Friday, 6 December 2013

William Moore

Not long after Joe Gowdy, came another Irish player, Falkirk went back into the same 'foreign' transfer market, this time without the all the problems. Into that ever troublesome Outside-Left position came Billy 'Pal' Moore also from what must have been a very good Glentoran side.

In comparison with Joe Gowdy, what is noticed is how little was written about Moore outside of football reports. Where Gowdy came across as stroppy [in the Falkirk Herald at least], we needed an Outside-Left and Billy Moore just slotted in. Little comment for the next couple of years. Eventually [as was the fashion] he went south, to Lincoln City for a season or two, before heading back across the water to end his career with Newtonards then Glentoran again.

Another of those players who played more than 100 League games without becoming part of the collective consciousness. It must be the time thing. Billy Moore's job was not to score, it was to provide goals, which he did. And he also got a nickname - "Pal".

He died, rather sadly, soon after his football career ended, I am not sure of the circumstances [the Falkirk Herald said little] so will say nothing. Again thanks for the work of the Northern Irish Football History Site.

Billy Moore 1922

William 'Pal' Moore

b 2nd August 1895, Ballyclare, Antrim
d 16th August 1932, Ballyclare, Antrim

Debut – Saturday December 25th 1920 v Kilmarnock (A) Scottish League

Positions – Outside-Left

Representative Honours – Ireland v Scotland 1922/23

Club Honours – Dunedin Cup RU 1921/22, Stirlingshire Cup W 1922/23, Falkirk Infirmary Shield W 1920/21, 1922/23

Scottish League Division 1 Matches/Goals [115/8]
Scottish Cup Matches/Goals [12/-]
Minor Cup Matches/Goals [9/3]
Other Matches/Goals [9/-]
Total Matches/Goals [145/11]

Known Career – Brantwood, Glentoran [1914/15-1919/20], Falkirk [1920/21-1923/24], Lincoln City [1923/24-1924/25], Ards [1925/26], Glentoran [1925/26-1928/29]