Four & Five a Side Competitions in Central Scotland

In the period before League football the concept of a pre-season friendly was kind of meaningless, since most of the season was made up of friendlies. Therefore clubs got into shape for the forthcoming season with a mixture of inter-club warm-ups and four-a-side tournaments, they were in essence a perfect way to allow everyone in the squad to have a run out before the season began.

Sat 22nd Jul 1882Falkirk FC Sports Four-a-SideDumbarton AlbionFalkirk
Sat 4th Aug 1883Falkirk FC Sports Four-a-SideQueen's ParkCowlairs
Sat 19th Jul 1884Falkirk FC Sports Four-a-SideCowlairsDumbarton Athletic
Sat 30th May 1885Falkirk Iron Works' Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireCamelon
Sat 18th Jul 1885Falkirk FC Sports Four-a-SideCowlairsDumbarton Athletic
Sat 19th Sep 1885Redding Sports Four-a-SideEast Stirlingshire ReservesFalkirk Strollers
Sat 27th Mar 1886Grahamston Foundry Strikers Benefit Four-a-SideGrasshoppersCarron
Sat 22nd May 1886Camelon Brass Band Five-a-SideEast StirlingshireEast Stirlingshire II
Sat 5th Jun 1886Grahamston FC Four-a-SideFalkirk HarpLaurieston
Sat 5th Jun 1886Kinnaird Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireStenhousemuir Thistle
Sat 26th Jun 1886Slamannan Five-a-SideAirdrieoniansRoyal Albert
Sat 17th Jul 1886Falkirk FC Sports Four-a-SideCambuslangDumbarton Athletic
Sat 24th Jul 1886Zetland Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireLaurieston
Sat 31st Jul 1886East Stirlingshire BC Sports Four-a-SideFalkirkEast Stirlingshire
Sat 31st Jul 1886Slamannan Four-a-SideQueen's ParkLochside Athletic
Sat 21st Mar 1887Kinnaird Instrumental Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireGairdoch
Sat 14th May 1887Broxburn Five-a-SideBroxburn ThistleBroxburn Shamrock
Sat 21st May 1887Falkirk Volunteers Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireCamelon II
Sat 4th Jun 1887Camelon Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireBelmont
Sat 4th-11th Jun 1887Heart of Midlothian FC Eleven-a-Side *Bo'nessSt Bernards
Sat 11th-18th Jun 1887East Stirlingshire FC Sports Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireKing's Park
Sat 18th Jun 1887Bo'ness Orchestral Band Five-a-SideChampfleurieKinneil II
Sat 16th Jul 1887Falkirk FC Sports Four-a-SideCambuslangDumbarton Athletic
Mon 18th Jul 1887Kinneil Sports Five-a-SideSlamannanBo'ness
Sat 23rd Jul 1887Skinflats Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireGrangemouth
Sat 30th Jul 1887Sheildhill Brass Band Four-a-SideFalkirkCallendar Strollers
Sat 30th Jul 1887Zetland Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshirePilgrims
Sat 13th Aug 1887East Stirlingshire BC Four-a-SideEast Stirlingshire BCEast Stirlingshire FC
Sat 20th Aug 1887Campsie FC Sports Four-a-SideCampsie IICampsie
Sat 12th May 1888Carron Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireCowlairs
Sat 19th May 1888Kinnaird Brass Band Four-a-SideEast Stirlingshire IIGairdoch II
Sat 26th May 1888East Stirlingshire FC Sports Four-a-SideCohoniesEast Stirlingshire
Sat 16th Jun 1888Camelon FC Sports Four-a-SideDumbartonCohonies
Sat 23rd Jun 1888King's Park FC Sports Four-a-SideUnknownUnknown
Sat 23rd Jun 1888Clackmannan Sports Four-a-SideClackmannanGairdoch II
Sat 30th Jun 1888Dunfermline Athletic Five-a-SideDumbartonGlasgow Rangers
Sat 14th Jul 1888Falkirk FC Sports Four-a-SideDumbartonSt Mirren
Sat 21st Jul 1888Carron Athletic Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireFalkirk
Sat 28th Jul 1888Ancient Order of Shepherds Four-a-SideKirkintilloch AthleticKirkintilloch Athletic II
Sat 28th Jul 1888Bellstane Birds Five-a-SideBellstane BirdsCambuslang
Sat 4th Aug 1888East Stirlingshire BC Sports Four-a-SideFalkirkEast Stirlingshire
Sat 4th Aug 1888Strathcarron Four-a-SideStrathcarronDunipace
Sat 4th Aug 1888Kirkintilloch Athletic Sports Four-a-SideCohoniesRoyal Albert
Sat 4th Aug 1888Bellstane Birds Sports Five-a-SideBellstane BirdsBellstane Strollers
Sat 11th Aug 1888Bathgate Sports Day Four-a-Side [Junior]East Benhar YoungstersBenhar Heather Bell
Sat 18th Aug 1888Sir William Wallace Lodge of Oddfellows Jubilee Four-a-SideEast Stirlingshire StrollersDunipace
Sat 18th Aug 1888Champfleurie FC Five-a-SideChampfleurieUphall Blue Bell
Sat 25th Aug 1888Alva CC Sports Four-a-SideFalkirkAlva II
Tue 1st Jan 1889Tullibody & Cambus Sports Four-a-SideFalkirkKirkintilloch Rob Roy
Sat 11th May 1889Carron Band Four-a-SideFalkirkGairdoch
Sat 18th May 1889Denny Brass Band Four-a-SideDennyLinthouse
Sat 1st Jun 1889Falkirk Iron Works Instrumental Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireFalkirk
Sat 8th Jun 1889Laurieston Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireFalkirk
Sat 8th Jun 1889Armadale Five-a-SideArmadale 2+0Slamannan II 0+1
Sat 15th Jun 1889Camelon FC Eleven-a-Side *King's ParkCamelon
Sat 15th Jun 1889Slamannan Athletic Sports Four-a-SideUnknownUnknown
Sat 29th Jun 1889Grangemouth Sports Four-a-SideShettlestonZingari Strollers
Sat 29th Jun 1889Bellstane Birds Sports Five-a-SideMossend SwiftsSt Bernards
Sat 13th Jul 1889Falkirk FC Sports Four-a-SideQueen's ParkCambuslang
Sat 13th Jul 1889Denny FC Sports Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireKirkintilloch Athletic
Sat 20th Jul 1889Kinnaird Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireEast Stirlingshire II
Sat 27th Jul 1889Grangemouth Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireCaledonians
Sat 3rd Aug 1889Stirlingshire FA Eleven-a-Side *Kilsyth WanderersEast Stirlingshire
Sat 10th Aug 1889East Stirlingshire BC Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireCamelon
Sat 17th Aug 1889Champfleurie Games Five-a-SideChampfleurie ICardross
??? 1st Jan 1890Tullibody Four-a-SideAlvaFalkirk
Thu 1st-21st May 1890Grangemouth FC Trades Four-a-SideRivettersMuirhead's Strollers
Sat 24th May 1890Carron Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireGairdoch
Sat 31st May 1890East Stirlingshire FC Sports Four-a-SideRangersCowlairs
Sat 7th Jul 1890Laurieston Brass Band Four-a-SideCowlairsEast Stirlingshire III
Sat 14th Jun 1890Camelon FC Sports Four-a-SideCelticCowlairs
Sat 12th Jul 1890Falkirk Iron Works Brass Band Four-a-SideGlasgow CrusadersEast Stirlingshire
Sat 19th Jul 1890Zetland Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireGrangemouth Strollers
Sat 19th Jul 1890Denny FC Four-a-SideFalkirkFalkirk II
Sat 26th Jul 1890Falkirk FC Sports Four-a-SideGlasgow CrusadersFalkirk
Sat 2nd Aug 1890Grangemouth FC Four-a-SideGrangemouthEast Lanarkshire
Sat 9th Aug 1890Linithgow Annual Games Four-a-SideCardross SwiftsSlamannan II
Sat 25th Apr 1891Longriggend Sports Four-a-SideSlamannanLongriggend
Sat 16th May 1891Alloa Athletic Eleven-a-Side *King's ParkClackmannan
Sat 16th May 1891Kinnaird Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireSmithstone Hibs II
Sat 23rd May 1891Denny Brass Band Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireEast Stirlingshire Zingari
Sat 30th May 1891East Stirlingshire FC Sports Day Four-a-SideQueen's ParkEast Stirlingshire
Sat 6th Jun 1891Carron Brass Band Sports Day Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireFalkirk
Sat 6th Jun 1891Grahamston Alert FC Four-a-Side [Junior]Falkirk ThistleCarron Thistle
Sat 13th Jun 1891Camelon FC Annual Sports Day Four-a-SideCelticFalkirk
Sat 13th Jun 1891Stirling Sports Day Four-a-SideKing's ParkAlva
Sat 20th Jun 1891Slamannan Annual Sports Day Four-a-SideSlamannanSlamannan II
Sat 4th Jul 1891Slamannan FC Annual Four-a-Side [Senior]Smithstone HibernianSlamannan II
Sat 4th Jul 1891Slamannan FC Annual Four-a-Side [Junior]Smithstone HibernianSlamannan Rovers
Sat 11th Jul 1891Camelon Brass Band Annual Sports Day Four-a-SideFalkirkGrasshoppers
Sat 11th Jul 1891Gairdoch FC Annual Sports Day Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireClackmannan
Sat 18th Jul 1891Denny FC Annual Sports Day Four-a-SideGairdochDenny I
Sat 18th Jul 1891Auchterarder Annual Sports Day Four-a-SideClydeEast Stirlingshire
Sat 18th Jul 1891Stirling Oddfellow's Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireAlva
Sat 25th Jul 1891Clackmannan Annual Sports Day Four-a-SideFalkirkKing's Park
Sat 1st Aug 1891Grangemouth FC Eleven-a-Side *CamelonKing's Park
Sat 14th May 1892Alva Eleven-a-Side *Bridge of AllanStenhousemuir
Sat 4th Jun 1892Grangemouth FC Sports Four-a-SideFalkirkBridge of Allan
Sat 11th Jun 1892Gairdoch FC Sports Five-a-SideEast StirlingshireSoda Heads
Sat 11th Jun 1892Kilsyth Wanderers FC Five-a-SideFalkirkKilsyth Wanderers I
Sat 18th Jun 1892Banton Brass Band Five-a-SideNorthernFalkirk
Sat 2nd Jul 1892Denny FC Sports Four-a-SideEast StirlingshireGairdoch
Sat 9th Jul 1892East End Rovers FC Four-a-Side [Junior]Vale of Forth I 2+1Falkirk Thistle 2+0
Sat 9th Jul 1892King's Park FC Five-a-SideGairdochDunblane II
Sat 16th Jul 1892Falkirk FC Sports Five-a-SideFalkirkBroxburn
Sat 16th Jul 1892Linlithgow Athletic FC Sports Five-a-SideLinlithgow AthleticBo'ness Juniors
Sat 23rd Jul 1892Grangemouth Brass Band Sports Five-a-SideFalkirkEast End Rovers I
Sat 23rd Jul 1892Carronshore Sports Five-a-SideGairdochGrangemouth
Sat 23rd Jul 1892Clackmannan Sports Five-a-SideEast Stirlingshire????
Sat 30th Jul 1892King's Park FC Sports Five-a-SideFalkirkGairdoch
Sat 6th Aug 1892Falkirk Burgh Band Five-a-SideFalkirkGairdoch
Sat 6th Aug 1892Alloa Athletic Sports Five-a-SideClackmannanEast Stirlingshire
Sat 13th Aug 1892Denny Brass Band Four-a-SideSmithstone HibernianDenny Union
Sat 27th Aug 1892Linlithgow Annual Games Five-a-SideLinlithgow Athletic IIIBroxburn
Sat 27th Aug 1892Grangemouth Flower Show Five-a-SideMcNeil's VStirrat's V
Sat 3rd Jun 1893Denny Rangers FC Five-a-Side [Junior]East End RoversWindsor II
Sat 10th Jun 1893Carron Iron Works Five-a-SideHeart of MidlothianGairdoch
Sat 10th Jun 1893Camelon FC Five-a-SideFalkirkDenny
Sat 17th Jun 1893East Stirlingshire FC Four-a-SideFalkirkGlasgow Thistle
Sat 24th Jun 1893Gairdoch FC Five-a-SideGairdochGairdoch Strollers
Sat 15th Jul 1893Falkirk FC Sports Four-a-SideFalkirkSlamannan Rovers
Sat 15th Jul 1893Denny FC Five-a-SideDennyVale of Leven Strollers
Sat 15th Jul 1893Linlithgow Athletic FC Five-a-Side [Senior]Linlithgow AthleticSlamannan Rovers
Sat 15th Jul 1893Linlithgow Athletic FC Five-a-Side [Junior]Broxburn WanderersSauchie's V
Sat 15th Jul 1893Dunblane Sports Five-a-SideKing's Park????
Sat 22nd Jul 1893Carronshore Annual Sports Five-a-SideEast Stirlingshire IIGairdoch II
Sat 12th Aug 1893Easter Roughrigg Five-a-Side [Senior]DrumclairArmadale
Sat 12th Aug 1893Easter Roughrigg Five-a-Side [Junior]Burn RowRumford

* These Eleven-a-Side Tournaments were limited to Ten or Fifteen Minutes a Half