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Sunday, 13 October 2013

"New" Falkirk Match

Researching the past can be a pretty hit or miss occupation. If it was all available to see in a book, or on a website there would be no point in researching it ...

It is hit or miss because reporting of football was so patchwork back in the earliest days of the game. Take for example my latest find, Falkirk v Glasgow Caledonians on the 1st November 1879. Yesterday I did not know this match existed, it was not reported in the Falkirk Herald [where it should have been] but in the Glasgow Herald on the following Monday [so the Falkirk Herald people had time to read it for the next Saturday edition] but that is the way it was back then.

Sadly the report doesn't tell me much, but it is another match and it makes the 1879/80 season slightly less 'patchy'.But if I have to check the local papers for every place Falkirk could concievably have played a football match it might take an awfy long time getting through them all.

Monday, 31 January 2000

Lenzie v Falkirk - Sat 29th Mar 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 5th Apr 1879


The return match between these clubs was played at Lenzie on Saturday, and after a very enjoyable game, resulted in favour of the home team by two goals to none. Falkirk, losing the toss, kicked off against a slight wind, but the ball was immediately returned, a raid was made on the Falkirk goal, and a corner kick was gained; but although splendidly placed by Borland, the strangers managed to keep their fortress safe, and in return had a run into home territory. Good runs were made by both sides during the first half - the backs playing in good form, and keeping the goals safe till shortly before half-time was called. A scrimmage took place in front of the stranger's goal, and Farquhar put the ball through. During the second half Lenzie played much better, and had many corner-kicks, from one of which by Borland, S.Broadfoot headed a goal, and although Falkirk wrought hard, and got the ball up two or three times, they were unable to score. Borland, Baird and M'Gregor, forwards; and S.Broadfoot, W.Paterson, half-backs played a splendid game for Lenzie, and Neil, Leishman and Peddie, forwards; Walker, back;  and Carmichael, goal; did good service for Falkirk. A match for the benefit of Falkirk Certified Industrial School is to be played on the ground of the Falkirk club on Saturday, 12th curt., between the same clubs, when a good contest is expected. Teams:- Lenzie - J.Paterson, goal; M.Broadfoot and Archers, backs; S.Broadfoot and W.Paterson, half-backs; Baird, Borland, Farquhar, Agar, Cree and M'Gregor, forwards. Falkirk - W.Carmichael, goal; A.Walker and Richardson, backs; J.Law and R.Service, half-backs; J.Neil, J.Leishman, J.Ferguson, R.Johnston, W.Peddie and J.Taylor, forwards.

Thursday, 4 October 1979

Grasshoppers v King's Park - Sat 4th Oct 1879

Stirling Journal - Fri 10th Oct 1879

Grasshoppers (Bonnybridge) v King's Park (Stirling)

This match came off on the ground of the former on Saturday last, and resulted in favour of the Stirling team by 2 goals to 1. the play of both teams was excellent. Teams:- Grasshoppers - goal, Alex. Brown; backs, James Paterson and Alex. Paterson; half-backs, Messrs. Irvine and Gardiner; forwards, Hamilton (captain), Mitchell, Cherry, Smith, Moffat, and Crombie. King's Park - Goal, W.Wordie; backs, J.Shaw and W.Gentles; half-backs, J.M'Laren and J.Leishman; forwards, W.M'Beath, J.M'Kay, J.M'Donald, P.Lennie, D.Stewart, and J.Oliphant (captain).

Thursday, 27 September 1979

Falkirk v Grasshoppers - Sat 27th Sep 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 4th Oct 1879


This match came off on Saturday last on the ground of the former at Randyford. Owing to this being the first draw for the association cup, great interest was manifested by the large number of spectators who appeared on the ground - there being about 400. The home team won the toss, and played off with a little win in their favour, pressing the strangers' goal, evidently determined that their first essay for the cup would be a success. After some hard playing on the part of both clubs, half-time was called with one goal and a disputed one to the credit of Falkirk. The ends now being changed, the wind by this time blowing stronger than the first half, was more favourable to Bonnybridge, who, taking the advantage of this, played with a vigour, seemingly resolved to retrieve lost honours; but the "bairns" showed an impregnable front, and having pressed their opponents' goal pretty hard for about half an hour, were successful in placing other two goals to their credit. Towards the end of the game play was getting very loose on the part of the home team, for which they payed dearly by Bonnybridge securing two goals. For the Falkirk team, Leishman, A.Ferguson, and Johnston played well: while James Richardson, as back, was always on the spot, and saved many dangerous attacks. The Bonnybridge team played well, the only name worthy of mention being Paterson (back) who appeared to be in rare form and kicked well. The following are the teams:- Falkirk - Forwards: Leishman, A.Ferguson, Johnstone, A.Smith, Neil, Hamilton; half-backs - Service, Wm.Ferguson; backs - J.Richardson, Smith; goal - D.M'Nair. Bonnybridge - Forwards - Dobson, Irvine, Moffatt, Sutherland, Smith, Mitchell; half-backs - Crombie, A.Paterson; backs - J.Paterson, Forrester; goal - J.Anderson.


Throughout the article referred to Bonnybridge, however the village's club was correctly called Grasshoppers.

I believe this was the first time Falkirk FC were referred to as the "bairns" in print.

Sunday, 4 March 1979

Belfast v Lenzie - Thu Apr 3rd 1879

Belfast Morning News - Fri Apr 4th 1879


A match between the representatives of the Lenzie (Glasgow) Club and a local team came off yesterday on the grounds of the Ulster Cricket Club, and was the first under the Scottish Association rules in which an Irish team has taken part. The weather was most favourable, and the game was witnessed by a vast number of spectators. The strangers having won the toss, elected to play with the wind, and almost immediately after the kick off, the Belfast team carried the first goal. This seemed to put the Scotchmen on their mettle, for they went to work in right earnest, and rapidly scored four goals in succession. Towards the end of the first half the strangers scored again, and the Belfast men took two goals in the second half. The match, which throughout proved most agreeable, thus closed  in favour of the Scotchmen by five goals to three. In the course of the game W.T.Herron took the first goal for Belfast and played very well, being ably supported by Jackson, M'Donald, and M'Aleavy. Altogether the play of our local team was very good, and showed that they require only a little practice to enable them to compete with all comers. Before leaving the ground Mr. Sydney Broadfoot, captain of the Scotch team, took the opportunity of presenting two association balls to the Belfast Club in remembrance of their pleasant match and in the hope that they would be used to further in Ireland. The teams were as follows:- Lenzie - Goal - C.Cree; backs - O.Buck and J.Archer; half-backs - S.Broadfoot and W.Patterson: forwards - F.Archer, J.Macgregor, J.Macpherson, J.Cree, D.Dewar, and M.Broadfoot. Belfast - Goal - J.Watson; backs, H.Davis and J.M.Mack; half-backs, R.M.Sloan and W.A.Glass; forwards, W.T.Herron, W.Jackson, J.Henderson, R.Hughes, J.A.MacDonald, and A.Murray; reserve, R.M.Potts.

Notes -

This match does not really belong on this blog, but I came across it researching Sydney Broadfoot who played one game for Falkirk this season, and since I had found the report I thought I might as well put it up in case anybody found it useful.

There is a McAleavy referred to in the text, but no one of that name in the Belfast team listed. There however is a J.M.Mack in the Belfast team, which would point toward that player being John McAlery.

Incidentally Sydney's brother who also played here was Melbourne Broadfoot, and Sydney's twin sister was Adelaide Broadfoot.

Saturday, 3 March 1979

Falkirk 2nd XI v Lenzie 2nd XI - Sat 20th Sep 1879

Falkirk Herald - Thu 2nd Oct 1879


Played at Falkirk on Saturday, and resulted in the defeat of the home club, who had by far the best of the game throughout, and pressed their opponents (who played with ten men) from beginning to end, but seemed to be unable to score when they had a chance, while the strangers, who played a very plucky game, and rarely managed to get away with the ball, were twice successful in scoring. For the home team - Binnie, M'Callum, Taylor, and Fleming, forwards; J.Mitchell, half-back; and Murphy, back, were most prominent; and for the strangers H.Walker, Forrester, and M'Ausland, forwards; J.Walker, half-back; and Buck, back, were in good form. Teams - Falkirk - Taylor, Binnie, D.Fleming, J.M'Callum, R.Peddie, W.Peddie, forwards; J.Fleming and J.Mitchell, half-backs; A.Mitchell and Murphy, back; H.Hendrie, goal. Lenzie - M'Ausland, Forrester, H.Walker, W.Cree, and P.Cree, forwards; J.Walker and Addie, half-backs; O.Buck and W.Gentleman, back; J.Lochtie, goal.

Note- I believe that W.Gentleman in the Lenzie side was William Gentleman of Falkirk.

Lenzie v Falkirk - Sat 20th Sep 1879

Falkirk Herald - Thu 2nd Oct 1879


These two teams met for the first time this season at Lenzie on Saturday, 20th ult., and after a very pleasant game victory was declared in favour of the home club by 3 goals to 1. Lenzie lost the toss, and had to kick off against the wind; but the Falkirk men returned the ball, and pressed the home team but were unable to score, the shots going over the bar. During the whole of the first half the play was nearly equal, and half-time was called without advantage to either side. After change of ends the Lenzie team played much better together than the strangers, and were successful in taking three goals - their opponents only being able to take one. For the home team M'Gregor, Borland, and F.Archer, forwards, played well, while Barretto and J.Archer, backs, were in grand form. For the Falkirk team Neill, Leishman, and Johnston, forwards, Service, half-back, and Richardson, back, were most conspicuous. Teams - Lenzie - Goal, M'Kenzie; back, Barretto and J.Archer; half-backs, J.Paterson and Dewar; forwards, M'Gregor, Borland, Farquhar, F.Archer, J.Cree, and Fraser. Falkirk - Goal, G.Richardson; backs, H.Smith and J.Richardson; half-backs, W.Ferguson and R.Service; forwards, Neill, Leishman, A.Ferguson, A.Smith, T.Hamilton, and R.Johnston.

Kirkintilloch Athletic v Falkirk - Sat 6th Sep 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 13th Sep 1879


This match was played at Kirkintilloch on Saturday last. Being the opening of the season there, and from the opposing clubs never having met before, there was a very large turn-out of spectators, and much interest was taken in the game. The Falkirk captain won the toss and elected to play down-hill, and immediately after the kick-off the strangers assumed the offensive, and gave the home team plenty of work in defending their goal; and although they managed to make several pretty runs in the direction of the Falkirk goal, they were always checked by the backs, who were in good form. Falkirk, however, appeared to be unlucky, as half-time was called and ends changed without scoring. On the ball being again kicked off the home team set to work in earnest, and after some good play were successful in lowering the Falkirk colours. This seemed to put new life into the game; and Falkirk playing well together, by some neat passing made a raid on the home team's goal and lowered it. Only 10 minutes was now left and both sides seemed determined to do their utmost to gain the match, but the Falkirk team (although by far the lighter, seemed to be in better form) came away with a grand rush, and scored again. Time was shortly afterwards called, victory resting with Falkirk by 2 goals to 1. Falkirk Team - Forwards - J.Leishman (captain), T.Hamilton, R.Johnston, A.Smith, A.Ferguson, J.Neil. Half-backs - W.Ferguson, H.Smith. Backs - J.Richardson,  and -.Elliot. Goal - S.Broadfoot. The names of the Kirkintilloch players could not be obtained.

Friday, 2 March 1979

Bathgate v Falkirk - Sat 14th Jun 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 21st Jun 1879


This match was played at Bathgate on Saturday last in presence of a large number of spectators, and resulted in a victory by the strangers by three goals to one. Falkirk lost the toss, and had to kick off with the sun in their faces, but had the advantage of the sloping ground; and before many minutes were busy round the Bathgate goal and Taylor breasted the ball through. After the kick-off Bathgate made a nice run up the field, but the play of the backs was too good, and it resulted in nothing; and Falkirk returning to the charge, Ferguson scored the second goal, and in a few minutes afterwards the Bathgate colours were lowered for the third time, the result of some neat passing by Johnston and G.Richardson, Hamilton giving the finishing touch in neat style. Immediately after G.Richardson had to retire, having got a severe kick during a scrimmage. Half-time was called without further score. On resuming play, Bathgate made a nice run up to Falkirk territory, only, however, to be sent back again, Service and J.Richardson kicking with unerring precission. Runs were made by each side without any result, until Wallace took the ball well up to the Falkirk goal, and, during a sharp scrimmage, one of the Falkirk backs made a mis-kick and sent the ball through his own goal. After this Falkirk kept Bathgate in their own ground, and no further score was made, although the home team's goal had several narrow escapes - the match thus resulting in the defeat of Bathgate. For the Bathgate - Wallace (forward), Dudgeon and Anderson (half-backs) and Wilson (goal), played well; and for Falkirk, the whole team were in good form - Johnston, Ferguson and Hamilton (forwards), Service (half-back) and J.Richardson (back) played splendidly. Teams - Bathgate - goal, J.Wilson; backs, Weston and Anderson; half-backs, Dudgeon and Lauder; forwards, Wallace, Farquhar, W.Lumsden, Binnie, J.Lumsden, and Easton. Falkirk - goal, W.Carmichael; backs, J.Richardson and Smith; half-backs, Law and Service; forwards, J.Leishman, Hamilton, Johnston, G.Richardson, T.Taylor, and A.Ferguson.

West Lothian Courier - Sat 21st Jun 1879


A match between these two clubs took place on the ground of the former on Saturday last. The game being new to the town, a large number of spectators assembled on the ground and witnessed the sport with the keenest interest. It was to be regretted that the Chemical Band did not put in an appearance as was expected; but the plucky and determined play of the Bathgate lads against a team of experienced and strong active men was in itself a sufficient attraction for the good townsfolk who turned out. Bathgate having won the toss for choice of ends, sent their opponents to the upper end of the feild for the first half; and the Falkirk club managed to carry three goals before half-time was called. One of their men having retired, they continued to play 10 against the Bathgate 11, and a close and keen game ensued, during which Bathgate secured one goal. For the Falkirk Club, J.Richardson & H.Smith distinguished themselves as backs; J.Law and R.Service as half-backs; Leishman, right-wing; Ferguson, left-wing; and Johnston, centre; while all the forwards showed excellent play. Among the Bathgate Club those best worthy of notice were Weston, back; Lauder, half-back; and Wallace, right-wing, who played a splendid game; Wilson, goal-keeper, who did some useful work; and J.Lindsay, who distinguished himself amongst the forwards. At the finish victory was declared by 3 goals to 1.

Lenzie v Falkirk - Sat 12th Mar 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 19th Apr 1879


There was a large turn-out of spectators on Saturday to witness this match, which was played on the ground of the latter club at Randyford Park for the benefit of the industrial schools of Falkirk. This match makes the third which has taken place between these clubs this season, all of which have resulted in favour of Lenzie, this final conflict ending, after a pleasant game  in a victory for them by two goals to none. The Falkirk won the toss and chose to play with a strong breeze in their favour. This advantage, however, did not profit them much, as the Lenzie succeeded, about twenty minutes after the kick-off, in scoring a goal, thanks to a fine shot by J.M'Gregor. After change of ends, although Lenzie certainly thing pretty much their own way, owing principally to want of judgement in shooting at goal, they only once successfully stormed their opponents' fortress. For the Falkirk - who, by the way, did not play up to their usual form - Richardson (back), Service (half-back), and the Peddies (forwards), played best; while for the Lenzie J.Agar and J.Cameron deserve a word of praise. Falkirk - Goal, W.Carmichael; backs, W.Gentleman and J.Richardson; half-backs, R.Service and J.Law; forwards, W.Peddie, J.Taylor, R.Peddie, J.Ferguson, J.Leishman, and J.Neill. Lenzie - Goal, J.Paterson; backs, M.Broadfoot and J.Archer; half-back, S.Broadfoot and J.Fairlie; forwards, W.Paterson, J.Agar, J.S.Cree, J.Cameron, F.Archer, and J.M'Gregor. After the match, the Lenzie team were hospitably entertained by the Falkirk Club in the new Crown Hotel. Baillie Mitchell presided, and a very enjoyable evening was spent.

"The treasurer of the Falkirk Certified Industrial School thankfully acknowledges reciept of the sum of £11 from Falkirk FC".

Monday, 26 February 1979

Falkirk 2nd XI v Lenzie 2nd XI - Sat 29th Mar 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 5th Apr 1879


Encouraged by the success which attended the first fifteen of the Lenzie Football Club while pitted against Falkirk, a match between the above clubs was arranged and took place on Saturday at Randyford, the ground of the former. For junior elevens, the two teams were as well matched as were the seniors, and the play of Saturday was quite as good as during the successful game which was played between the seniors some time ago. In the contest some dexterous playing was manifested, reflecting no small degree of credit upon both sides. No goals were secured and although at intervals the home team made several raids upon the enemy's territory, it cannot but be said that the strangers had the superiority. During the first half the Falkirk men kicked against the wind, but by no means to such good purpose as did the strangers in the second half. Some showers of rain fell during the progress of the game, but did not seriously interfere with it, and a considerable number of spectators turned out. For the home team J.M'Allum perhaps made the cleanest runs towards the enemy's goal, while the playing of T.Hamilton, W.Binnie, A.Ferguson, and T.Taylor was altogether of a masterly description. F.Archer, the captain of the Lenzie club, made one or two splendid kicks during the play in his position as back, and P.Proudfoot and P.Cree were equally serviceable. Teams :- Lenzie- Goal, H.A.Walker; backs, A.M.Barretto, O.Burk; half-backs, H.Chalmers, J.K.Walker; forwards, F.Archer, P.Proudfoot, F.A.Plae, W.Bremner, J.Forrester, P.Cree. Falkirk - Goal, W.McNair, backs, L.Watson, H.Smith; half-backs, G.Richardson, W.Gentleman; forwards, W.Binnie, T.Hamilton, J.Bennett, J.M'Allum, T.Taylor, A.Ferguson.

Notes - J.McAllum was also spelt McCallum in match reports, the Falkirk goalkeeper at this point was actually David McNair, the paper made an error.

Sunday, 28 January 1979

Falkirk v Govanhill - Sat 22nd Mar 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 29th Mar 1879


On Saturday last a football match between the Falkirk Football Club and the Govanhill took place on the ground of the former at Randyford. The ground was in splendid condition, and the weather was all that could be desired. The kick-off took place at 4:15, and not minutes had elapsed when a goal was secured by the home team. The play throughout was most regular, passing being a particularly good feature on both sides, and the struggle of both teams pretty equal. At the second half, the Falkirk men completely overcame their opponents, and at the close the game stood - Falkirk 2 : Govanhill 1. For the former club Messrs J.Neil and J.Leishman at their usual posts did good service, while Mr J.Richardson, as formerly, kept up his commendable style. Mr J.Law, we noticed, had more style than formerly, and did equally good service. for the Govanhill team each respective man played and kept steady at their posts. there was a large turn-out of spectators, and the day's playing was as successful as any which has been witnessed this season, the reason being due to the well-matched strength of the rival teams.

Friday, 26 January 1979

Falkirk v Kelvinbank - Sat 8th Mar 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 15th Mar 1879


On Saturday last the Falkirk Football Club maintained the series of matches, which during the late storm were wholly put a stop to, when an interesting contest took place with the Kelvinbank men (Glasgow). The weather, on account of the high wind, was not favourable for football, though otherwise very pleasant. The Kelvinbank team having won the toss, decided to play with the wind. Before two minutes had elapsed a rather easily secured goal was obtained by the strangers. The play was inclined to be a little out of order, and nothing particular transpired during the first half, the game standing in favour of the strangers by three goals, the home team never having obtained entrance within the enemy's territory, a result probably due to the fact of the wind being dead against the Falkirk men. Ends having been reversed, curious to say the wind considerably abated, and shifted its quarter away to the south-west, thus presenting the "Bairns" from obtaining the advantage enjoyed by their opponents. The play, however, now became stiffer, but the Falkirk men were by no means in their best form, a deterioration which may be largely attributed to the want of practice caused by the late storm. In the first half the contest was devoid of any noteworthy feature other than the very superior playing of J.Richardson, as back, and J.Law, as half-back, who, although having little style, played with an enthusiasm which made him the most serviceable man on the field. We understand that an arrangement has been made to play a second match, on the 12th of next month, with the Lenzie Club, and from the reputation which the two clubs when matched formerly obtained, and from the fact that the proceeds of the drawings are intended to be devoted to the funds in support of the Industrial School, it is expected that the match will be a more than usually interesting one.