Sunday, 28 January 1979

Falkirk v Govanhill - Sat 22nd Mar 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 29th Mar 1879


On Saturday last a football match between the Falkirk Football Club and the Govanhill took place on the ground of the former at Randyford. The ground was in splendid condition, and the weather was all that could be desired. The kick-off took place at 4:15, and not minutes had elapsed when a goal was secured by the home team. The play throughout was most regular, passing being a particularly good feature on both sides, and the struggle of both teams pretty equal. At the second half, the Falkirk men completely overcame their opponents, and at the close the game stood - Falkirk 2 : Govanhill 1. For the former club Messrs J.Neil and J.Leishman at their usual posts did good service, while Mr J.Richardson, as formerly, kept up his commendable style. Mr J.Law, we noticed, had more style than formerly, and did equally good service. for the Govanhill team each respective man played and kept steady at their posts. there was a large turn-out of spectators, and the day's playing was as successful as any which has been witnessed this season, the reason being due to the well-matched strength of the rival teams.

Friday, 26 January 1979

Falkirk v Kelvinbank - Sat 8th Mar 1879

Falkirk Herald - Sat 15th Mar 1879


On Saturday last the Falkirk Football Club maintained the series of matches, which during the late storm were wholly put a stop to, when an interesting contest took place with the Kelvinbank men (Glasgow). The weather, on account of the high wind, was not favourable for football, though otherwise very pleasant. The Kelvinbank team having won the toss, decided to play with the wind. Before two minutes had elapsed a rather easily secured goal was obtained by the strangers. The play was inclined to be a little out of order, and nothing particular transpired during the first half, the game standing in favour of the strangers by three goals, the home team never having obtained entrance within the enemy's territory, a result probably due to the fact of the wind being dead against the Falkirk men. Ends having been reversed, curious to say the wind considerably abated, and shifted its quarter away to the south-west, thus presenting the "Bairns" from obtaining the advantage enjoyed by their opponents. The play, however, now became stiffer, but the Falkirk men were by no means in their best form, a deterioration which may be largely attributed to the want of practice caused by the late storm. In the first half the contest was devoid of any noteworthy feature other than the very superior playing of J.Richardson, as back, and J.Law, as half-back, who, although having little style, played with an enthusiasm which made him the most serviceable man on the field. We understand that an arrangement has been made to play a second match, on the 12th of next month, with the Lenzie Club, and from the reputation which the two clubs when matched formerly obtained, and from the fact that the proceeds of the drawings are intended to be devoted to the funds in support of the Industrial School, it is expected that the match will be a more than usually interesting one.