Friday, 4 November 2011

Old Falkirk FC Photograph?

I was recently sent this photograph via a relative of an old Falkirk FC goalkeeper [Alex Thomson] to see if I could shed any light on it, but I'm afraid I failed.

I am of the opinion that it might be Falkirk as the second on the left looks very much like the old Falkirk FC inside-left Alex Burt, but other than that I am stumped.

Alex Thomson's career as far as I know was St Ninians Thistle [????], St Bernards [1896/97-1897/98], Falkirk [1897/98-1901/02], King's Park [????] but I may have missed some of it out.

The flag might be a clue, but I can not really make out what flag it is, and the buildings in the background may shed some light if that is Brockville Park, of course it may be a completely different team altogether, if anybody could be of help please get in touch.

falkirk fc, alex thomson,

Alex is wearing the cap, with the ball at his feet.

Thanks in advance