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Friday, 28 May 2010

Falkirk FC 1914/15

I found this team pic of Falkirk, somewhat bizarrely, in a Bo'ness history booklet [suggesting it was a Bo'ness team]. Having seen lots of Falkirk teams and players they were not fooling me though. However I need some help nailing down all the players.

Through overlaps in known players' careers this can only have been taken during the 1914/15 season.


Unknown, Unknown, John Morrison [RH], Unknown, James Robertson [CF], Unknown,
John McNaught [OR], James McMillan [LH], Robert Orrock [RB], Unknown, Thomas Glancy [OL].

Unknown players [LB Alex Henderson], [CH Frank Reilly] [GK Alex stewart or Andrew Henderson] [IL James Thomson or Michael Gibbons] [IR John Ramsay or Michael McCulloch]

From line ups it is one of these matches [all league matches]
Nov 14th Hearts A 0 2 Lea
Nov 21st Clyde H 3 1 Lea
Dec 12th Motherwell A 1 4 Lea
Dec 19th Morton H 2 0 Lea
Jan 1st Clyde A 2 4 Lea
Jan 9th Dundee A 0 1 Lea