Sunday, 10 December 1978

Falkirk v Grasshoppers - Sat 23rd Mar 1878

Falkirk Herald - Sat 30th Mar 1878


A return match was played between these clubs on the ground of the former at Campfield on Saturday before a large concourse of spectators. As this is the first match that has been played in Falkirk, it was watched with unusual interest, and a better day for the sport could not have been. For the first part of the game Bonnybridge had the best of it, securing two goals in about twenty minutes. The Falkirk men, however, warmed to their work, and for the remainder of the first half the most of the play was on the Bonnybridge territory. On changing ends, the Falkirk men, working well together, soon succeeded in securing a goal, and shortly afterwards another was placed to their credit. From this to time was called the Falkirk men had the best of it, and a close and well-contested game resulted in a draw. For Bonnybridge, Mitchell and Moffat showed to advantage, and for Falkirk the splendid forward play of Neil observed special mention. R.Peddie, W.Peddie forwards and Richardson half-back played well. The following composed the teams:- Bonnybridge - A.Moffat, J.Mitchell, W.Foster (Captain), J.Clark, T.Smith and A.Paterson, forwards; Wm.Anderson and A.Lapsley, half-backs; Jas.McVee and -.Stark, backs; John Mitchell, goal. Falkirk - J.Leishman, R.Peddie (Captain), Wm.Gentleman, -.Bennet, W.Peddie and -.Neil, forwards; J.Taylor and G.Richardson, half-backs; J.Taylor and R.Service, backs, A.McQueen, goal.

Nota Bene - The published article mispelled the Falkirk Goalkeepers's name, he was actually Angus McEwan, The Falkirk back, J.Taylor was actually Thomas Taylor.