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Thursday, 15 June 1989

Camelon FC Amateur Sports Day Eleven-a-Side Competition 1889

Held at Victoria Park, Camelon, Sat 15th June 1889, Limited to 15 Minutes a Half. Scores are Goals+Corners.

King's Park                   1+2    East Stirlingshire         0+2       Semi-Final
Camelon                       1+1    Grangemouth                0+1       Semi-Final

King's Park                   2+0    Camelon                    0+0       Final

4-a-side and 5-a-side Competitions

Thursday, 16 June 1988

Camelon FC Amateur Sports Day Four-a-Side Competition 1888

Held at the Victoria Park, Camelon, Sat 16th June 1888 (Scores are Goals+Touchdowns)

Falkirk                   3+0   Grangemouth Strollers     0+0       First Round
Falkirk II                0+1   Dunipace                  0+0       First Round
Falkirk Heavy Weather     2+1   Camelon II                0+0       First Round
Camelon Corinthians       1+0   Callendar Swifts          0+0       First Round
Dumbarton                 7+1   Moonlighters              0+0       First Round
Cowlairs                  4+0   East Stirlingshire        0+0       First Round
King's Park II            1+1   Grasshoppers              0+0       First Round
Falkirk Harp & Cohonies - Byes, King's Park did not appear

Cohonies                  6+0   Falkirk                   1+0       Second Round
Dumbarton                 4+3   Falkirk Harp              0+0       Second Round
Falkirk Heavy Weather, Falkirk II, King's Park II, Cowlairs
Camelon Corinthians - Byes

Cowlairs                  2+2   King's Park II            1+0       Third Round
Cohonies                  2+0   Falkirk II                0+0       Third Round
Camelon Corinthians       1+1   Camelon                   1+0       Third Round
Dumbarton                 WO    Falkirk Heavy Weather     scr       Third Round

Dumbarton                 draw  Cowlairs                  draw      Semi-Final
Cohonies                  5+0   Camelon Corinthians       0+0       Semi-Final
Dumbarton                 0+1   Cowlairs                  0+0       Semi-Final Replay

Dumbarton                 1+2   Cohonies                  1+1       Final

Note - Cohonies were "a team of the 3rd L.R.V."

4-a-side and 5-a-side Competitions