Lost Football Grounds in Falkirk District

Organised football has been played in many places in Falkirk District, most of these places are either built over, or no longer used for football. On this page I wish to spend some time exploring Falkirk District's lost grounds.

Ground NameLocationMain Club(s)Span
Blinkbonny ParkBantaskineFalkirk FC, Erin Rovers FC 1881-1885
Brockville ParkGrahamsmuirFalkirk FC-
Broomfield ParkReddingRedding Athletic FC1887
Broomhill ParkDunipaceDunipace FC1882
Caledonia ParkGrangemouthGrangemouth FC1888-1894
Cameron ParkWallacestoneKing's Park Wanderers FC1891
Cannerton ParkBanknockBanknock Juniors FC, Banknock United FC1903-1947
Carronbank ParkDennyDunipace Juniors FC-
Castleburn ParkSlamannanSlamannan FC1889-1890
Crichton ParkGrahamstonGrahamston FC-
Croft ParkReddingRedding Athletic FC-
Comely ParkFalkirkComely Park FC-
Cow WyndFalkirkFalkirk Harp FC-
Dalgrain ParkGrangemouthForth Rangers FC1890-1956
Dovecote ParkCarronshoreGairdoch FC-
Drum ParkBo'nessGrange Athletic FC, Grange Thistle FC1887-1956
Earls ParkGrangemouthGrange Rovers FC1896-1956
Forestfield ParkAuchingrayAuchingray Athletic FC1889
Gairdoch ParkCarronshoreGairdoch FC-
George's ParkDunipaceDunipace FC1890s
Glebe ParkSlamannanSlamannan Rovers FC1889/90
Goshen ParkStenhousemuirStenhousemuir FC1887-1888
Hill ParkDennyDenny FC, Denny Athletic FC, Vale of Carron FC, Carronvale Rangers FC1890-1894
Hill Head ParkSlamannanSlamannan Co-Op1889
Hillend ParkSlamannanSlamannan Rovers FC1887
Inns ParkCarronCarron FC1888
Lea ParkDennyDenny FC1889
Lochside ParkLimeriggBarnsmuir FC1885-1887
Lock 16CamelonTayavalla FC-
Lumley ParkGrangemouthGrangemouth FC-
Manse ParkBo'nessCarriden Hearts, Bo'ness Wednesday
Merchiston Park BainsfordEast Stirlingshire FC-
Milnquarter ParkBonnybridgeGrasshoppers FC1881-1901
Muirhead ParkGrangemouthGrangemouth FC1886-1888
Peter Grant's FieldBonnybridgeGrasshoppers FC-
Randyford GroundGrahamstonFalkirk FC, East Stirlingshire FC1878-1882
Salton ParkGrahamston--
Slag Hill ParkBo'nessKinneil Thistle FC1887
The StadiumGrangemouthScottish Dyes FC1935-
Tannery ParkFalkirkFalkirk Amateurs FC-
Victoria ParkCamelonCamelon FC-
Wallacelea ParkRumfordRumford Rovers FC-
Woodburn ParkLadysmillGrahamston Corinthians FC, Falkirk Hawthorn FC1890-1892
Woodside ParkFalkirk (Cow Wynd)Falkirk Central FC1889
Zetland ParkLauriestonLaurieston FC1888-1890