Wednesday, 10 July 2013

When Falkirk FC broke the World Transfer Record

In December 1918, the West Ham Centre-Forward was posted North of the Border, the closest club to his station was Falkirk FC [he scored 14 goals in that half season], His name was Sydney Charles Puddefoot.

With the resumtion of footballing normality, the Falkirk faithfull demanded a great Centre-Forward, but they didn't demand any great Centre-Forward, they wanted Puddefoot back. Falkirk made the initial enquiries, to which West Ham put up the ridiculous asking price of £5,500, Falkirk FC did not have that kind of Money, but the fans put it upon themselves to go for a public conscription.

Needless to say the fans made up the difference and in Feb 1922 we broke the World Record for a transfer fee.

I give you Sydney Charles Puddefoot with Falkirk FC

League Matches/Goals [113/49]
Scottish Cup Matches/Goals [6/5]
Minor Cup Matches/Goals [22/12]
other Matches/Goals [6/8]
Total Matches/Goals [147/74]

He moved on to Blackburn Rovers, because the English FA was so pig-ignorant as to never select a player playing outside England which left him out of the National team, you can't really blame him for moving.