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Falkirk v Govanhill - Sat 6th Apr 1878

Falkirk Herald - Sat 13th Apr 1878


This match took place on the ground of the East Stirlingshire Cricket Club at Randyford. The weather was favourable, and a goodly number of spectators passed the gate to witness the match. The ball was kept well in the centre of the field for some time after the "kick off", when the Govanhill carried it well into the Falkirk territory, but any advantage they obtained was neutralized by the ineffectual and erratic shots at goal which their men attempted. The ball was now taken by the Falkirk men right down into the Govanhill lines, where the play was mostly carried on till half-time was called. In the second half the Govanhill assailed the Falkirk goal with spirit, and latterly succeeded in securing a goal, although rather simply. No other score was made up till the finish - Govanhill being successfull by one goal to nothing. The Falkirk men played well, and if they had utilised their "backs" to more advantage, the tables might have been turned. For Falkirk, Neil, Peddie, Leishman (forwards) and Richardson (half-back) played pluckily. The following was the Falkirk team:- Neil, R.Peddie (captain), W.Peddie, Leishman, Gentleman, Taylor (forwards); Richardson, Johnston (half-backs); Service and Buchanan (backs); and McEwan (goal). We were unable to obtain a list of the Govanhill team.