as Falkirk playing in Grangemouth [get over it, Westfield is over the border]; neither set of fans is 100% happy with it.

And this is the true difference between the clubs, location: with location comes demographics. In 1880 the town of Bainsford was in the same place [slightly smaller] it was built in between the River Carron and the Forth & Clyde Canal, in other words it was between the massive Carron Iron Works and the many foundries on the banks of the canal [Abbots, Gowanbank, Grahamston etc]. So of course a team from Bainsford was mainly made up of foundrymen, most of Bainsford was foundrymen. On the other hand there was a larger number of middle class people living in Falkirk, while at the same time there were many people working in those very same foundries.

None of this implies any sectarian divide, and having spoken to many a 'shire fan there seems to be no basis for it throughout the clubs histories. But most damning of all, it subtly ignores one salient yet rarely considered point. If Falkirk and East Stirlingshire were on either side of that divide, then why did a group of Falkirk youths in the mid 1880s feel the need to form their own "Irish" club, the short-lived Falkirk Harp? I like to think it is because we have better things to think about than where other clubs' fans choose to worship:

*fingers crossed*

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

East Stirlingshire v Falkirk - Stirlingshire Cup Final 1888

When writing this blog, I have prided myself on two things, I like to stray from the topic of Falkirk FC [perhaps not often enough, but I am a bairn!], and I never shy away from parts of Falkirk's less than glorious past. To put it frankly some of the stuff I have had to read in researching the past has made me cringe.

This post is about a Stirlingshire Cup match, way back in the mists of time when the individual county cup competitions were second only to the Scottish Cup itself [the league was still a couple of years away]. And this match in particular is horrible to read.

I still regard the Falkirk v East Stirlingshire match as the true derby, yes, the Fifers are bitter rivals, but it is not a 'derby'. I have often alluded to the fact that once upon a time, the upper hand on the football field was in Bainsford, and this is one of those matches at a time when ESFC had a stunning line up and Falkirk's was so-so.

The team Falkirk put out on this day was a strong team in local circles, it had managed to get to the final after all, but on Saturday the 31st of March they came up against an East Stirlingshire that were flying.

Falkirk Herald - Sat Apr 7th 1888



Camelon was invaded by almost 3000 football enthusiasts on Saturday last, the occasion being the final tie between East Stirlingshire and Falkirk for the possession of the handsome cup of the Stirlingshire Football Association. From about three o'clock the spectators continued to arrived in a continuous stream up till the hour of starting, four o'clock. During the time of assembling a sharp shower of hail fell, but it had no material effect on the ground, which was in excellent order; and during the game the weather was excellent. There was a slight breeze blowing along the ground from the north. The teams stripped in Falkirk, and drove out to the ground in brakes, and appeared slightly before the advertised time, East Stirlingshire, who appeared to be the favourites leading the way. The following were the teams :- East Stirlingshire - Goal, R.Sharp; backs, R.Wilson and D.Doyle; half-backs, A.Inch, W.Kadie & R.Johnston; forwards- right, J.Stewart and D.Kirkwood; centre, L.McLauchlan; left, H.Simpson and W.Dunn. Falkirk - Goal, J.Mitchell; backs, J.Liddle and M.Harley; half-backs, T.Bellingham, Wallace and W.Law; forwards- right, A.Stark and T.Donnelly; centre, Sinclair; left, W.Hamilton and J.McDonald. Mr Sneddon and Mr Watts were umpires; and Mr George Sneddon, referee- all gentlemen of the Edinburgh Association. The spin of the coin between McLauchlan and Harley was in favour of the former, and he decided to defend the railway goal, having the breeze in his team's favour. After being cautioned by the referee, the teams took up their positions.

Sinclair started the game by a long kick, which Inch attempted to return over his head, but failed. Wilson, returned the ball, however, and Stewart ran it into touch. Falkirk were the first to have a try at goal, as, after a struggle near the corner flag, the ball was sent over the goal-line. stewart repeated this at the otherend immediately after. After the kick from goal, Dunngot the ball and passed it over to McLauchlan, and then Stewart got it, and the latter tried a shot which went across the goal, and striking the inside of the post, bounded through - the firstgoal being scored amidst loud cheering. From the kick-off, a little midfield play was indulged in, and then Donnelly tried a long drooping shot which landed on the E.S. cross-bar, and bounded over. The ball was then carried to the Falkirk end where a fruitless corner was obtained, and several times sent wide. Falkirk hadthe ball near the midfield line when "hands" was given against them. Doyle undertook the kick, and landed the ball beautifully into goal, where, in a scrimmage, Dunn was credited with scoring a second goal for E.S. - the game only about 8 minutes old. Again the E.S. were back at the Falkirk goal, and it had a narrow shave from downfall, the ball being in the centre of a knot of players a yard from the line. Then a little even play followed for a few minutes, during which Falkirk played a flying visit to Sharp, but the shot was wide of the mark. Doyle then roused a cheer by a long shot he sent infrom midfield sailing through the Falkirk goal, Mitchell failing in his attempt to stop it. Time 15 minutes. "Hand" was given against Inch in midfield, and this helped Falkirk to keep the play in E.S. ground for a short time, but nothing occurred, and the ball was again back at the Falkirk goal, where, after a scrimmage, Liddle conceded a corner, and before it was cleared Harley had to concede another which was well placed - Dunn just grazing the post. Not to be denied, however, E.S. kept at it, and mcLauchlan with a high swift shot beat the Falkirk defence for the fourth time. Before half-an-hour of the game had gone, a throw-in near the Falkirk goal fell to the E.S., and from it Inch passed the ball to McLauchlan, and the latter had it through the Falkirk goal for the fifth time before Mitchell could make a movement to stop it. The Falkirk was more successful, however, a minute after, with a shot which Stewart tried. The Falkirk right wing got a pass from McDonald, and made some progress. when nearing goal Donnelly tried a shot which Doyle, in attempting to return, was near sending through his own goal, the ball just going over the bar at the opposite end to that at which Sharp was at the time standing. the corner-kick was well placed, but it was headed behind. E.S. got another corner from the run up after the goal-kick, which dunn undertook, and Mitchell had to fist a shot. A free kick fell to Falkirk, and they transferred the ball to the E.S. half where it remained for a couple of minutes, but the backs could not be beat, and Falkirk were called on to defend. The remaining five minutes were even,during which Falkirk got a corner which was well placed, but Wilson cleared. Three times E.S. sent the ball past the side of the Falkirk goal, and matters looked dangerous for Falkirk, when a foul was given against them near their own goal, but it too was sent wide. Half-time was called with the ball near midfield and the score standing :- East Stirlingshire 5 goals; Falkirk 0.

After the customary interval, the sound of Mr Sneddon's whistle caused the players to again take up their positions. McLauchlan started the leather, and the E.S. right wing made off down the field, but they were stopped near goal, and the ball returned. Kadie got it, but his attempt was too high. Stark & Donnelly were having a run up when Doyle brought them to a stop, and entrusted the ball to Simpson and Dunn, who, when near goal, sent the leather over to Kirkwood, and the latter scored goal No. 6 for the E.S. Falkirk were up near the E.S. goal ere they were brought to a stop, and the ball carried into the Falkirk ground, where, after Inch had an unsuccessful shot, Kirkwood had a try, which, like Donnelly's in the first half for Falkirk,landed on the cross-bar and bounded over. Unlike Sharp, however, Mitchell did not appear to think it was so dangerous, and was standing quite cool. the Falkirk defence was severely taxed, Liddle doing yoeman service in heading out the ball in the scrimmaging. A corner was conceded the E.E., and before the pressure had been relieved, Kirkwood made a cross to Dunn who scored the seventh point. Falkirk were up three-quarter field, when a mis-kick by Johnston let in Sinclair, but before he could get placed for shooting he was tackled. Afterwards Law sent the ball wide. Simpson was next noticable by a single-handed run down the centre past several men, and with the assistance of Stewart and McLauchlan, Dunn got the ball near the Falkirk goal, and scored No. 8. The E.S. again visited Falkirk end, but had to return fruitless, and a somewhat long shot was sent into Sharp (the first he had got to save during the game), and which he had no difficulty in kicking out. The E.S. got on the ball, and forced a corner at the Falkirk end, which came to nothing. Two "hands" in quick succession brought Falkirk up the field, but McLauchlan nullified these by a run past the Falkirk backs. He was hard pressed by Liddle, but not withstanding he had a shot which Mitchell kicked out. E.S. had another unfruitful corner, and then the ball was sent past each end. McLauchlan and Kirkwood then had achance each, but were very wide of the mark. Falkirk right wing then made off with the ball, and when within the E.S. ground, a little roughness between some of the players was exchanged which roused the feelings of the spectators somewhat, and Sharp had to return a shot. Dunn made off with the ball, and Liddle gave a corner which was unsuccessful. Falkirk then for a time had the better of the play, and several times sent the ball wide. During this time a foul was given against Stark for tripping Johnston, and one against Dunn for a charge behind. Doyle had to concede a corner, which was cleared, and when Stark was on the ball in midfield, Doyle attempted to stop him, and in the referee's opinion tripped him, for which Falkirk were granted a free kick. Harley sent the ball well into goal, and Sharp, in saving, ran more than the regulation distance with the ball in his hands. The referee granted a free kick about three yards from goal for this. In the melee Inch fouled the ball nearer the centre of the goal, and again a scrimmage was formed, during which the ball was forced through. This success was recieved with cheers by the Falkirk supporters, but E.S. appealed. Mr Sneddon ordered all the players back, and, after consultation with the umpires gave E.S. a goal kick, on the ground that Sinclair pushed the ball through with his hand. The E.S. then ran the ball down the field, and, after Mitchell had saved, Kirkwood scored the ninth goal after some good work between him and Stewart. This occurred close on time, and maintaining their supremacy to the end, East Stirlingshire won the Stirlingshire Cup for the third year in succession this time by a large majority of 9 goals to 0.

On Leaving the field there was a great hand-shaking between the winners and their admirers, but the vast assemblage, on the whole, conducted themselves in a very orderly manner."


About 7 0'clock in the evening the two teams sat down to tea in the Crown Hotel, under the presidency of Mr James Wilson of Bantaskin (in the unavoidable absence of Mr T.D.Brodie of Gairdoch). The chairman was accompanied by Mr Mitchell of Millfield, Baillie Young, Mr John Reid secretary of the Stirlingshire Association; and the referee and the umpires of that day's match. Mr R.Bishop, vice-president of the S.F.A., acted as croupier, and the other members of committee were also present, after an excellent tea.

The Chairman proposed the loyal toasts, and Mr Mitchell of Millfield, proposed "The Army, Navy, and Armed Forces,"to which Sergeant Grey (King's Park) replied.

The Chairman then proceeded to present the cup to the winners, the East Stirlingshire team. Before doing so he regretted the absence of Mr Brodie, who had shown he had a lively interest in football, especially in the Falkirk and East Stirlingshire clubs. He acknowledged that he was in a very peculiar position, being president of the Falkirk club. At the same time he was proud of the Falkirk Club - (applause) - who had played an uphill game that day, and yet not a man deserted his post. He had the honour of being a custodian of the cup one year; and he was wondering when it was coming back (laughter). Baillie Young had got the cup at Camelon. He (Mr Wilson) had seen many cups, and, with the exception of the Eglinton Race Cup, he had not seen one better and more handsome than the one before him, which reflected credit on the association who possessed it, and also on the designer. The East Stirlingshire club, who had that day won the County Cup for the third time, was formed in the month of October 1880, so that it had only been in existence for a period of little more than seven years, and it spoke volumes for the energy and vitality of its members, who had raised it to the position which it at present occupied. The season now drawing to a close had been a remarkably good one for the East Stirlingshire club. Their 1st XI had a record which few clubs could equal and still fewer surpass. Including that day's game, 36 matches had been played, of which 26 were won, 5 were drawn, and 5 lost, 161 goals having been scored by the team and only 49 goals scored against them. Seventeen games were played with Stirlingshire clubs, 16 being won by the Bainsford team, and the other one drawn. In these games 101 goals were scored by the East Stirlingshire club and only 15 were scored against them, so that it was only fitting that a team which had gone through the season and earned such a record, should win the championship of their county. In the course of the competitionj for the cup, the winners had a fair share of the hard nuts to crack, having had to dispose of the Camelon, Stirling, Campsie and Falkirk clubs ere they reached their present position. In this competition they had won 32 goals and lost 6 goals. Mr Wilson said he had very great pleasure in handing over the cup to the custody of Baillie Young, the president of East Stirlingshire. The defeat that day, he hoped would stimulate the Falkirk club to greater exertion to win it back.

Baillie Young replied in a few words.

Mr Wilson then proposed "The Winning Team", to which Mr McLauchlan replied.

Mr John Reid proposed "The Defeated Clubs", coupled with the name of Mr Bishop, Falkirk, who said he did not know how the other clubs took their defeat in the competition, but the Falkirk club would take their defeat very ill that day. He hoped, as the teams were to meet shortly in the Charity ties, that the result would then be closer. He thought one of the drawbacks was a want of enthusiasm amongst the working officials of the Falkirk club.

The other toasts were :- "The Referee and Umpires", proposed by Mr Gray (King's Park), replied to by Mr Sneddon; "The Stirlingshire Football Association", proposed by Mr F.Watt, secretary, Edinburgh Association, and replied to by Mr Bishop; "The Chairman", "The Croupier", &c.

The proceedings were brought to a close shortly after nine o'clock by the singing of "Auld Lang Syne". During the evening several songs tended to enliven the harmony of the meeting."

Stirlingshire Athletic Notes - by Scrutator

"The destination of the Stirlingshire Cup, with all its attendant anxiety and excitement to some, has again been decided for another year, and for the third year in succession East Stirlingshire have secured the championship. When I hazarded the opinion that East Stirlingshire would win by a few goals, I hardly expected a difference of 9 goals to 0. This is the third time East Stirlingshire and Falkirk have met in the final for the county cup, and of all the matches this has been the most one-sided. Falkirk were never in the hunt, and were beaten at all points. Mitchell, the Falkirk custodian, is receiving a large share of the blame from his club supporters - in fact, I think he is getting more than he is entitled to. He did not get in the way of the ball so often as I have seen him; but, with perhaps the exception of one on Saturday, he was not in a position to save any of the points scored against him. Harley and Liddle played well at back. The half-back line was the poorest display, although it can't be said they played any worse than usual. Law was doing away fairly well at first, but as the game progressed he was not able to catch the E.S. right wing if they passed him; and thus the greater strain was put on Harley. Stark and Donnelly were the best of the forwards; but, as a rule, Johnston and Doyle robbed them of the ball before they made much progress. Sinclair was very slack; and as for Hamilton, he was hardly ever on the ball the whole time. Macdonald, when he got the ball, usually tried to centre a long way in front. Sharp, for the E.S., only had some three or four shots to save all day, so that he can hardly be said to have saved his team from defeat. Doyle, at back, played one of his best games, his kicking being powerful and judicious. Wilson was not far behind him till near the close, when he kicked very badly. Johnston was the best and hardest working of the half-backs, although this does not disparage the play of the other two in the least. The forwards showed good combination, which was the article required last Saturday. They all scored with the exception of Simpson, who, on such an important occasion, played as well as his neighbours. The right wing combination was tricky as usual. "Laurie", while leading the wings well, did not appear to greatly exert himself, though he did his work neatly. If I could spot any one who played a single handed game it woud be Dunn, who caused Liddle to show his fastest pace.
The "gate" amounted to £51 4s 3d, which is about £3 less than the same occasion last year. To look at the crowd one would have thought there would have been as many. the shouting was mainly on the one side, though there was a "p├Žan of joy" went up from the Falkirk supporters when the ball was put through the E.S. goal, which showed that the "bairns" were all there. I had a very enthusiastic lot behind me, one of whom was continually encoraging the E.S. to "knock off the Carron 15". He should be satisfied with 9, surely. The keen E.S. supporters were prominent with tickets in their hats. One of the happiest designs for these was one by the secretary with the figure of a cat on top of the goal-posts.
The "spread" after the match was a very good affair - not exciting, but good of its kind. East Stirlingshire came in for a good deal of laudation all round.
Bainsford was in a lively state till late in the evening, when fireworks were set off. when a rocket burst "Pullar" says he counted nine falling stars, and then there was - nothing. The Carron Band also stopped on its way home from a concert.
The rejoicings were continued on Monday evening at the "smoker" in Bainsford, when there was an attendance which filled the hall. Both the cups were on the table, and the meeting was most enthusiastic. The singing was exceptionally good, and the sentiment of "The Team" was recieved with musical honours, the Falkirk Iron Works Band, which was present, playing "The Conquering Hero".

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Firs Park 1928

The home of the 'Shire for so many a season, Firs Park was always an interesting ground [the last time I was there was for an ESFC v QP match a couple of years ago] it has the famous 'wall'.

Anyway, an 'associate' Alan McCabe put me on to this website 'Britain from Above' where I found a pic of Firs Park from 1928. [top-left]

Original here

For those who do not know, East Stirlingshire had only relatively recently moved into this ground, their spiritual home "Merchiston Park' no longer in use. Previously Firs Park was used by Junior Clubs big enough to pay for its upkeep [most Minor/Junior/Juvenile clubs played on Victoria Park just round the corner].

This explains why the ground doesn't look particularly like a League Ground, over the years it got developed. It is still there, but no longer used, for the reasons you would have to ask shirey people ....

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Reading Beyond the Sports Columns Pt II

Apropos yesterdays post about East Stirlingshire players/fans beating up defenceless people as is their nature, I came across this too.

Of course I can hear people saying that Thomas was also a Falkirk FC player, but I counter that by saying he only played a handful of games for Falkirk when he played for many a season in the Black & White.

Thomas McCall looking guilty in the Black & White of the 'Shire.

Besides, no proper Falkirk player would beat up an "imbecile" whilst too drunk to remember, would they?

Reading beyond the Sporting Columns

I must admit, when researching the game in the past, when it is a paper I know well, for example the Falkirk Herald I often skip most of the paper, I read the sports columns, and I read the local news. I know I should read every line of both the Saturday and Wednesday Editions [as it used to be], but that takes so much time, and it makes your eyes hurt, and it makes you never want to read another paper for the rest of your life.

This gets me through seasons much more rapidly, but it means I miss a lot of little things, it also means I can not take in the game in the wider context of society, if I had more time/patience I would do so. But every so often something just catches my eye, a name I recognise, or something and I get an insight into the world of football in Falkirk beyond twenty two men chasing the leather.

Towards the end of the 1889/90 season Falkirk & East Stirlingshire were as ever in contention for the local cups on offer, and this season the two clubs were again having one of their on-off lover's tiffs and refusing to play each other in friendly matches [even though the match was always a big draw]. The first meeting of the two teams that season was to be the final of the Falkirk Cottage Hospital Shield held, as usual, at Camelon's Victoria Pk. East Stirlingshire won 5-3 and that is all I had in my notes.

Then a couple of years on looking for something else completely I just noticed a little article in the papers not in the Sports column but surrounding the game, well more the aftermath of the game. It seems that at least some of the 'Shire lads went out that night to celebrate their victory. There is very little of concrete to go on, it would seem [to my biased eyes] that in their revelry four "shireites" [at least two of them [Thomas Dunn & Andrew inches] seem to have been ESFC players] having lost an argument on the relative merits of the two teams with a single Falkirk fan decided to beat the crap out of him. What else do you expect from Bainsford?

Whether Andrew Inches was ESFC's legendary half or not I can't say, but it is not a common name ... and there is a problem with the change of name from Dunn to Burns in the two reports so it might not have been the Thomas Dunn. Millar/Miller and Chestnut I do not know, but they may have been in the reserves .... and, of course Falkirk had a forward called Nimmo at the time...

All in all I think we should just learn the lesson not to be around the same pub the next time ESFC win something, just to make sure.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Andrew Prentice

Andrew Prentice was a stalwart of the East Stirlingshire Half-Back line at the turn of the 19th-20th Centuries, he was helped in no little way by the fact that he was accompanied by those other 'Shire perennials Thomas Fish and Peter Steele. But he might just have become a Falkirk player....

Andrew grew up on the 'Shire's home patch, his mother was in the employ of the Merchiston Hall Gardens [roughly somewhere on the grounds of St Mungo's Secondary School], and this is where the family are listed in the 1881 census. However he played his juvenile football for Falkirk sides and this is where Falkirk got most of their young locals, but upon progressing to junior football he moved definitively into the East Stirlingshire sphere of influence.

He joined Vale of Carron who were based in Carron. True they were a very successful junior team in their own right, but most importantly it was virtually East stirlingshire's nursery club. The two teams had a very close bond, Vale played their home matches at Merchiston Park whenever it was available [in the same way Falkirk had relations with Falkirk Exselsior & Falkirk Hawthorn and later Falkirk Juniors].

Of course, Andrew might have been a Zebra himself, or perhaps he had just been looking at the results and the Silverware won by the two clubs and decided on which side his bread would best be buttered. There is no getting away from the fact that until Falkirk's promotion to Division 1 in 1905 East Stirlingshire were seen as by far the bigger & more successful club in the District.

But strangely enough, before Andrew became a regular down Bainsford way he actually made his debut in senior club football for Falkirk FC, he only played the once in a friendly at Stenhousemuir. Perhaps he was giving Falkirk a trial than the other way around, if he was, then Falkirk failed miserably. Falkirk were going through they all too common reorganisations on-field [trying to replace players pilfered by bigger clubs by local juniors] an quite simply the side Falkirk put out on that Monday Afternoon in Stenhousemuir were cuffed. It is a hideous sight to this day - Stenhousemuir 8 Falkirk 2.

It is no surprise he soon signed pro forms with East Stirlingshire, and stayed with them for nearly a decade, probably never looking back. Last laugh to Falkirk though, a couple of seasons later Falkirk 'pinched' "Punkie" Reid from the Vale a couple of season's later, but more on him another time.

NB - I recently stumbled across his grave in Camelon Cemetery

Andrew Prentice

b c1875
d 10th Jun 1931, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Falkirk Debut – Monday August 17th 1896 v Stenhousemuir (A) Friendly
East Stirlingshire Debut - Saturday November 28th 1896 v Royal Albert (H) Scottish Combination

Known Matches

Scottish League Division 2 Matches/Goals [107/1]
Scottish Cup Matches/Goals [16/-]
Scottish Qualifying Cup Matches/Goals [28/1]
Minor League Matches/Goals [68/1]
Minor Cup Matches/Goals [20/-]
Other Matches/Goals [39/2]
Total Matches/Goals [278/5]

Known Career – Falkirk Alert, Falkirk Northern, Vale of Carron, Falkirk [1896/97], East Stirlingshire [1896/97-1904/05]

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Falkirk District Clubs 1900/01

We are all used to seeing the previews of the up and coming season in our press, this of course is nothing new. Way back in the day these were as popular [if not as lengthy] as they are today.

Way back at the start of the last century there was an article in the Evening Telegragh giving a brief sketch on the clubs in Scotland and what they were up to for the new season. The big difference for the clubs in Falkirk District was that there were five clubs included then instead of the modern three.

First up, of course, were East Stirlingshire, as the biggest and most successful team in the district they got the biggest article [and a player pic]. East Stirling though going through what was relatively their strongest era tended to overstretch themselves, playing far too many competitive matches in the season, this was of course partly due to being good in local cups, partly joining new leagues looking for a better standard of opponent.

Stenhousemuir were reviewed next, Stenhousemuir were then as now a village team that occasionally punched above their weight, but inevitably lost their players almost as soon as they unearthed them. They were ambling along just fine competing in the local competitions and more often than not progressing far enough in the national cups to keep themselves noticed.

Falkirk were severely underperforming at this point, they had been struggling with the transition to professionalism for nearly a decade and there were strong calls from within the club for a return to amateurism [as King's Park of Stirling had recently done] costs were outstripping incomes and the [largely] Glaswegian journeymen pros had frankly not cut the mustard. Things were now turning as the club had cast its eyes upon largely local talent for the future.

Camelon FC were an enigma, as strong as the 'shire or Falkirk in their day, they suffered from the village club malaise even more than Stenhousemuir due to their closer proximity to Falkirk. They struggled mainly with keeping hold of enough players especially after the advent of professionalism, they simply could not afford to keep any of their good players for more than a season at most.

Last of all was the newest of the Falkirk District clubs, the Ams, Falkirk Amateurs were a completely different kettle of fish to the other four as they showed no inclination towards the dog eat dog world of league football. They were members of the Falkirk & District League, but as this was just a competition put on top of the already exisiting regular friendlies it hardly counts. The Ams plied away in every cup they could enter [usually not lasting very long] and friendlies.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Obscure Falkirk Matches - FFC Veterans v ESFC Veterans

Falkirk Veterans 2 East Stirlingshire Veterans 2

Played at Brockville Park, Falkirk on 17th March 1894

This match was played to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first Stirlingshire Cup Final between these two teams. It was endeavoured to regather the actual players who played in that match, but inevitably several players were unavailable so substitutes of the time filled their places.

Falkirk Veterans

Alex Turnbull - Goalkeeper
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup W 1883/84

James Liddell - Right-Back
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup W 1889/90, RU 1887/88, Falkirk District Charity Cup W 1889/90, RU 1890/91, Falkirk Infirmary Shield RU 1889/90, 1890/91

James Murphy - Left-Back
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup W 1883/84, Falkirk District Charity Cup RU 1885/86

James Balloch - Right-Half
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup W 1883/84, RU 1886/87, Falkirk District Charity Cup RU 1885/86

Robert Bishop - Centre-Half
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup W 1883/84, RU 1886/87, Falkirk District Charity Cup RU 1885/86

Henry Hendry - Left-Half
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup W 1883/84

William Ferguson - Outside-Right
Club Honours - None

Thomas Bellingham - Inside-Right
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup RU 1887/88

David Fleming - Centre-Forward
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup RU 1886/87, Falkirk District Charity Cup RU 1885/56

John McIntosh - Inside-Left
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup RU 1886/87, Falkirk District Charity Cup W 1889/90

William Hamilton.
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup W 1883/84, RU 1886/87, 1887/88, Falkirk District Charity Cup RU 1885/86

East Stirlingshire Veterans

J??? Shirra - Goalkeeper
Club Honours - None

Peter Mitchell - Right-Back
Club Honours - Stirlingshire Cup W 1885/86, 1886/87, RU 1883/84, Falkirk Charity CupW 1884/85, 1885/86, 1886/87

Thomas Williamson - Left-Back
Club Honours - Stirlingshire Cup - RU 1883/84

Andrew Inches - Right-Half
Club Honours - Stirlingshire Cup W 1885/86, 1886/87, 1887/88, 1888/89, RU 1883/84, Falkirk Charity Cup W 1884/85, 1885/86, 1886/87, RU 1888/89, 1889/90.

Robert Johnston - Centre-Half
Club Honours - Stirlingshire Cup W 1885/86, 1886/87, 1887/88, Falkirk Charity Cup W 1884/85, 18885/86, 1886/87, 1887/88

???? Law - Left-Half
Club Honours - None

Peter McGregor - Outside-Right
Club Honours - Stirlingshire Cup RU 1883/84

Harry Simpson - Inside-Right
Club Honours - Stirlingshire Cup W 1887/88, 1888/89, Falkirk Charity Cup W 1887/88

Lawrence McLachlan - Centre-Forward
Club Honours - Stirlingshire Cup W 1885/86, 1886/87, 1887/88, 1888/89, RU 1883/84 Falkirk Charity Cup - 1884/85, 1886/87, 1887/88, RU 1888/89, 1889/90

J??? Taylor - Inside-Left
Club Honours - None

Alex Cockburn - Outside-Left
Club Honours - Stirlingshire Cup RU 1883/84

Referee - J.Burns [Camelon FC]

Scorers - Falkirk Veterans [W.Hamilton [20], J.McIntosh [67]] - East Stirlingshire Veterans [L.McLachlan [65], ?.Law [8?]]

Notes -
Attendance - 250+ [£6+ was taken at the gate [3d entry]]

Monday, 8 July 2013

East Stirlingshire & Falkirk players to 1946/47

This is my attempt to put together a list of all the players who have played for the two League Clubs in Falkirk up the the Second World War [though it must be noted that neither club plays within the confines of Falkirk anymore, ESFC sharing with Stenhousemuir, whereas the Falkirk Stadium is about 150 meters over the border into Grangemouth]. The two clubs have had a strained relationship over the years, from the period c1880-c1885 when ESFC were newcomers and Falkirk treated them with a certain level of disdain, from c1885-c1900 when East Stirling under the leadership of Lawrie McLachlan and backed up with Thomas Dunn, Andrew Inches et al, became the dominant force in football in Stirlingshire. This was reverted when Falkirk joined Division 1 in 1905 and had held a slightly dominant position since [though this claim is tenuous, because Falkirk FC have had some very lean spells]. For example the first game I ever remember was a 3-0 from East Stirlingshire in 1980, just after both clubs had been promoted from the Second Division.

I personally have a bit of a soft spot for the 'Shirey-Pirey', and wished that they still played in their spiritual home of Bainsford, but economics rule, right?

We generally get a derby in the Stirlingshire Cup, but I look forward to all East Stirlingshire/Falkirk matches.

The following list is probably incomplete, several players with the same name played for both clubs, but I am unsure if they were the same person, also I might have mistaken players to be the same person who may have been different people] I have tried my best to resolve any issues, but I am fallible. There are probably many mistakes in the following list, please forgive me.

Players who played for both East Stirlingshire FC & Falkirk FC 1877/78-1946/47

James Adam

b Unknown
d Unknown

Position – Goalkeeper
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1904/05-1905/06], Queen's Park [1905/06-1911/12], Falkirk [1912/13]

William Adams

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Half
Known Career – Grange Rovers, Falkirk [1914/15], East Stirlingshire [1921/22-1922/23]

James Allan

b c1888
d 12th November 1980, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Left-Half, Left-Back
Known Career – Petershill, Leith Athletic [1902/03-1906/07, 1909/10], East Stirlingshire [1909/10-1912/13], Falkirk [1910/11-1913/14]

b Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Goalkeeper
Known Career – Woodbine Rovers, Vale of Carron, East Stirlingshire [1900/01-1900/01], Falkirk [1900/01-1903/04 ],
Rangers [1903/04-1904/05], Albion Rovers [1904/05-1905/06], Falkirk [1906/07-1907/08 ], Hibernian [1907/08-1916/17], Falkirk [1915/16-
1917/18], Clackmannan [1918/19], Falkirk [1919/20-1920/21], Stenhousemuir [1921/22]

Thomas Baird

b c1883
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Right, Outside-Right, Outside-Left
Known Career – Dunipace, Denny Athletic, Falkirk [1899/00], Stenhousemuir [1900/01-1901/02], East Stirlingshire [1901/02-1909/10]

Robert Bernard

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Goalkeeper
Known Career – Linlithgow Rose, Bo'ness [1906/07], Falkirk [1906/07], East Fife [1906/07],
Dundee [1907/08-1919/10], East Stirlingshire [1909/10-1911/12], Reading [1912/13], East Fife [1913/14]

John Boyne

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Right
Known Career – Johnstone [1902/03], Falkirk [1902/03-1903/04], Alloa Athletic?, Morton [1908/09-1909/10], Johnstone [1908/09], East Stirlingshire
[1909/10-1912/13], Johnstone [1912/13]

William 'Choco' Brown

b 1913
d 24th April 1986

Positions – Right-Half, Right-Back
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1933/34-1937/38], Falkirk [1937/38-1941/42], Dunfermline Athletic [1939/40, 1942/43], East Fife [1941/42]

Robert Bryce

b 17th November 1904, Grangemouth, Stirlingshire
d c1970

Positions – Outside-Right
Known Career – Grange Rovers, Falkirk [1923/24-1924/25], East Stirlingshire [1925/26], Stenhousemuir [1925/26], Bournemouth [1928/29-1929/30], Luton Town [1930/31-1931/32], King's Park [1932/33-1935/36], Raith Rovers [1936/37]

James Caldwell

b 9th January 1884, Carronshore, Stirlingshire
d 8th April 1955, Alva, Clackmannanshire

Positions – Goalkeeper
Known Career – Carron Thistle, Dunipace, Falkirk [1905/06], East Stirlingshire [1907/08], Tottenham Hotspur [1908/09], Reading [1911/12], Everton [1912/13], Arsenal [1913/14], Alloa Athletic [1921/22-1922/23], East Stirlingshire [1922/23]

Malcolm Campbell

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Half, Inside-Right, Inside-Left
Known Career – Stenhousemuir [1921/22-1923/24], Falkirk [1923/24-1924/25], Dundee United [1925/26-1927/28], East
Stirlingshire [1928/29]

Robert Corrance

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Half
Known Career – Margate, East Stirlingshire [1935/36], Falkirk [1936/37], Albion Rovers [1937/38]

Robert Davis

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Forward
Known Career – Falkirk [1924/25-1925/26], East Stirlingshire [1926/27], Broxburn United [1926/27]

Ebenezer Docherty

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Forward
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1921/22-1929/30], Vale of Leven [1923/24], Falkirk [1926/27], Stenhousemuir [1929/30]

Robert Duff

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Goalkeeper
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1914/15], Falkirk [1915/16]

William Fleming

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Left
Known Career – Scottish Dyes, Falkirk [1936/37-1938/39], East Fife [1939/40-1947/48], Stenhousemuir [1939/40, 1946/47], East Stirlingshire [1948/49]

James Gardiner

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left
Known Career – Grahamston, Grangemouth [1887/88], Falkirk [1887/88], East Stirlingshire [1888/89], Grangemouth [1891/92-1893/94]

Charles Garland

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left
Known Career – Montrose [1931/32-1932/33], Falkirk [1932/33], Dunfermline Athletic [1933/34-1935/36], Cowdenbeath [1934/35], East Stirlingshire [1935/36], King's Park [1936/37]

b 18th July 1855, Eastwood, Renfrewshire
d 16th April 1892, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Centre-Forward
Known Career – Falkirk [1880/81-1885/86]
Played for East Stirlingshire v Vale of Teith, Friendly at Merchiston Pk, Bainsford, 10th March 1883
Brother of Walter Gibson

Robert Gibson

b c1884, Alva, Clackmannanshire
d Unknown

Positions – Left-Back
Known Career – Alva Albion Rangers, Alloa Athletic [1905/06-1906/07], East Stirlingshire [1907/08], Falkirk [1907/08-1910/11], Morton [1909/10],
Reading [1911/12], Dunfermline Athletic [1911/12], King's Park [1912/13]

Walter Gibson

b 13th July 1857, Eastwood, Renfrewshire
d 9th October 1932, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Outside-Left, Inside-Left
Known Career – Falkirk [1880/81-1885/86]
Played for East Stirlingshire v King's Park, Friendly at Merchiston Pk, Bainsford, 24th November 1883
Brother of Robert Gibson

Alexander 'Ballangeich' Gillespie

b 5th January 1868, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d 17th March 1945, Rosyth, Fife

Positions – Outside-Right, Inside-Right
Known Career – Falkirk [1884/85-1889/90, 1891/92]
Played for East Stirlingshire v Port Glasgow Athletic, Friendly at Clune Pk, Port Glasgow, 6th November 1886

David Gillespie

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left
Known Career – Camelon [1893/94-1894/95], Leeds?, Falkirk [1895/96-1896/97], East Stirlingshire [1900/01-1903/04]

Robert Godfrey

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Half, Right-Half, Goalkeeper
Known Career – Kirkintilloch Rob Roy, Banknock Juniors, Falkirk [1912/13-1914/15], Stenhousemuir, Falkirk [1918/19], East Stirlingshire [1919/20-1920/21],
Bathgate [1920/21], Ayr United [1920/21], Alloa Athletic, Dumbarton [1921/22], St Bernards [1921/22], Vale of Leven [1922/23], Clackmannan [1922/23], East
Stirlingshire [1922/23]

Andrew Graham

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Half-Back
Known Career – Grangemouth [1888/89-1893/94], East Stirlingshire [1892/93], Falkirk [1892/93]

Robert Graham

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Right
Known Career – Camelon Juveniles, Laurieston Juniors, Falkirk Juniors, Falkirk [1904/05-1905/06], Cowdenbeath [1907/08], East Stirlingshire

George Hannah

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Forward, Inside-Right, Outside-Right
Known Career – Falkirk [1921/22], East Stirlingshire [1922/23]

Michael Harley

b 8th May 1866, Larbert, Stirlingshire
d 15th April 1953, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Left-Back, Right-Back
Representative Honours – Stirlingshire v Forfarshire 1886/87, v Fife 1887/88
Known Career – Carron, Falkirk [1885/86-1888/89], East Stirlingshire [1889/90-1892/93]
Brother of Thomas Harley

Thomas Harley

b 29th September 1870, Larbert, Stirlingshire
d 28th May 1897, Carron, Stirlingshire

Positions – Outside-Left, Inside-Left
Known Career – Gairdoch, Falkirk [1887/88-1888/89], East Stirlingshire [1889/90-1892/93], Carron Athletic
Brother of Michael Harley

Alexander Heeps

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Right, Centre-Forward
Known Career – Falkirk [1925/26-1928/29], Bo'ness [1927/28], Stenhousemuir [1928/29-1929/30], Bo'ness [1930/31-1932/33], Dumbarton [1932/33-1933/34], East Stirlingshire [1933/34]

Alexander Henderson

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Left-Back, Left-Half, Centre-Half
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1909/10-1913/14], Falkirk [1913/14-1919/20], Alloa Athletic [1919/20-1920/21]

John Honeyman

b 24th January 1866, Larbert, Stirlingshire
d 13th June 1943, Larbert, Stirlingshire

Positions – Forward
Known Career – Carron [1884/85], Larbert [1885/86], Gairdoch, East Stirlingshire [1885/86], Falkirk [1887/88-1888/89], Gairdoch [1891/92-

John Hotchkiss

b Carronshore, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Back
Known Career – Falkirk Juniors, Falkirk [1903/04], East Stirlingshire [1904/05-1906/07], Falkirk [1906/07], Cowdenbeath [1906/07], Leith
Athletic [1907/08-1908/09], Alloa Athletic [1909/10]

Alexander Hunter

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Left-back
Known Career – Falkirk [1921/22], East Stirlingshire [1922/23-1923/24], Armadale [1923/24]

Henry Hutchison

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Forward
Known Career – Rangers [1914/15-1919/20], Falkirk [1915/16], Hibernian [1915/16], East Stirlingshire [1916/17], Alloa Athletic [1919/20]

William Japp

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Right
Known Career – Airth Castle Rovers, Falkirk [1945/46-1946/47], East Stirlingshire [1947/48-1950/51], Ayr United [1950/51-1956/57], East Stirlingshire [1957/58], Berwick Rangers [1958/59]

James Johnston

b 25th March 1874, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d 2nd May 1935, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Right-Back
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1898/99-1905/06], Falkirk [1905/06]

Alexander Kennedy

b 7th June 1870, Whitburn, West Lothian
d Unknown

Positions – Goalkeeper
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1892/93-1894/95], Falkirk [1892/93]

James Leishman

b c1856
d 7th November 1935, Camelon, Stirlingshire

Positions – Outside-Left, Centre-Forward, Right-Back
Known Career – Falkirk [1877/78-1885/86], East Stirlingshire [1884/85]

Henry 'Cecil' Lyon

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Right
Known Career – Lochgelly United [1903/04], Falkirk [1903/04-1904/05], East Stirlingshire [1905/06], East Fife [1906/07]

David Malcolm

b 23rd September 1870, Bathgate, Linlithgowshire
d Unknown

Positions – Left-Back
Known Career – Falkirk [1888/89-1889/90], East Stirlingshire [1888/89]

Alexander Marshall

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Back, Right-Half, Centre-Half
Known Career – Stenhousemuir Juniors, Falkirk [1911/12-1915/16], East Stirlingshire [1915/16]

Angus Martin

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left
Known Career – Greenock Howitzer, Falkirk [1919/20-1920/21], East Stirlingshire [1921/22]

James 'McKenzie' Martin

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Half
Known Career – Falkirk [1920/21], East Stirlingshire [1921/22-1922-23], Clackmannan [1923/24-1925/26]

George Mason

b c1904, Grangemouth, Stirlingshire
d 3rd January 1941, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Inside Right
CKnown Career – Banknock Juniors, Falkirk [1925/26-1926/27], Dundee United [1927/28], Stranraer, Montrose, Alloa Athletic, East Stirlingshire [1931/32-1932/33], St Johnstone [1932/33-1940/41], Falkirk [1939/40-1940/41]

John Meechan

b c1910, Grangemouth, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left, Centre-Forward
Known Career – Grangemouth Sacred Heart, Maryhill Hibernian, St Mirren [1928/29-1932/33] Burnley [1933/34], Falkirk [1933/34-1934/35], Kilmarnock [1934-35], East Stirlingshire [1935/36-1936/37], St Johnstone [1937/38], Alloa Athletic [1937/38], East Stirlingshire [1937/38], Morton [1938/39], Bo'ness [1939/40], Forth Juniors, Polkemmet Juniors,
East Stirlingshire [1945/46]

George Meldrum

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Right, Inside-Left
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup RU 1920/21
Known Career – Forth Rangers, Falkirk [1919/20-1920/21], East Stirlingshire [1921/22-1922/23]

John Mercer

b 12th December 1868, Larbert, Stirlingshire
d 3rd January 1933, Larbert, Stirlingshire

Positions – Goalkeeper
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1885/86-1887/88], Carron [1885/86], Falkirk [1887/88-1888/89], East Stirlingshire [1892/93] Gairdoch

William Millar

c Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Half
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Cup RU 1913/14, Stirlingshire Consolation Cup W 1912/13
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1908/09], Rangers [1908/09-1909/10], Morton [1909/10-1910/11], Liverpool [1910/11-1911/12], East Stirlingshire [1911/12-1912/13], Stenhousemuir [1912/13], Falkirk [1913/14], Dunfermline Athletic [1914/15-1918/19], Alloa Athletic [1919/20]

David Miller

b Unknown
d September 1992, Paisley, Renfrewshire

Positions – Centre-Forward, Inside-left, Inside-Right
Known Career – Paisley YMCA, Yoker Athletic, Falkirk [1931/32-1932/33], Albion Rovers [1933/34], East Stirlingshire [1933/34], King's Park [1935/1936-1936/37], East Fife [1937/38-1938/39]

???? Miller

b Unknown
d unknown

Positions – Outside-Left, Outside-Right
Known Career – Falkirk Hawthorn, East Stirlingshire [1898/99], Falkirk [1899/00]

Adam Mitchell

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Back
Known Career – Forth Rangers, East Stirlingshire [1915/16-1922/23], Falkirk [1917/18]

Andrew Mitchell

b Unknown
d Unknown

Debut – Saturday September 2nd 1905 v Partick Thistle (A) Scottish League Division 1
Positions – Inside-Left, Centre-Forward
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1900/01-1905/06], Falkirk [1905/06-1909/10], Vale of Teith [1906/07], East Stirlingshire [1910/11-1912/13]

David Mitchell

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Left-Half, Left-Back
Known Career – Falkirk Juniors, Falkirk [1903/04-1905/06], East Stirlingshire [1905/06-1912-13]

David Mitchell

b Longcroft, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left, Outside-Right
Club Honours – Stirlingshire Consolation Cup W 1912/13
Known Career – Bainsford Amateurs, East Stirlingshire [1912/13-1913/14], Falkirk [1912/13-1913/14]

John Muir

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Left
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1912/13], St Johnstone [1913/14], Rangers [1913/14-1918/19] Cowdenbeath [1917/18] , Falkirk [1918/19]

John Muir

b 18th November 1903, Hamilton, Lanarkshire
d 29th April 1949, Hamilton, Lanarkshire

Positions – Left-Half, Centre-Half, Right-Half
Known Career – Queen of the South, Bo'ness, Broxburn United [1924/25-1925/26], Stockport County [1925/26], Queen of the South [1926/27], Dumbarton [1927/28], Armadale [1927/28-1928/29], Falkirk [1928/29-1929/30], Luton Town [1930/31], Raith Rovers [1930/31], Bristol Rovers [1930/31-1931/32], Bo'ness [1932/33], Arbroath [1932/33-1934/35], East Stirlingshire [1935/36]

b 4th October 1859, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d 28th May 1942, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Left-Back, Right-Back
Known Career – Falkirk [1879/80-1886/87], Tayavalla [1883/84], Grahamston [1885/86], Falkirk Harp [1886/87], East Stirlingshire [1887/88], Grahamston
Corinthians [1887/88].

Matthew Myles

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Half
Known Career – Wallacelea Athletic, Bo'ness?, East Stirlingshire [1896/97], Falkirk [1899/00]

Thomas McCall

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Half-back, Back, Inside-right, Outside-right, Outside-left
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1893/94-1898/99], Falkirk [1899/00]

Richard McCreadie

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Left
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1937/38], Raith Rovers [1938/39], Petershill, Falkirk [1940/41]

Thomas McDonald

b 28th December 1868, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d 28th December 1943, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Inside-Right, Outside-Right, Centre-Forward
Known Career – Black Watch [1885/86], Falkirk [1886/87-1892/93], Slamannan Rovers [1892/93], East Stirlingshire [1893/94], Falkirk [1895/96-

Hugh McDougall

b 10th September 1887, Kilmallie, Invernessshire
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Right
Known Career – Glasgow Normal Athletic, Glasgow Fairfield, Bonnybridge Thistle, Falkirk [1906/07], King's Park, Dunfermline Athletic [1907/08], Stenhousemuir [1911/12], East Stirlingshire [1912/13-1913/14]

Charles McGregor

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Half
Known Career – Broxburn United [1923/24-1924/25], Falkirk [1924/25], East Stirlingshire [1925/26]

Daniel McKerrel

b Blantyre, Lanarkshire
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left
Known Career – Bedlay Juniors, Shawfield Juniors, Hamilton Academical [1936/37], Falkirk [1936/37-1938/39], East Fife [1938/39], Hamilton Academical [1939/40-1940/41], Newcastle United [WWII], Middlesbrough [WWII], Carlisle United [1945/46], East Stirlingshire [1947/48]

b 12th August 1862, Stane, Lanarkshire
d 26th December 1912, Edinburgh

Positions – Centre-Forward
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1883/84-1891/92], Falkirk [1883/84], Shotts [1892/93]

b 1892, Glasgow
d November 1972, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Positions – Outside-Right
Known Career – St Clement's, Cambuslang Rangers, Falkirk [1911/12-1915/16], Vale of Leven [1918/19], St Mirren [1918/19], Kilmarnock
[1919/20-1922/23], Johnstone [1923/24-1924/25], Clyde [1924/25], East Stirlingshire [1925/26]

Archibald McPherson

b 10th February 1910, Alva, Clackmannanshire
d c1969

Positions – Left-Half, Left-Back
Known Career – Alva Albion Rangers, Bathgate [1926/27], Rangers [1927/28-1929/30], East Stirlingshire [1928/29], Liverpool [1929/30-1934/35], Sheffield United [1934/35-1936/37], Falkirk [1937/38-1938/39], East Fife [1938/39], Dundee United [1939/40]

Joseph McQue

b February 1870, Glasgow
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Half
Scottish Qualifying Cup Matches /Goals [1/-]
Known Career – Campsie [1891/92], East Stirlingshire [1891/92], Celtic, Liverpool [1892/93-1897/98], Falkirk [1898/99],
Third Lanark

John McTavish

b 7th June 1885, Govan, Glasgow
d 4th April 1944, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Inside-Right, Inside-Left
Known Career – Ibrox Roselea, Fairfield, Petershill, Falkirk [1905/06-1909/10], Oldham Athletic [1910/11], Tottenham Hotspur [1910/11-1911/12],
Newcastle United [1911/12-1912/13], Partick Thistle [1913/14-1916/17], York City [1914/15], Goole Town [1914/15], Falkirk [1917/18], Heart of
Midlothian [1917/18], Bo'ness, East Fife [1918/19-1919/20], Dumbarton [1920/21], East Stirlingshire [1921/22]

James Neil

b 26th October 1854, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
d 21st October 1888, Carron, Stirlingshire

Positions – Outside-Right, Inside-Right
Known Career – Falkirk [1877/78-1881/82], East Stirlingshire [1882/83-1884/85]
The first player to cross the great Falkirk-East Stirlingshire divide

Robert Nisbet

b Carronshore, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Back
Known Career – Motherwell [1929/30-1930/31], Dolphin [1931/32], Preston North End [1932/33], East Stirlingshire [1932/33], Falkirk [1932/33-1938/39], Dumbarton [1939/40]

b 25th May 1885, Kinghorn, Fife
d Unknown

Positions – Left-Half, Right-Back, Left-Back
Representative Honours – Scotland v Wales 1912/13
Known Career – Grange Rovers, East Stirlingshire [1906/07-1907/08], Falkirk [1908/09-1916/17], St Mirren [1917/18-1919/20], Alloa Athletic
[1920/21-1923/24], Third Lanark [1923 Tour of South America], East Stirlingshire [1924/25]

William Peat

b c1915
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Right, Centre-Forward
Known Career – Bo'ness Cadora, Falkirk [1933/34-1934/35], East Stirlingshire [1934/35], Leith Athletic [1935/36-1937/38]

b 17th March 1872, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d c1948, Canada

Positions – Right-Half, Centre-Half
Known Career – Falkirk Excelsior, Falkirk [1890/91-1893/94], Rangers [1893/94-1894/95], Bury [1895/96-1901/02], St Bernards [1903/04]
Played for East Stirlingshire v Gairdoch, Friendly at Gairdoch Pk, Carronshore 5th August 1891
Played for East Stirlingshire v Airdrieonians, Scottish Alliance at Broomfield Pk, Airdrie, 9th April 1892

Andrew Prentice

b c1875
d 10th Jun 1931, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Half-Back
Known Career – Vale of Carron, Falkirk [1896/97], East Stirlingshire [1896/97-1906/07]

b 28th April 1877, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d 14th December 1953

Positions – Left-Half, Left-Back, Right-Back
Known Career – Falkirk [1894/95-1895/96], Falkirk Amateurs [1896/97], East Stirlingshire [1897/98], Falkirk [1897/98-1900/01]

Peter 'Stag' Rae

b 23rd November 1871, Carronshore, Stirlingshire
d 28th October 1952

Positions – Centre-Half, Right-Half
Known Career – Gairdoch [1891/92-1893/94], East Stirlingshire [1893/94], Falkirk [1894/95-1900/01]

Robert Rae

b 12th September 1867, Bothkennar, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Goalkeeper
Known Career – Black Watch [1885/86], Falkirk [1886/87-1890/91], , East Stirlingshire [1889/90], East Stirlingshire [1891/92-1892/93]

Henry 'Harry' Reid

b 4th March 1870, Larbert, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Left
Known Career – Stenhousemuir Victoria [1883/84], Stenhousemuir [1883/84-1890/91], Falkirk [1887/88, 1890/91], East Stirlingshire [1888/89,
1891/92], Stenhousemuir [1892/93-1894/95], King's Park [1892/93], Rangers [1892/93]

James 'Punky' Reid

b c1879, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
b 10th March 1954, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Right-Half, Inside-Right
Known Career – Vale of Carron, Falkirk [1899/00], Clackmannan [1899/00-1900/01], Camelon [1901/02], East Stirlingshire [1902/03-1905/06], Falkirk
[1905/06-1909/10], Cowdenbeath [1910/11-1911/12]

John Richardson

b c1909, Johannesburg, South Africa
d 23rd May 1977, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Centre-Half
Known Career – Wallacestone Wesleyans, Wallacestone Welfare, Bristol Rovers [1930/31], Falkirk [1930/31-1933/34], Alloa Athletic [1934/35-1935/36], Leith Athletic [1936/37-1938/39], East Stirlingshire [1938/39]

James Roughead

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Half, Right-Half
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1937/38-1944/45], Stenhousemuir [1939/40], Falkirk [1941/42], Stenhousemuir [1947/48]

b 13th March 1866, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d 24th October 1903, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Forward
Known Career – Grahamston [1883/84-1884/85], Carron [1885/86], Falkirk [1885/86], Falkirk Harp [1885/86], East Stirlingshire [1886/87]

James Russell

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Half
Known Career – Falkirk [1901/02-1903/04], East Stirlingshire [1902/03], Bo'ness [1903/04]

George Scobbie

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Back
Known Career – Falkirk [1924/25-1931/32], East Stirlingshire [1933/34-1935/36], Ayr United [1935/36]

Thomas Sime

b Laurieston, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left
Known Career – Forth Rangers, Kilsyth Rangers, Falkirk [1917/18], East Stirlingshire [1919/20]

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Half, Right-Back
Known Career – Falkirk Amateurs?, East Stirlingshire?, Falkirk [1898/99-1901/02]

William Smith

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left
Known Career – Falkirk [1923/24-1924/25], East Stirlingshire [1925/26]

James Sommerville

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left
Known Career – Gairdoch Thistle, Falkirk [1917/18-1919/20], East Stirlingshire [1919/20]

Alexander Spence

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Outside-Left, Inside-Left, Centre-Forward
Scottish League Division 2 Matches/Goals [6/2]
Known Career – Laurieston Juniors, Falkirk [1903/04-1904/05], East Stirlingshire [1907/08]

Peter Steele

b 3rd June 1871, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Back
Known Career – Laurieston [1891/92], East Stirlingshire [1891/92-1894/95], Falkirk [1892/93], Laurieston [1893/94]

John Stirrat

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Back
Known Career – Grangemouth [1891/92-1893/94], East Stirlingshire [1893/94], Falkirk [1894/95], Morton [1895/96]

Robert Stoddart

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions - Outside-Left
Scottish League Division 1 Matches/Goals [2/-]
Known Career – East Stirlingshire [1923/24-1924/25], Falkirk [1925/26], East Stirlingshire [1925/26-1928/29], Alloa Athletic [1929/30], Stenhousemuir [1929/30-1930/31], Montrose [1932/33-1933/34], Morton [1933/34], East Stirlingshire [1934/35-1936/37],

Alexander Thomson

b Stirling, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Forward, Outside-Left
Known Career – Liverpool [1912/13-1914/15], Falkirk [1913/14-1914/15], East Stirlingshire [1915/16]

James Turnbull

b 23rd May 1884, Bannockburn, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Centre-Forward
Known Career – Stenhousemuir [1899/00] East Stirlingshire [1900/01], Dundee [1901/02-1903/04], Falkirk [1903/04], Rangers [1904/05], Preston
North End [1904/05-1905/06], Leyton [1906/07], Manchester United [1907/08-1909/10], Bradford Park Avenue [1910/11-1911/12], Chelsea
[1912/13-1913/14], Hyde United [1914/15], Bradford [1917/18]
Brother of Thomas Turnbull

b c1876, St Ninians, Stirlingshire
d 23rd February 1920, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Positions – Right-Back
Known Career – Whitefield Swifts, Falkirk [1893/94-1897/98], East Stirlingshire [1898/99], Leeds, Celtic [1899/00], Partick Thistle [1900/01],
Sheffield United [1900/01], Stenhousemuir [1902/03], Partick Thistle [1903/04]
Brother of James Turnbull

David Watson

b 2nd December ????, Cowie, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Inside-Right, Centre-Forward
Known Career – Cowie Wanderers, East Stirlingshire [1915/16], Falkirk [1916/17-1917/18], Bo'ness [1920/21], Sunderland [1920/21], Portsmouth

William Watson

b Shotts, Lanarkshire
d Unknown

Positions – Goalkeeper
Known Career – Dykehead, East Stirlingshire [1895/96-1896/97], Falkirk [1897/98]

Patrick 'Wee' Wemyss

b 3rd October 1870, Falkirk, Stirlingshire
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Half, Right-Back
Known Career – Rumford Rovers, Grahamston Corinthians, East Stirlingshire [1891/92], Falkirk [1892/93-1894/95]

Gibson White

b Unknown
d Unknown

Positions – Right-Half
Known Career – Forth Rangers, Falkirk [1936/37-1937/38], East Stirlingshire [1938/39]

Edwin Young

b c1919
d 2nd December 1940, HMS Forfar, Atlantic Ocean

Positions – Outside-Left
Known Career – Kincardine Juniors, Falkirk [1938/39-1939/40], East Stirlingshire [1939/40]