Sunday, 25 August 2013

Falkirk FC 1906/07

Another old picture of Falkirk FC, this time from 1906/07 I believe [if not then from 1905/06]. This is a strange one as the team are not in proper formation, and there is no John Simpson. I will take time out tomorrow and go through the matches one by one to see which match this is [usual method excluding matches where the players I know were not playing, and excluding the matches where the players I know [but not here] were playing].

I will get it down to a reasonable number then see from then.

They are not in the right formation because it should be five in front and six at back, with the Captain [John Anderson] front and centre.

William Raisbeck, ????, William Allan, ????[not stripped], ????, Dan Gordon, Harry Collins [not stripped]

John McTavish, John Anderson, Alex Logan, ????, William Davidson, ????