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Bathgate v Falkirk - Sat 14th Jun 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 21st Jun 1879


This match was played at Bathgate on Saturday last in presence of a large number of spectators, and resulted in a victory by the strangers by three goals to one. Falkirk lost the toss, and had to kick off with the sun in their faces, but had the advantage of the sloping ground; and before many minutes were busy round the Bathgate goal and Taylor breasted the ball through. After the kick-off Bathgate made a nice run up the field, but the play of the backs was too good, and it resulted in nothing; and Falkirk returning to the charge, Ferguson scored the second goal, and in a few minutes afterwards the Bathgate colours were lowered for the third time, the result of some neat passing by Johnston and G.Richardson, Hamilton giving the finishing touch in neat style. Immediately after G.Richardson had to retire, having got a severe kick during a scrimmage. Half-time was called without further score. On resuming play, Bathgate made a nice run up to Falkirk territory, only, however, to be sent back again, Service and J.Richardson kicking with unerring precission. Runs were made by each side without any result, until Wallace took the ball well up to the Falkirk goal, and, during a sharp scrimmage, one of the Falkirk backs made a mis-kick and sent the ball through his own goal. After this Falkirk kept Bathgate in their own ground, and no further score was made, although the home team's goal had several narrow escapes - the match thus resulting in the defeat of Bathgate. For the Bathgate - Wallace (forward), Dudgeon and Anderson (half-backs) and Wilson (goal), played well; and for Falkirk, the whole team were in good form - Johnston, Ferguson and Hamilton (forwards), Service (half-back) and J.Richardson (back) played splendidly. Teams - Bathgate - goal, J.Wilson; backs, Weston and Anderson; half-backs, Dudgeon and Lauder; forwards, Wallace, Farquhar, W.Lumsden, Binnie, J.Lumsden, and Easton. Falkirk - goal, W.Carmichael; backs, J.Richardson and Smith; half-backs, Law and Service; forwards, J.Leishman, Hamilton, Johnston, G.Richardson, T.Taylor, and A.Ferguson.

West Lothian Courier - Sat 21st Jun 1879


A match between these two clubs took place on the ground of the former on Saturday last. The game being new to the town, a large number of spectators assembled on the ground and witnessed the sport with the keenest interest. It was to be regretted that the Chemical Band did not put in an appearance as was expected; but the plucky and determined play of the Bathgate lads against a team of experienced and strong active men was in itself a sufficient attraction for the good townsfolk who turned out. Bathgate having won the toss for choice of ends, sent their opponents to the upper end of the feild for the first half; and the Falkirk club managed to carry three goals before half-time was called. One of their men having retired, they continued to play 10 against the Bathgate 11, and a close and keen game ensued, during which Bathgate secured one goal. For the Falkirk Club, J.Richardson & H.Smith distinguished themselves as backs; J.Law and R.Service as half-backs; Leishman, right-wing; Ferguson, left-wing; and Johnston, centre; while all the forwards showed excellent play. Among the Bathgate Club those best worthy of notice were Weston, back; Lauder, half-back; and Wallace, right-wing, who played a splendid game; Wilson, goal-keeper, who did some useful work; and J.Lindsay, who distinguished himself amongst the forwards. At the finish victory was declared by 3 goals to 1.