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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Lost Football Grounds of Falkirk District - Lochside Pk, Limerigg

Football came in fits and starts in Slamannan & Limerigg, arguably the first team to make a real fist of the game was Barnsmuir (from Limerigg) from about 1885 to about 1887.

Now, it has to be said that this is in no way coincidental to the fact that a young Dan Doyle happened to be working in the Barnsmuir Colliery at that time, No!

Anyway, I digress, there is a weird thing in that part of Stirlingshire, in that Slamannan has a reputation of being overwhelmingly Protestant, whereas Limerigg has a reputation of being largely Catholic [NB - I do not know the truth of this, I am not from that neck of the woods, but the reputation lingers].

Barnsmuir played their matches at Lochside Park, [at the Black Loch] outside of what is now considered Limerigg, between Limerigg and the miners' rows for the Barnsmuir Colliers on the ground of Limerigg Primary School nowadays.

This ground lasted for years after Barnsmuir changed their name to South Stirlingshire [then promptly demised, as is right for such a hideous name] and changed its name several times, eventually becoming the home of Slamannan FC. But it should forever be linked with Barnsmuir, truly the team that got the ball rolling in the South of Stirlingshire [ahem!]