Football in Central Scotland in the 19th Century

I am going to try to publish the complete [well as much as I know] football in Central Scotland*, but mainly based upon Stirlingshire.

* Central Scotland is a pretty nebulous term, and I have been pretty arbitrary in what I have included and what I have left out.

At first decided to copy all the matches in the Falkirk Herald & the Falkirk Mail, but I soon found out that those papers did not publish all the scores of the local matches. So I had to consult other papers Stirling Observer, Bo'ness Journal, West Lothian Courier etc., but then I noticed I had a lot of scores which were just lying about in files. Not only that, they were the same teams that the Falkirk clubs were playing.

So, I decided to go for a vague Central Scottish footballing scene, this extends from Dunblane in the North, to Armadale & Bathgate in the South-East, Slamannan in the South-West, and from Linlithgow and Bo'ness in the East to Lennoxtown and Kirkintilloch in the West.

This covers basically all of Stirlingshire, but importantly also includes towns just over the border on the main railway lines which although in different counties, generally ended up filling their fixtures against the Stirlingshire teams.

NB - Some of the matches here lie completely outwith the above, all I can say is, if it was in the Falkirk Herald, I tend to just include it. It is imperfect, but it will have to do.

Sources are just too big to name, but it is mainly the papers.

Here goes

1875/76     1876/77     1877/78     1878/79     1879/80     1880/81     1881/82     1882/83     1883/84     1884/85     1885/86     1886/87

1887/88     1888/89     1889/90     1890/91     1891/92     1892/93     1893/94     1894/95     1895/96     1896/97