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King's Park v Grasshoppers - Sat 17th Nov 1878

Stirling Journal - Thu 22nd Nov 1878


A match between the above clubs came off on the ground of the former on Saturday, and resulted in a draw, both teams scoring two goals. The game was greatly interfered with by some of the spectators rushing in on the ground whenever a dispute arose, and it is to be hoped the same will not be repeated. Teams:- King's Park - Goal, ?.Taylor; backs, W.Gentles, D.Mackenzie?; half-backs, J.Leishman, H.Lundie; forwards, James McInnes, J.McDonald, James Gray, J.Shaw, J.Hay and J.Oliphant (captain). Grasshoppers - Goal, J.Anderson (captain); backs, J.Ure, J.Paterson; half-backs, A.Paterson, J.Hamilton; forwards, W.Shirra, J.Hamilton, H.McPhee, M.Dobson, W.Forrester and A.Moffat.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Falkirk v Campsie Glen - Sat 28th Sep 1878

Falkirk Herald - Sat 5th Oct 1878



The above tie was played at Randyford on Saturday last, in the presence of a large turn-out of spectators, and resulted in a win for the Falkirk team by two goals to none. The home team having won the toss, kicked off at 3.45, the forwards at once taking the ball to their opponent's goal, and smartly passing it through, scoring the first goal one minute after the kick off. During the rest of the game some excellent playing was shown by both sides. A little before time was called the home team showed their superiority by taking the ball up the whole of the field, and by some clever passing, sent it through the goal, thus winning the match by two goals to none. The home team played well together, the following are the players:- Falkirk - R.Peddie (captain), W.Peddie, left; John Taylor, W.Gentleman, centre; James Neill, James Ferguson, right; W.Geddes, half-back; George Richardson, half-back; D.McMillan and R.Service, backs; William Carmichael, goal. Campsie Glen - J.McFarlane (captain), C.Reid, left, A.Stirling, J.Murray, centre; J.McKay, M.Dalton, right; T.Rodger and J.Murray, half-backs; T.Reid and G.Gray, backs; W.Brown, goal.

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King's Park 2nd XI v Falkirk 2nd XI - Sat 28th Sep 1878

Stirling Observer - Thu 3rd Oct 1878


A match between the above named clubs came off on the ground of the former on Saturday, and resulted in favour of the home team by one goal to nothing. Teams:- King's Park- Goal, W.Brown; backs, D.McKenzie, J.Leishman; half-backs, G.Marshall, G.Lundie; forwards, J.Hay, J.McInnes, J.Christie, J.Elliot, D.McInnes, and J.Oliphant (captain). Falkirk - Goal, R.Cuthell; backs, L.Watson, H.Smith; half-backs, F.Buchanan, W.Binnie; forwards, A.Ferguson, W.Johnston, J.Paterson, J.Fleming, T.Hamilton, and T.Taylor (captain).

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Falkirk v King's Park - Sat 21st Sep 1878

Stirling Observer - Thu 26th Sep 1878


A match between the above named clubs came off at Falkirk on Saturday, and after a well-contested game, resulted in favour of the home team by one goal (and a disputed one) to nothing. The following are the names of both teams:- Stirling King's Park- Goal, W.Marshall; backs, F.Suter, W.Gentles; half-backs, H.Lundie, J.Shaw; forwards, P.Lennie, J.Edmund, W.Murdoch, J.McDonald, P.Morrison, and J.Oliphant (captain). Falkirk - Goal, W.Carmichael; backs, R.Service, A.Walker; half-backs, W.Geddes, G.Richardson; forwards, W.Peddie, W.Gentleman, J.Ferguson, J.Taylor, J.Neil, and R.Peddie (captain).

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Falkirk v Govanhill - Sat 6th Apr 1878

Falkirk Herald - Sat 13th Apr 1878


This match took place on the ground of the East Stirlingshire Cricket Club at Randyford. The weather was favourable, and a goodly number of spectators passed the gate to witness the match. The ball was kept well in the centre of the field for some time after the "kick off", when the Govanhill carried it well into the Falkirk territory, but any advantage they obtained was neutralized by the ineffectual and erratic shots at goal which their men attempted. The ball was now taken by the Falkirk men right down into the Govanhill lines, where the play was mostly carried on till half-time was called. In the second half the Govanhill assailed the Falkirk goal with spirit, and latterly succeeded in securing a goal, although rather simply. No other score was made up till the finish - Govanhill being successfull by one goal to nothing. The Falkirk men played well, and if they had utilised their "backs" to more advantage, the tables might have been turned. For Falkirk, Neil, Peddie, Leishman (forwards) and Richardson (half-back) played pluckily. The following was the Falkirk team:- Neil, R.Peddie (captain), W.Peddie, Leishman, Gentleman, Taylor (forwards); Richardson, Johnson (half-backs); Service and Buchanan (backs); and McEwan (goal). We were unable to obtain a list of the Govanhill team.

Grasshoppers v Britannia - Sat 6th Apr 1878

Falkirk Herald - Thu 11th Apr 1878


A friendly match at football came off here on Saturday between our local club and the Britannia, Glasgow. The game commenced at 5 o'clock PM. The Britannia, having won the toss, very wisely chose the end from which a pretty stiff breeze was blowing, thus giving them a very great advantage over the Bonnybridge team, who also had a bright sun full in their faces. Notwithstanding these disadvantages, coupled with the fact that one or two of their best players were unable to be present, Bonnybridge scored a goal in about twenty minutes. By the time sides were changed the sun did not shine on the ground, and there was scarcely any wind, so that the Britannia never had the disadvantages which were so much against Bonnybridge during the first half of the game. After sides were changed no more goals were won on either side, but Bonnybridge had by far the best of the play, the 'fighting' being in front of the Britannia's goal two-thirds of the time. As 'time' drew near Britannia seemed to lose hope, as their efforts were concentrated in the defence of their goal, and the kicks which they got, when fortune favoured them were devoted to kicking the ball not toward their enemies' goal, but beyond the boundaries with the evident desire of 'killing time'. altogether the Britannia showed poorly.

Grasshoppers v Caldercruix - Sat 30th Mar 1878

Falkirk Herald - Sat 7th Apr 1878


A friendly match at football was played on the green here between the Bonnybridge Club and that of Caldercruix on Saturday last. The Caldercruix company were expected by 3 o'clock pm, but it was close on 5 o'clock before they arrived. However, they were in fine time, although the Bonnybridge team and the large concourse of spectators were somewhat out of patience at the unneccessary delay. The game began by the Caldercruix "kicking off" and then commenced the tug of war. From the appearance of the Caldercruix men, they were lithe looking fellows, and swifter of foot than the Bonnybridge men. It was thought that Bonnybridge would have a small chance with them, but the Bonnybridge team held at it manfully, and although the war was oftener on the territory of Bonnybridge than on the other side they battled their foes to put the ball through their goal. again and again it seemed as if the ball were to be sent through, and as often was it dexterously hurled back by vigilant goal-keeper; and although Caldercruix scored the first goal, it was because the ball struck one of the poles and went through the goal at a tangent in a manner that no vigilence could prevent. After positions were changed another hard tussle ensued; and this time Bonnybridge scored a goal. Time was called before anymore goals were scored, so that the match ended in a draw. Altogether the match was one of the best that has been played here, and was watched with very great interest by the onlookers, as from beginning to end it was doubtful which of the teams were best; for, although Caldercruix team were certainly swifter of foot than the Bonnybridge one, it must be said that Bonnybridge showed, if anything, the greater skill and determination. It may be added that the state of the ground and the weather were all that could be desired, saving that the latter was rather cold for the onlookers.