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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Kick meaning Kink

There is thing in Cartographic Archeology called a "kick", the word is etymologically from the same source as kink, it is wherein a normally straight road deviates because of a feature, be it natural or because of a landowner.

Recently I have resolved why East Stirlingshire played at Randyford Park, when East Stirlingshire were formed in 1881 [Britannia in 1880] there was no direct road to Ladysmill, so it seems daft.

But I looked at yer old maps, and guess what?

So, back in 1817 there was a direct road between Bainsford Bridge and Randyford [after all Bainsfordites wouldnt want to go to Falkirk].

The idea that Thornhill Road continued to Bainsford Bridge is confirmed by the 1897 Map where you can see the road in the property boundaries compared to the new Falkirk Iron Works.

I guess that Thornhill Road was an even older road than Graham's Road because Graham's Road is buckled so must go around property, whereas Thornhill doesn't. That and it connects Bainsford with the historic route from Falkirk Parish Church to the site of the Abbot's Grange.