Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Warriors - Established 1884?

Well, I have read the books, articles, match reports of Stenhousemuir in ye olde days of yore. Young kids playing on the Tryst; several successful junior sides merging to form the senior club, first at Goschen Park, then later at their spiritual home of Ochilview Pk. Well it says so on their badge!

Well, it would seem those who mill about Govan were not the first to think that a club going out of business because they were so in debt that they could no longer function, who decided that the best route would be to ignore their past debts but keep their 'football history'.

Because guess what I came across whilst trying to find out about a Falkirk FC player guesting with another club on a free Saturday? That Stenhousemuir had already pulled this trick in 1919.

From the Falkirk Herald - Saturday 3rd May 1919

You can read for yourself, the profligate use of 'old club' & 'new club' but when it cuts to the chase it comes down to the last sentence "After a long and animated discussion, the meeting decided to start on an entirely new footing."

So there we have it, Stenhousemuir FC formed 1919 [at the very earliest], still a community club, just do not believe the history pages of their website, their books, or any article post 1919.