Saturday, 3 March 1979

Kirkintilloch Athletic v Falkirk - Sat 6th Sep 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 13th Sep 1879


This match was played at Kirkintilloch on Saturday last. Being the opening of the season there, and from the opposing clubs never having met before, there was a very large turn-out of spectators, and much interest was taken in the game. The Falkirk captain won the toss and elected to play down-hill, and immediately after the kick-off the strangers assumed the offensive, and gave the home team plenty of work in defending their goal; and although they managed to make several pretty runs in the direction of the Falkirk goal, they were always checked by the backs, who were in good form. Falkirk, however, appeared to be unlucky, as half-time was called and ends changed without scoring. On the ball being again kicked off the home team set to work in earnest, and after some good play were successful in lowering the Falkirk colours. This seemed to put new life into the game; and Falkirk playing well together, by some neat passing made a raid on the home team's goal and lowered it. Only 10 minutes was now left and both sides seemed determined to do their utmost to gain the match, but the Falkirk team (although by far the lighter, seemed to be in better form) came away with a grand rush, and scored again. Time was shortly afterwards called, victory resting with Falkirk by 2 goals to 1. Falkirk Team - Forwards - J.Leishman (captain), T.Hamilton, R.Johnston, A.Smith, A.Ferguson, J.Neil. Half-backs - W.Ferguson, H.Smith. Backs - J.Richardson,  and -.Elliot. Goal - S.Broadfoot. The names of the Kirkintilloch players could not be obtained.