Monday, 20 January 2014

Redding Athletic v Camelon 24th Sept 1887

Very rarely does a record take place in Falkirk, but occasionally these things do happen, and so was the case in September of 1887 when Camelon defeated Redding Athletic by 17 goals to nil in the Scottish Cup, the record away victory in British football.

Way back in the 1880s the early rounds of the Scottish Cup were regionalised to stop wee teams travelling too far for a mismatch, so it was that these two now defunct clubs met in 1887.

Of the clubs, Camelon could be seen for much of their existence as the third force in football in Falkirk, much more successful than Stenhousemuir, at times challenging Falkirk & East Stirlingshire in the local competitions, however they never had the consistency of the "big two" and were prone to lose players to both. They played at Victoria Park [now the Car Park behind the Mariner Centre].

Redding Athletic on the other hand were a bit of a basketcase [not as much as Rumford Rovers were it must be said] they were regularly known in local circles for not paying subs to the Stirlingshire FA, and when they did they often scratched in the first round due to not being able to get eleven players together. I do not know, exactly where they played, but I have read before that they played this match in Laurieston, not Redding [it is all very hazy]. Redding Athletic did not last long, especially as soon as professionalism was adopted [villages just could not get adequate crowds to pay the wages.

Here is the match report from the Falkirk Herald
These teams met on Saturday last on the ground of Redding Athletic before a good turnout of spectators, when a one-sided game resulted in the defeat of the Athletics by 17 goals to nil. From the kick-off Camelon had matters all their own way. W.Burns played half-back while Dan Inglis played centre-forward. The Athletics, though playing a hard game, could not prevent Camelon from scoring, and at call of half-timethe score stood 7 goals to nil. The Athletics started the ball for the second half, but it was soon returned, the half-backs playing a hard game, and a neat pass from J.Burns across to the right, Russell had no difficulty in scoring no.8 three minutes from the start. Camelon still continued to press, and through a scrimmage in front of goal no. 9 was registered, Horne failed to stop a low shot from Brown, thus registering no. 10. Only once were the Athletics considered dangerous, when Maxwell and Henderson had a run down the field, the former sending the ball over the bar. From this to the call of time Camelon kept up the siege in front of the goal, Brymer playing a good defence, but when the whistle sounded they had added 7 other goals, the game thus ending in an easy win for Camelon by 17 goals to nil. A.Balloch [E.S.] acted as referee.