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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

1900 - East Stirlingshire's Summer of Cricket

During the football off-season of 1900, just on the brink of their entry into the Scottish League, East Stirlingshire decided to convert their ground, Merchiston Park, into a cricket ground for the summer. Eh?

Now, all of us who know, know East Stirlingshire were formed out of a cricket team, but like most professional club had long forsaken the summer game in favour the people's game. What is fascinating to me is the shockingly low scoring [by both teams], and since I seriously doubt it was due to the bowlers being at the top level, it must be down to playing the matches on a converted football ground which had just been through a long season. It was not until the last match for which there is a scorecard that any of the sides made a total of more than 50 [and then only just]. The matches were all one innings games, but it seems that if there was enough time, they would bat again.

All the matches were against members of the Falkirk & District Cricket League, and I can't help wondering if East Stirlingshire were shadowing the league with ideas of entering a side in future, however with their joining the ranks of the Scottish League, this was never going to work out.

25th? June East Stirlingshire v Falkirk Central at Merchiston Pk, Bainsford?

No Scorecard found

"Last week they had a defeat from Falkirk Central."

Mon 25th June East Stirlingshire v Thornbank at Merchiston Pk, Bainsford
East Stirlingshire
G.McGregor b Haig                 23
R.Clark b Haig                     0
J.Shirra c McVey b Haig            5
W.Wright b McVey                   0
P.Stewart c Walker b McVey         4
W.Allan b McVey                    2
J.C.Johnstone b McVey              0
J.Williamson b Haig                0
J.Graham b McVey                   1
D.Alexander not out                0
A.Scott b Haig                     0
  Extras                           3
Total                             38

McVey   ?-?-17-5
Haig    ?-?-21-5

A.Walker c Clark b Wright          8
G.Allan c Scott b Allan            4
E.McPhie c & b Wright             12
D.Mullholland c Shirra b Wright    0
W.McVey b Wright                   0
T.Haig b McGregor                  5
R.Bell b Wright                    0
J.Stewart b McGregor               0
J.Bellingham c McGregor b Wright   3
J.McVey b Wright                   0
J.Forrester not out                2
  Extras                           4
Total                             38

Wright   ?-?-13-7
McGregor ?-?-11-2
Allan    ?-?-7-1

Match Tied

Thu 12th July East Stirlingshire v Invergrange at Merchiston Pk, Bainsford
East Stirlingshire
G.McGregor b Aitken               13
R.Wilson b Whittock                7
P.Stewart b Flannigan              2
W.Wright b Aitken                  5
W.Allan b Aitken                   2
James Mitchell b Aitken            0
J.C.Johnstone b Aitken             0
R.Clark b Aitken                   0
J.Graham c Milne b Whittock        2
J.Williamson not out               0
J.Mitchell b Whittock              0
  Extras                           3
Total                             34

Aitken     ?-?-?-6
Whittock   ?-?-?-3
Flannigan  ?-?-?-1

J.Flannigan b Wright               8
R.Whittock b McGregor              1
D.Millan b McGregor                2
W.Smith hit wkt b Wright           0
Hill Aitken c Wilson b Wright      2
R.McColl c Clark b McGregor        0
N.Whitehead b McGregor             0
J.S.Knowles b Wright               0
D.Rigg b Wright                    1
J.Scarborough c Clark b McGregor   1
J.Smith not out                    0
  Extra                            1
Total                             16

Wright    ?-?-?-5
McGregor  ?-?-?-5
East Stirlingshire won by 18 runs.


The match ended early so ES went in for a second innings, they had reached 82-8 before rain stopped play.
Hill Aitken was Falkirk FC's reglar left-back, and had guested a number of times for East Stirlingshire.

Tue 17th July East Stirlingshire v Invergrange
J.Flannigan c & b McGregor         2
T.Learmonth lbw b Wright           2
D.Millan lbw b Wright             24
R.Whyttock b McGregor              2
H.Aitken run out                   5
W.Smith b McGregor                 3
R.McColl b Wright                  0
J.Smith b Wright                   0
J.Robertson b McGregor             1
J.Bow b McGregor                   2
G.Currie not out                   0
  Extras                           1
Total                             43

McGregor  ?-?-?-4
Wright    ?-?-?-5

East Stirlingshire
R.Wilson b Learmonth               1
W.Allan c Millan b Learmonth       3
G.McGregor b Learmonth             0
W.Wright c Millan b Aitken         1
J.Mitchell run out                 2
P.Stewart c & b Learmonth          3
R.Clark b Aitken                   1
W.Roberts c Millan b Aitken        1
J.C.Johnston b Aitken              0
J.Williamson not out               0
J.Graham c & b Aitken              1
  Extras                           2
Total                             15

Learmonth  ?-?-?-4
Aitken     ?-?-?-5

"E.S. went in for a second innings, when they were all dismissed for 21, Invergrange thus winning by an innings and seven runs."

Wed 18th July East Stirlingshire v Caledonia at Merchiston Pk, Bainsford?

No scorecard found.

"on Wednesday Caledonia only defeated them by 1 run, the scores being 18 and 19. In a second innings East Stirlingshire put on a good score."

Tue 24th July East Stirlingshire v Caledonia at Merchiston Pk, Bainsford
East Stirlingshire
N.Whitehead b Allan               18
W.Roberts b Lyon                   0
J.Hastings c Roper b Rigg          0
P.Stewart b Bain                   8
J.Dale b Allan                     1
J.Mitchell b Allan                 7
J.Williamson not out              10
W.Wright b Allan                   0
R.Clark b J.Mallice                1
J.Campbell b J.Mallice             2
H.Lyon b J.Mallice                 1
  Extras                           3
Total                             51

Allan       ?-?-?-4
Lyon        ?-?-?-1
Rigg        ?-?-?-1
Bain        ?-?-?-1
J.Mallice   ?-?-?-3

J.Bain b Whitehead                 0
A.Mallice b Whitehead              3
W.Allan b Wright                  21
D.Rigg b Wright                    0
J.Mallice b Whitehead              3
A.Lyon b Wright                    9
W.Alexander b Whitehead            0
R.Kerr b Wright                    0
S.Roper b Wright                   0
J.Wilkie b Whitehead               1
A.Scott not out                    0
  Extras                           2
Total                             39

Whitehead   ?-?-?-5
Wright      ?-?-?-5

Note This seems to have been played between two 'scratch' elevens, the Caledonia XI playing several guests including Willie Allan of ESFC; Sammy Roper of Falkirk FC & Thornbank CC, A.Lyon of Thornbank CC and Rigg of Invergrange CC, while East stirlingshire had the assistance of Whitehead of Falkirk Central CC.

East Stirlingshire were scheduled to play Falkirk Central on Tue 31st July to close their summer of cricket, but I have yet to find any reports of the match taking place.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Falkirk CC v Falkirk FC - 28th May 1887

Well, yes, there is a very good reason why Falkirk FC stuck to football.

Though, it must be said that Harry Smith, Falkirk CC's opening bat & leg spinner, was also an old Falkirk footballer..

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sydney & Leonard Puddefoot

It is well recorded that Sydney Puddefoot signed for Falkirk in the 1920s after having wowed the fans when he was stationed in Scotland during the Great War. The Falkirk fans & the board put all other considerations aside to raise the £5,500 price tag which West Ham had put on him largely to deter Falkirk, it did not deter Falkirk FC.

What is less well known is that during Syd's time at Falkirk his little brother also turned up: Leonard Puddefoot. Unlike Sydney I can find very little written about Len, either as a footballer or otherwise.

Falkirk Team v Hibernian Wed 16th Aug 1922

I do not know why he played for the club, other than this one match I have never found any record of him playing football at any level whatsoever; Perhaps Syd convinced the board to give his brother a trial, perhaps it was part of Syd's contract. All I know is that Len is missing from the usual sources: he is not in John Listser's CD-Rom of Scottish Players' Registration; nor in Michael Joyce's Football League Players' Records 1888-1939. Which would suggest that his main football was with juvenile and non-league football in and around London.

Whatever the case, I found the brothers in the 1911 census, I looked because even though Puddefoot is a very rare name, I had to look because I had very little to go on to be sure that this was another case of a pair of brothers playing for Falkirk FC.

click to see a larger version.

Note -Oops, looking about in the same paper, I found a reason why Len might have been about, though not why he played a league match. I seems he played more than once for Falkirk FC

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Westquarter v Falkirk 1933

I think I said in a previous blog post on Bob Shankly that he made his debut for Falkirk FC in August of 1933, well I was only half-right. Bob actually made his debut for the club a month earlier, except it was not for the reason he was signed ... as I'm afraid there is no need for a big, burly Centre-Forward in the gentleman's game of cricket against Westquarter.

Even by the 1930s professional football clubs playing the odd cricket match had become a rarity, whereas in the 19th Century it was quite commonplace, but is quite obvious why these social games died off: there is no point in signing a footballer just to have a wannabe tear-away fast-bowler try to knock his head off before he has even kicked a ball in anger.

Falkirk, quite rightly, were thumped by the village team, the game over in a day, but Scotland has never been renowned for its skill in the longer game.

Interestingly it would seem that Alex, Bob's big brother played in the match, interesting as he never played football for the club, and had retired from the professional game by then. Maybe he was just visiting his brother, since, he was meant to be a ringer he patently failed.

Useful for a really obscure trivia question about Shankly brothers playing together for the same football club.

Falkirk's best player in the match, Johnnie Richardson, although born in South Africa, interestibly was brought up in Westquarter, and lived there for the rest of his life.

Westquarter CC v Falkirk FC at Blairlodge, Polmont
Westquarter CC
b J.Hope 1
c J.Hutchison b J.Hope 18
b J.Hope 0
b J.Hope 23
b J.Richardson 4
c G.Grant b J.Richardson 4
b C.Thomson 17
W.McGilchrist Sr
b C.Thomson 14
not out 39
W.McGilchrist Jr

For Eight Wickets 137
4 wickets for 34 Runs
2 for 25
2 for 50

Falkirk FC
c & b W.A.U.Steven 15
b J.Dick 2
b J.Dick 1
b W.A.U.Steven 7
not out 24
b D.Sharpe 0
c J.Grant b W.McGilchrist Sr 7
b W.McGilchrist Sr 1
retired 0
b W.McGilchrist Sr 0
b J.Brandon 7

All Out 65

W.McGilchrist Sr
3 wickets for 2 runs
2 for 9
1 for 0
2 for 15
1 for 12
Westquarter CC won by 72 runs

Friday, 19 July 2013

Falkirk Cricketers v Falkirk Footballers

I don't want to sound all rose tinted & nostalgic for the amateur era [even tough I sort of am], but there was a lot to be said about sport back in the Victorian age. I understand that it was in many ways limited to 'gentlemen of leisure', and Muscular Christianity tends to annoy, but more often than not they were proper 'sportsmen'.

In July 1885 teams selected from the cricket clubs and the football clubs of Falkirk met on the Randyford Ground [East Stirlingshire CC] to play a two day match at cricket. Sadly I have never found a return match at football. Though East Stirlingshire FC played East Stirlingshire CC at football occasionally.

The problem with professional sport is that the employer hinders a sportsman's opportunity at another sport, whereas back then there were few limits. Jock Drummond was allegedly a fiend with the bowls, conversely Grahamston Bowling Club had a team in the Falkirk District Amateur League. Harry Smith played for Falkirk FC in winter, then for Stenhousemuir CC in Summer. Alex Gillespie earned the nickname 'Ballangeich' because of his exploits on the running track [named after a popular Greyhound of the time].

Yes, I know, now the players are fitter, better, more focussed, but we only ever play League & Cup matches, with a couple of pre-season friendlies thrown in, it gets samey at times. [Before I hoist myself by my own petard it must be said Falkirk FC played a Stenhousemuir Social XI in a game of cricket as part of their 125th anniversary celebrations [but they forgot to tell anyone, and I am yet to find out the score ….]

Wednesday 8th July 1885 – Thursday 9th July 1885 – Randyford Ground, Falkirk
Falkirk Footballers lost to Falkirk Cricketers by 52 runs.

Falkirk Footballers Falkirk Cricketers
H.Smith not out 33 ?.Lavington c Jackson b Smith 0
J.Roberts c Stark b Lavington 7 W.Stark c & b Jackson 11
W.Scott run out 4 J.Callander b Roberts 22
J.Mackie b Callander 0 J.Brown run out 1
+R.Cuthill c Brown b Lavington 2 J.Campbell lbw b Jackson 2
W.Ferguson c Brown b Lavington 0 R.White b Ferguson 22
J.Murphy jun c Stark b Callander 7 J.Johnston c Roberts b Smith 4
R.Cullen b Callander 1 C.Melville b Scott 8
G.Robb b Lavington 0 B.Harley c Smith b Mackie 19
J.Murphy sen b Callander 0 J.Wilkie not out 17
G.Jackson run out 5 J.McDonald b Roberts 2
W.Hamilton b Wilkie 1 W.Gray st Cuthill b Smith 0
3 Extras
63 Total

No bowling figures were reported.
Harry Smith could theoretically have played for either team [he was allegedly a fine leg-spinner].
William Stark [Cricketers] was the uncle of Falkirk FC legend Sandy Stark.

All in all it is the passing of a sad age, up until the 1950s Falkirk FC had Len Dudman on their books, he played for Forfarshire & Scotland at cricket during the Summer, for Falkirk FC in the Winter, to this day he is Falkirk's most capped player.

Never again I fear.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Obscure Falkirk Matches - 8th Jul 1891

I have come across many cricket matches in Falkirk between footballers and cricketers, but this is the earliest match that I have found listed as between Falkirk FC & Falkirk CC, earlier matches were always listed as between cricketers & footballers, but never ascribed to a club [on either side].

There were other reciprocal games, eg East Stirlingshire played East stirlingshire FC occasionally at football, but Falkirk FC, as far as I know, never played a cricket team at football. Sadly I do not have the complete scorecard for this match but at least it shows that many of our best players of the time were willing to turn out for such a match, it probably more shows the broader sporting viewpoint of the time [compared to now and the disparagement of cricket in Scotland for no good reason], and that footballers, although not fantastic at other sports, did practice them during the off season.

Wednesday 8th July 1891, Crichton Park, Falkirk
Friendly Cricket Match
Falkirk CCFalkirk FC
?.Grantb Smith0A.Starkb G.Brown4
?.McVicarb Smith1H.Smithc Higgins b J.Brown7
J.Brownb Gillespie3?.Hamiltonb G.Brown0
G.Brownb Smith2J.Drummondb Todd24
W.Toddc & b Smith3J.Gillespieb J.Brown0
?.Barrb Smith0W.Murphylbw b G.Brown0
?.Callanderc McDonald b Smith2W.Robertsrun out0
?.Higginshit wicket b W.Murphy0P.Rankineb Todd8
?.Rankineb Smith4?.McIntoshb G.Brown13
?.Mathiesonb Smith1J.Murphynot out0
?.Liddellnot out2T.McDonaldb G.Brown0
Known Bowling Figures
Falkirk FC BowlingFalkirk CC Bowling
Falkirk FC won by 40 runs.

Crichton Park was on the modern Bell's Meadow, more toward the BMX Track than the centre, but the exact location is still unknown.
(NB - I have had a message from Alan McCabe questioning the location I have given for Crichton Park, given the information he has sent me, I shall be looking into the situation, later)

William Todd may have bowled for both sides, as the printed scorecard gives Todd as the bowler of Mathieson, but the report claims Harry Smith took 8 for 8, Todd was also a member of Falkirk FC, though made few appearances, so it is a possibility.

Harry Smith, Falkirk FC's goalkeeper was also a regular cricketer for Stenhousemuir CC [I believe he was a leg spinner].

Falkirk FC had two McIntoshes playing at the time, the brothers John & Gilbert, John was the better footballer, Gilbert the better cricketer, so this was probably Gilbert, but the scorecard only stated 'McIntosh'.

Falkirk FC had two Hamiltons playing at the time, the brothers Thomas & William, William played more cricket, so I presume it was he, but have no real data.

This was the first ever match played by this, reformed, Falkirk Cricket Club. They never lasted long, not surprising as [apart from Castings CC] the town has never had a regular club.