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Monday, 22 November 2010

Alex Jack Cup 2010

This isn't about Falkirk, it is kind of local though, anyway, yesterday my old University [Stirling] thumped some team called Lothian Thistle 8-0 in the Final of the Alex Jack Cup at the Falkirk Stadium.
To be honest I'm slightly ignorant of modern non-league football so I have no idea what the Alex Jack Cup is, but good on them. The sad thing to me is that they are part of the East of Scotland FA meaning that they can't enter the Stirlingshire Cup, one of these days there will be a Central FA and it will run a league, and the Uni can play in it's rightful place [and hopefully thrash the binos once or twice].
Until then ......well done

Update : Since I posted this I have been reliably informed by the Scottish Football Historical Archive that the Alex Jack Cup is a Consolation Cup for those teams in the East of Scotland League not involved in the Scottish Cup. :)